Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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We’d like to wish all our Sven fans a happy Thanksgiving -- may your turkey not resemble a rubber chicken in the slightest! Of course, we here are thankful for your support, and hope you will join us in being grateful for all that we have- and will share with those who have less.

We know big sales are on the minds of many, so make sure you check the store at for our annual sale -- with 20% off everything, including the Svengoolie merchandise! You just need to use the code METVHOLIDAY when you check out. The sale ends on Tuesday, December 3rd, so take advantage of it now!

Watch the blog space for information on this weekend’s offerings... and pass the pumpkin pie!

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StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
Happy Thanksgiving 2 days late. Even if I'm the only one who reads this.
- Steph
The Thanksgiving message changed from the last time I read it, glad the problem was fixed. Happy Thanksgiving to you, also.
bostonmark 1 month ago
Couldn’t post this morning but a happy N.H. thanksgiving to all my fellow Svengooligans from the banks of the Merrimack! Saturday night from 6 to 12 is the high point of my week. I don’t know what I would do without the usual cast of suspects! And a big happy thanksgiving to Sven and Doug. Yes even to that rascally admin
Berwyn1979 1 month ago
For anybody who missed THE WKRP TURKEY DROP. Here it is.
Thistle 1 month ago
I stumbled upon Svengoolie one Saturday night last April.Brought back great memories of watching so many of these horror/sci-fi classics on local late night TV back in late 70's as a teenager.Most all of them I hadn't seen in decades.

Because of this I give thanks & am slowly building my DVD library with a bunch of these.
PatS Thistle 1 month ago
Welcome to the blog, Thistle!
Klaatu Thistle 1 month ago
Welcome! I’m fairly new to this blog myself. Good fun and fun bloggers with a common thread in that we all enjoy sci-fi/ horror movies underlined by the Svengoolie silliness. In regards to building a DVD library, check out Turner Classics Movie website where many classic sci-fi and horror movies are available.
Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
The calendar brings us Turkey Day every fourth Thursday of November.

Svengoolie brings us Turkey Night every Saturday.

I for one give a big Thanks!
What DrClayon said +
DrClayton 1 month ago
Dear Sven, Admin, staff, Chicken Throwers, et. al. -

Thank you for a big lagoon's worth of riotous, fun-filled Saturday evenings throughout the year! I am truly grateful for them.

gabste 1 month ago
Happy Thanksgiving to Sven and the whole Gang ! See you Saturday !
TheKodakKid 1 month ago
Jack TheKodakKid 1 month ago
So, did Curtis' cousins eat all the turkey?
Lynn 1 month ago
Thank you - Sven, SvenAdministrator, and staff. Joy to you all!
Jack 1 month ago
“What really annoys me is that they call it Thanksgiving!”
Tygercat 1 month ago
Happy Thanksgiving, Sven/Rich and friends! Birdzilla is out of the oven, getting the rest of the fixin's done. Gobble on!

And thank you , Sven Administrator!
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Happy Thanksgiving, Rich--and to the Sven Administrator!
SvenAdministrator 1 month ago
This is the proper blog post on the proper system. All is well.
Jack SvenAdministrator 1 month ago
So, how'd the improper blog on the improper system get improperly posted?
I feel a great relaxation in the Blog, as if millions of Bloggers suddenly sighed in relief.
All is right.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
I dunno, I was kinda looking forward to being able to edit my comments....
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