Happy Halloween- Celebrate with Sven!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween! Here at our home base in Chicago, trick-or-treaters have to contend with snow! Nonetheless, our Halloween celebration kicked off with a visit to our friends Bill and Wendy at WGN radio- where we took part in one of Bill’s hilarious games! Look for it to be posted among the stories  at  !

We have a special treat for Sven fans- it’s the merchandise that I have been hinting about- the epic Svengoolie Surprise Fan Box! It includes TEN (yes, TEN) exclusive Sven items, including a genuine, signed-by-Sven rubber chicken ( darn right it’s genuine- I had to sign every one of them, contending with those nasty chicken bumps!)- a special exclusive 40th anniversary t-shirt- and much more! Check it out under the “store” tab here on our site! (… I have a tab?! …no, wait…)

And, yes, the first chapter of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” came out in many DC books that hit the comic book shops yesterday, Wednesday! Get all in the information right here:

Also, you will hear me popping up on MeTV FM throughout the day, introducing some of the great Halloween-themed hits on the playlist!  Learn about MeTV FM at

Have a great – and safe- Halloween- and come back here Saturday for the latest on this Saturday night’s show!!

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Wolfie 10 months ago
I wish we could still trick or treat from house to house (not from car to car in a parking lot)!

PatS 10 months ago
As a long-time blogger, I love seeing new people leaving messages and photos here. Have you folks looked at the "regular" blog and its fun? All are welcome (as long as you play nice).
Geo 10 months ago
The photo did not work. Happy Halloween to all. A special thanks for the link to the anniversary Svengoolie pack from the Willoughby blog. All the best to Svengoolie still a horror host that's still entertaining all.
Olivia1994 10 months ago
A happy belated Halloween, Sven!
Thought you would enjoy this picture of me dressed as the Wolfman and my pup, Minnie. After a long day of tricks and treats, it’s best to let sleeping dogs (and werewolves) lie lol! Love your show, and definitely looking forward to The Invisible Man tomorrow night- it’s one of my favorites!

Ggregop2 10 months ago
I just want to thank you Rich for being a great human being. My son and I have seen you this year at flashback weekend and haunted Hammond and you made our experience awesome. After 40 years, this is the first time we focused on seeing you and getting a few long desired items autographed. God bless you and good health! My best, Greg
Jack 10 months ago
This more or less just in…

Rich Koz and Jim Roche on the Bill and Wendy Halloween Show:
scottieO 10 months ago
Halloween Halloween Trick or Treat
Svengoolie on MeTV Can't be Beat!
CarrieLynnCastro 10 months ago
🎃 Resting up still early
It's 4:25 for Trick or🍫🍬 Treating kids! Tiny is resting too she does allot of barking at the kids👻 Will dress her up soon Bumblebee Witch
🐝 Sending a picture to Catbat tonight 😄

Happy Halloween have
a fun spooky night👻
MADave 10 months ago
Happy Halloween Sven and crew you never any tricks for us just treats!
Tygercat 10 months ago
If you're out tonight, please drive carefully!
CarrieLynnCastro Tygercat 10 months ago
Ha ha 🕸🎃🕸
Happy Halloween!
Jack Tygercat 10 months ago
Wait…is that Stevie Nicks?
1MikeM Tygercat 10 months ago
Watch out for that TREE!!!!!
Tygercat 10 months ago
Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃🎩 Wishing everyone a boo-tiful evening!
Jack 10 months ago
Have we abandoned "Kharis Goes To College”? If so, I’ll migrate my more recent stuff over here.
daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
What college did he attend?-- Karnak U?
Jack daleuhlmann 10 months ago
The previous blog topic, you silly!
daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
Oh, yes, it's Stinky, from the first season of THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW
Lynn 10 months ago
Thank you, Sven, for a magnificent Halloween season! I was at the gym this morning, and I thought that if I tried really hard, I could remember a time when (like most of the folks around me) I thought that Halloween was one day a year, rather than all October long. You rock! BTW - A plastic headband with cat ears may not normally count as much of a costume, but it can survive aqua aerobics quite nicely.
Jack Lynn 10 months ago
What?! Not a Don Post Universal Studios Creature From the Black Lagoon® mask?!
Lynn Jack 10 months ago
For fun, maybe. For actually working out? No!
daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
Oh, the old Don Post ads in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND--do those bring back memories!
Klaatu 10 months ago
Happy Halloween 🎃 Halloween weather in Los Angeles: Hot, windy, fires 🔥. Typical for October and Halloween. After all, the weather in the original Halloween movie was windy with dry leaves.
Islander 10 months ago
Back at you Sven. And remember, next year's Halloween is on a Saturday night. Hope you can have a special treat for us.
JournalJeff2 10 months ago
Happy Halloween!
Have a spook-tacular day!
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