Happy Halloween!

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I just wanted to wish you all a fun and safe Halloween! I've got a few media appearances coming up- check out the "appearances" tab  on this site to find out where you can hear me.

People often ask if I've ever worn other costumes at Halloween, while not working as Sven- and the answer is- of course! Halloween has always been a favorite  day for me, and I've  enjoyed wearing other disguises. My famed artist friend Alex Ross used to throw huge costume parties where the costumes were always so incredible, you had to step up to fit in!

However, no mater where I have spent Halloween, in non-Sven mode, I've had plenty of good costumes. I've been: Popeye, Roger Rabbit, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, the devil, Groucho, "Bizarro" Clark Kent ( comics fans will understand that one), Mick Foley's "Mankind" character, and, going waaaay back, the Wolf Man, a robot, Fred Flintstone, Quick Draw McGraw, Flash Gordon- and that's not counting costumes I've worn as characters on TV!

I recall , years ago, while still at home with my folks, one Halloween, I decided to dress as a scarecrow, and sit on the front porch, as if I was a stuffed dummy (I think my mom thought I was a real dummy to be doing that!) Along came some local kids with a reputation as trouble-makers, who sized up the "scarecrow". "Let's kick it" said one of the hooligans.

Now, this was pretty much akin to when the villain in the movies has the drop on the hero, and decides to tell him his evil master plan "since you won't be around to see it"- only to have it foiled. After the local tough guy made his statement- I moved. Needless to say- so did he- running away at top speed! That was satisfying enough for me- my scarecrow career thusly ended, and i went back into the house, much to my mother's relief.

Have a great Halloween- don't kick any scarecrows- and come back later this week for a preview of our next program!

Just a quick addition:  After visiting Wendy and Bill at WGN, I was waiting for our ride to arrive, standing by the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue. A guy walks by, looks at me, then says "good job". He thought I was somebody DRESSED as me! I said ,"It should be- it's me!" The dangers of going in public on Halloween...