Hammer's Only Werewolf Tale Inflicts Oliver Reed with-the "Curse of the Werewolf"-Tonight!

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We know we have many viewers who always have a hankering for the horror from England’s fabled Hammer Studios, so tonight- we have brought back their solitary lycanthrope tale - in which young Oliver Reed's life progresses from a childhood filled with strange happenings to an adult life turned upside down by- the "Curse of the Werewolf"!

We travel back a couple centuries to a small Spanish town- where an amiable beggar finds the town almost empty-and, confused, wanders into a tavern, where, at last, he finds some of the locals. They are quick to explain to him why they are keeping a low profile – it is the day that the despicable and heartless nobleman the Marquis- who rules the town- is getting married and is hosting a celebration- for his fellow crass aristocratic associates only-at his estate. The beggar, who isn’t quite smart enough to know not to, dares to enter the celebration. Naturally, he is mocked ,treated cruelly, and used as entertainment for the Marquis and his guests. All it takes is an ill-timed remark by the poor soul, which the Marquis brands as insolence, to have him tossed into the dungeon where he spends years in a cell, completely forgotten by the cruel ruler. His mind and body slowly deteriorate, with the only comfort coming from the kindness of the mute daughter of the jailer.

As years pass, the girl blossoms into a beautiful woman- as the beggar has devolved into a mad, animalistic wretch. The years have not made the aged marquis any kinder either- and, when the lecherous old coot spots the gorgeous woman, and is unaware that she cannot speak, he tries to take advantage of her. The poor woman fights back- which leads to her being thrown into the same cell as the crazed beggar- with horrid consequences.

She eventually makes her escape, fleeing into the woods, but collapses – only to finally be found, fortunately, by a kind and learned man-Don Alfredo. The gentleman brings her to his home, and, as his housekeeper tends to mute beauty, they discover she is with child! As the time of birth nears, the housekeeper is worried by old folklore that states that a child such as this, if born on Christmas, is considered an aberration to God, and would have a life inflicted with some nameless evil. As if to fulfill this evil prophecy, that's just what happens-the child is born on this holiest of days!

Regardless, the good-hearted and generous Don Alfredo raises the child as if he were his own son. As the boy Leon grows, he begins to show some odd -even frightening- tendencies - and there is concern when the torn apart bodies of livestock, seemingly attacked by some brutal animal, start showing up.

In spite of the strange occurrences of his youth, prayer and kind treatment accompany the maturation of young Leon, who becomes a handsome adult, and goes out into the world to make his own fortune, feeling he has left his troublesome past behind. He finds his first employment in the cellar of a vintner, bottling wine- and finds himself attracted to his employer’s young daughter, who unfortunately is spoken for by a pompous young aristocrat. And yet- she seems to prefer Leon! His happy-go-lucky co-worker convinces Leon to forget about his troubles of the heart by heading to a local tavern, loaded with drinks and women. Leon’s unhappiness is only made worse by excessive drinking- and when the full moon rises it brings about a horrible transformation and deadly consequences. Leon soon is caught between his curse and his love for the young girl- all of which leads him into unspeakable horror !

This 1961 film has all the features Hammer is known for- with brilliant color, shocking violence, sultry women, and one of the most unique werewolf make-up designs ever! We’ll discuss the make-up, and our cast, including young Oliver Reed and the breath-taking Yvonne Romain; and add some Sven fun to lighten the mood. We do want to point out that this film does have some situations that may not be suitable for younger and more sensitive viewers, due to violence and adult themes-so discretion is advised. PLEASE take the warning seriously!

“Curse of the Werewolf” is on Me-TV is tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your local listings or at . As always, you can live-Tweet along with viewers during the show on Twitter- use the hashtag #svengoolie and help us to trend high among the most talked- about topics, as happens almost every week! Chicago viewers are blessed with an encore of the classic “Bride of Frankenstein" this morning at 11 am on our local sister station, the U !

Rumor has it that a special item may appear in the Sven store next weekend- make sure you take a look! Also rumored- next week you may just see Sven working from his home base!

Tonight, though, tune in for hairy Hammer horror!

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Islander 8 months ago
They're in the starting gates ! Post time in 30 minutes. No clue who to put my money on tonight.
Hasn't Berwyn finished on top two weeks in a row ?
I don't think he can stay on top for three. Not with three barrels, he can't.
I'm going old school again with Bill or Dale.
MADave Islander 8 months ago
Yeah bill or dale fer sure I’ll probably be somewhere in top 5 or 10
Islander MADave 8 months ago
Yeah and I'll be somewhere in bed.
MADave 8 months ago
1 hour till the new weekly blog
1MikeM 8 months ago
…..and dat was da Coise of da Werewolf.....and dat's da name of dat tune.
Jack 1MikeM 8 months ago
After all of the Three+ Musketeer talk today, I thought _coise_ was a French word!
1MikeM Jack 8 months ago
I looked it up and it says that it is a commune in the Rhone department of Eastern France. I was trying to say Curse with what might be a New York or New Jersey accent.
PatS 1MikeM 8 months ago
(soundsbite) Daaat's right!
PatS 1MikeM 8 months ago
As Elmer Fudd might say -- "Da Cwaws of Da Werewolf"? (Oooh, ouch, oooh!)
Jack 1MikeM 8 months ago
After my initial confusion, I figured out it was s’posed to be a Joisey accent.
1MikeM 8 months ago
only 1 hour and 15 minutes until the new blog.....good luck!
MADave 1MikeM 8 months ago
You too mike
1MikeM MADave 8 months ago
Thanks Dave.
Klaatu 8 months ago
Look at Sven’s tweet. Looks like we get to see him from his home lair.
MADave Klaatu 8 months ago
Cool can't wait to see his OTHER dungeon haha!
dh 8 months ago
Gomer pulls MP duty - he is better suited to KP on the QT
dh 8 months ago
Everyone in Mayberry cheating at cards tonight while Goober tries his hand at speed dating.
dh 8 months ago
Did anyone just see on MeTV the Nuts Von Crazy Pizza Pizza commercial?
If they show that tomorrow, all you know what will break loose.
JohnBlair 8 months ago

Nine Lives is oK if not a bit pricy, but in my opinion just about any one of the Purina Cat chows are JUST as good and a whole lot more economical. Word of advice though; DO NOT repeat DO NOT start Mittens off on Purina kitten Chow regardless of their actual age! Kitten or NO once you decide to move them off Purina kitten Chow you WILL have a VERY disturbed CAT on your FACE… Wait? Wait… What??? wrong blog… Still heed my advice or warning if you like becau Oh… OH!!! The MaN with 9… Ok I get it NoW!?!?!? Sorry!
whooWhee on the rare occasion I get off my meds... My CaT [email protected]@Ks at me funny!?!?!
dh 8 months ago
Is it Friday again? This week sped by, thankfully, because it was just plain awful. Looking forward to tomorrow night and hope nothing interferes.
Lucyc 8 months ago
Today would have been my dad's 103rd birthday.

Neither one of my parents cared for the horror genre. Although my mom would watch dramas, both of them preferred lighter subjects for entertainment.
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Islander Lucyc 8 months ago
Lucy, my parents as well had no intrest in science fiction. However, my mother would stay up with me on late weekend nights to watch Ghoulardi because we had a big house and I was too scared to be up that late by myself. She would end up falling asleep during the movie but that was ok. As long as she was with me. Fond memories like yours
dh Lucyc 8 months ago
Maybe Sven would adopt us....imagine!
Stay up late, eat junk food, watch scary movies... Svendad!
dh Islander 8 months ago
Sounds like my mom too. She claims my first toddler drawings were of monsters we saw on the late show.
MADave Lucyc 8 months ago
A few weeks ago on June 2nd was the 20th anniversary of my dad's passing and on July 26th will be my niece's 20th birthday it's amazing how time flies!
StaceyFaulkner 8 months ago
Svengooli makes my night 🤪😜🤪😜
Lucyc StaceyFaulkner 8 months ago
Definitely share that sentiment.
Oscar StaceyFaulkner 8 months ago
Best part of the week!
MADave StaceyFaulkner 8 months ago
Saturday night’s alright for frightening
scottieO 8 months ago
Svengoolie has a store?
Looks like a nice variety of items in the "Svengoolie At Home Box"
With the added Sven Popcorn, you may never have to leave home again!
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TheKodakKid scottieO 8 months ago
Hey, I might be round like that, but I don’t have wings. The odds of my ever acquiring them seem to diminish each passing day too.
scottieO TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Just use some of your stay at home time and make your own.
Oscar scottieO 8 months ago
Indeed it is a nice set.
Jack scottieO 8 months ago
...And another pair of wings for the gloves, and another for the epaulets, of course a pair of wings for the cowl… modify the ol’ Wolverine claws, … cape, utility belt… Voilà! Dark Claw cosplay!
Saturn3 8 months ago
Just over 24 hours to go-oh-oh...
MADave 8 months ago
Anyone know what the klink should be tomorrow?
abc123 MADave 8 months ago
klink every time a life is used?
Jack MADave 8 months ago
“On ice”?
JohnBlair MADave 8 months ago
Ja vol Herr kommandant?
Carl_N_Brown MADave 8 months ago
"Jean has a long moustache."
"Turkey trots to water."

Oh klink word, not code words.
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