Henry Hull Wouldn't Want Tibet He Would Become the "Werewolf of London"-Tonight!

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We begin a month of movies populated by a variety of various types of monsters with one of the originals! Last month, you saw the origins of the Larry Talbot Wolf Man- but tonight on MeTV we present the first of Universal Studios’ wolf men- who brings terror to England via Tibet- as the victim of an accursed attack that triggers a hideous transformation when exposed to moonlight- the "Werewolf of London"!

We find botanist Wilfred Glendon and his assistant on an expedition to Tibet – seeking a rare flower that only grows in the high altitudes- and will only bloom in the light of a full moon. Despite dire warnings and strange, seemingly supernatural, occurrences- Wilfred finally discovers the plant high upon a mountain- only to find himself attacked by a mysterious creature! He survives the attack, though bitten in the process (actually, he was bitten in the arm- oh, you know what I mean), and manages to procure a single specimen of the flower- whose botanical name is the mariphasa.

Returning to England with his new specimen, he goes into solitude, locking himself in his botanical laboratory to study the plant. Even his beautiful wife Lisa finds it difficult to lure him out of the lab for a party- eventually coercing him to come out and greet the flock of visitors. Wilfred finds them a distraction, and would rather return to his work- though he notices an old friend of Lisa’s is paying a bit TOO much attention to his lovely spouse. Then- a new and unfamiliar visitor arrives- one Professor Yogami, begging to converse with Wilfred, claiming he encountered him on his Tibet trip- though Wilfred has no recollection of their meeting. Yogami begins a supernatural tale involving the newly-acquired plant; warning Wilfred that the bite he suffered in that fracas ( or, the arm- oh, you know what I mean) might cause him to become a werewolf! He then reveals that utilizing the bloom of the mariphasa plant is the only way to stop that transformation!

Wilfred, being a man of science, discounts the story as a superstitious legend- but soon learns differently. During his experimentation, he is using a lamp that simulates moonlight to encourage the plant to blossom, and when his hand strays into the light- it becomes furry! He experiences the full effect when an actual full moon occurs- and he completely transforms into a werewolf- in a wonderful shot of him gradually changing as he moves between pillars ! Even in that state, he still has the presence of mind to recall that he can use the rare flower to stave off the horrible change- and heads into the lab- only to find that someone has taken the few blossoms that had bloomed, sending Wilfred out on the prowl through the streets of London!

When the full moon’s effects have worn off, Wilfred feverishly attempts to get more blossoms to bloom before the next moon cycle. His relentless pursuit of the cure wears even more on the strained relationship with his wife, who feels rejected and turns to her old childhood sweetheart for comfort. Since the plant is taking time to flower again, Wilfred attempts to keep from harming anyone by taking a room in a low-rent inn where he can lock himself in each night. Regardless of his precautions, the next full moon has the same horrible effect on him- and he escapes his self-imposed imprisonment to again roam the city streets in search of victims. His greatest fear is of that one part of the old werewolf legend will prove to be true- that a werewolf will instinctively kill the one he loves the most! Can Lisa- and London itself- escape the savage power of the supernatural?

As I mentioned, this 1935 film is truly the first werewolf in the Universal horror catalog- preceding Larry Talbot- the best-known Wolf Man who first appeared in 1941. You’ll hear about the cast members like Henry Hull and Valerie Hobson- and those who found fame in other roles- like Spring Byington- who became a popular star of early TV- as well as Warner Oland, who made his mark in the movies as a beloved detective character. We'll also give you some in-depth information regarding the werewolf make-up- thanks to information provided to us by Cortlandt Hull, whose great uncle Henry stars in tonight's film. Thanks to Cortlandt, we are able to tell you the actual true story about Hull's make-up – and clear up some misinformation and downright untruths that have been passed around as fact for years. (Again, we ask our blog commenters who might know the facts to PLEASE keep them to themselves until after the show airs). Plus- the first in a series this month of our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”!

"Werewolf of London" airs on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if unsure when or where we are on in your area, just check your local TV listings or go to and click on "where to watch". You can live-Tweet during the show on Twitter with the many Sven fans who do so-using the hashtag # svengoolie. In Chicago, local viewers can chill with “The Land Unknown” this morning at 11 am on the U.

Join us for one Hull of a time tonight when things get hairy on MeTV!

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CarrieCastro 29 minutes ago
Good morning 🌞
Hot day 102* 🏖
90's* are coming

Enjoyed the show it
was fun and movie
too 🕸🎩🕸

Snoopy report doing
well today 🐶
Surgery Wednesday
morning to put his
his bones back in
place 🙄

Have nice day 🌊⛵
See you later 👻
Jack 1 hour ago
Wouldn’t these guys want to eat atom brains?
daleuhlmann 15 hours ago
I think Matt had inadvertently referred to this in a humorous post of his last night, but the fact that Glendon are Yogami were both botanists may be another indication of a homosexual subtext. The portrayal of homosexual men as sensitive souls taking an interest in traditionally "feminine" activities like nurturing flowers, for example, has long been a familiar gay stereotype. The film's closeted homosexual screenwriter, John Colton, might have unintentionally incorporated it, perhaps subconsciously hoping viewers who recognized the allusion would question this belief.
Catbat 15 hours ago
Awesome CC tonight!
Next week is going to be Bat 🦇 Tastic!
I think they low ball on this show though. Still great to look at everything.
The1Butler Catbat 15 hours ago
whats next weeks show about ?
Tygercat Catbat 4 hours ago
I agree on the lowball estimates. The one with the Barbie collection was definitely on the low side. Fantastic collection, though. Although it could be said that the price of anything is what someone else is willing to pay.... Next week's should be fun! Hope they show some Catwoman memorabilia. I just got the Catwoman comics 80th Anniversary pack of 10 variant covers in the mail- meow!! Especially like the 1960s cover, they did one featuring Julie Newmar's version. The only recent one I liked better than that was the one when Bats and Catty nearly got married (and I'm still ticked that they didn't. Hiss!) That was one gorgeous gown.
Islander 15 hours ago
On a recent episode of Pawn Stars, someone brought in a Blues Brothers car but they didn't buy it. Forget how much but the car wasn't really well done.
The1Butler Islander 15 hours ago
they didnt talk about the BB car .
The1Butler The1Butler 15 hours ago
1974 Dodge Monaco !
Jack The1Butler 14 hours ago
As per the IMCDb...In 1974, the 440 cu in V8 came with a four-barrel carburetor. In 1975, depending on equipment and state of sales, some models received catalytic converters. In 1976, the Chrysler Lean Burn system was added to the 400 cu in, altho’ the four-barrel 440 could still be ordered without.

“It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?”
The1Butler Jack 14 hours ago
what a beautiful car 😎
1MikeM Jack 13 hours ago
"Fix the cigarette lighter."
Islander 16 hours ago
I say no on the trade. I don't think those guys are going to give up the Batmobile for a caddy.
The1Butler Islander 16 hours ago
i agree , Batmobile is the crown jewel .
The1Butler The1Butler 16 hours ago
the Batmoblie came from a Lincoln
daleuhlmann Islander 16 hours ago
I know I wouldn't, either, Islander!!
Islander daleuhlmann 15 hours ago
Next week's show will be a must see for you and the bat girl !
daleuhlmann Islander 15 hours ago
It sure will be, if we can get back from B B 5, from Virginia, on time. We may try putting it on timer recording if we can.
1MikeM The1Butler 14 hours ago
Yep, a Lincoln Futura.
Tygercat Islander 4 hours ago
Nope. But that was one beautiful Cadillac.
Islander 16 hours ago
If these cars were all originals, these guys would probably be millionaire's.
The1Butler Islander 16 hours ago
not all the real ones .
Jack The1Butler 14 hours ago
From IMDb “... A total of twelve Bluesmobiles were used in the movie, including one that was built just so it could fall apart. Several replicas have been built by collectors, but one original is known to exist, and is owned by the brother-in-law of Dan Aykroyd. Dodge Monacos from 1974-77, including the upscale Royal Monaco, especially those which came with the A38 police option, are now considered collector's items. They have been used as replica Chicago P.D. and Illinois State Police cars, including Bluesmobile tribute cars. This has led to the scarcity of this generation of Mopar C-bodies, leading some replica squad cars and Bluesmobiles to use the Plymouth Gran Fury or Chrysler Newport instead. Universal Studios Hollywood has a replica Bluesmobile on the lot; it's a 1974 Dodge Coronet, since the Monaco has became so rare.”
The1Butler Jack 14 hours ago
well its much more of a gem than i knew !
The1Butler 16 hours ago
i want to hear about the Blues Brothers car
Catbat The1Butler 15 hours ago
I wish they had talked about All the cars!
The1Butler 16 hours ago
yep came inside to watch CC at 930 , its been moved to 10p .
should be a good one if you like cars !
Catbat The1Butler 15 hours ago
Love cars ❤️
DrClayton 16 hours ago
Honor Blackman's wearing a poodle dress on Columbo!
DrClayton 16 hours ago
just curious: can you eat Flex Paste like regular white paste?
The1Butler DrClayton 16 hours ago
we need a guinie pig
DrClayton The1Butler 16 hours ago
Someone with an atom-sized brain/
PatS DrClayton 2 hours ago
What I don't understand -- if you can set up a rectangle in a pan, and pop it right out, why suppose it would stick to a roof or a window crack?
Carl_N_Brown 20 hours ago
In honor of Lisa's hat, I just finished a bag of potato chips.
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 15 hours ago
Haha 😂 I been munching on a big bag since yesterday.
JournalJeff2 21 hours ago
Hello Everybody!
Got my newsletter, a great line-up of movies for August.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
daleuhlmann 22 hours ago
Good Sunday afternoon, group! Bill K and I both had alluded to WOL's original casting plans. Since Sven had not mentioned them as part of last night's show, I can now safely provide some details. According to newspaper reports, Boris Karloff had originally been slated to play Dr. Glendon, and Bela Lugosi was reported to have been first in line for the role of Dr. Yogami. Of course, this casting did not come to be, but the authors of UNIVERSAL HORRORS think that this plan would have worked, especially in Lugosi's favor. Bela's persona, they explained, always tended to be more mystical than Karloff's, and Dr. Yogami's character would have certainly fit that description.
Oscar daleuhlmann 22 hours ago
Would have been interesting to see that movie with Karloff and Lugosi in it.
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 21 hours ago
Another plus might have been that Karloff wouldd likely be more emotive than Hull was, with more reciprocal feeling from the audience (and reviewers).
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 19 hours ago
I think that's very likely, Carl.
MADave daleuhlmann 17 hours ago
Interesting sidenotes dale
daleuhlmann MADave 16 hours ago
Thanks, Dave!
Catbat daleuhlmann 15 hours ago
It definitely would have worked. To bad we will never get to see it that way. Only in our minds.
PatS Catbat 2 hours ago
I think THE MAN WITH NINE LIVES gives us a good hint of Karloff playing an obsessed doctor -- with the occasional revelation of real feelings. Glendon might have been more expressive with Lisa and his guests if the script had allowed. I think I see now why she had the Lays hat -- as Bill K said, she was another 'flower' that Glendon had collected.
MADave 22 hours ago
I don't think I've heard of CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN? It will be new to me hope it's not too scary
Oscar MADave 22 hours ago
Have not seen that one either, always fun to see a new movie.
Islander Oscar 20 hours ago
Almost always. Let us not forget The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. Well, even that was interesting the first time but not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th........
Bill_K MADave 20 hours ago

Overall, not a shocker but has a nice little "touch" early on....and that is all I am going to say!

Remember how Universal always wanted that in their classic horror films - that shock early on......
Carl_N_Brown Islander 19 hours ago
How about a retitled THE 1,000 BEASTS WITH FIVE FINGERS OF DR. T?
Especially when it only ran twice.
I know, I just wanted to hear it again.
Keeping 10,000 fingers in the pie....
Jack 23 hours ago
Altho’ he emigrated at age 13, and began his acting career in the US, the Swedes must’ve considered Oland a homeboy._Dr. Yogami from London_
—a counterpart to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
PatS Jack 22 hours ago
Notice he gets top billing as well.
Jack PatS 22 hours ago
Ja visst!
Oscar 23 hours ago
So I missed the show last night
On the bright side, I was with family and had a good time grilling and eating.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!
MADave Oscar 22 hours ago
I missed only half the movie but was with family as well
CarrieCastro 1 day ago
Good morning 🎏
Hope your having a nice Sunday morning 🥞☕

I enjoyed the movie
last night 📺🐺🍿
Thank you Sven 🎩

It was a long day for
all us my mom's little
dog named snoopy 🐶
got hit by a car.
It happened a house away from my mom's
house 🏡
My mom was sitting in the garage and let snoopy 🐶 go for his walk and he just
comes back.

Two people saw a black
car hit snoopy 🐶 That
car did not stop kept
on going 😡
Snoopy will be okay he
has a left broken leg
in 2 places and lost 4
bottom teeth 🙁

My mom called when
I was getting groceries
for her in town...she
said that my cousin
was taking them to a
vet hospital near by 🏥
Had ex-rays done no internal injures 💝

Snoopy 🐶 will need surgery and will have
it on Wednesday 🤕morning.
He has a splint on his leg poor snoopy he was out of it yesterday 😴

This morning called my mom ☎️ and snoopy
🐶 is a awake and standing up he is on some medication 💊
for few days 💝

Tiny was 🐩sad to see her playmate just lying
in is bed not moving
Tiny just starred at
snoopy 🐶🐩 and new
something was not

We are all greatful that
Snoopy will be okay 😊
This little doggy means everything to my mom

About 2weeks ago I
said to my mom you need to careful about letting 🐶 snoopy out like that❣
He might get hit by a
car ...well now he did and 😞 snoopy has no more freedom to do
so anymore he is 6
years old 🐶 same as Tiny 🐩 He has a large
backyard to stay in 🤠
I was so worried about snoopy yesterday 😔

Sorry long story 😉
So today everyone is
not so worried 🌷🐦
So today I will bake
my Pinapple up side down Cake🍍
I will save you all a
piece 😉

Have a nice Sunday
and week 🌊⛵
See you later 👻

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CarrieCastro TheKodakKid 15 hours ago
Thank you I will💝
CarrieCastro daleuhlmann 15 hours ago
Thank you Dale
he did well today
🐶 he is waging his tail mom said 💙
CarrieCastro Catbat 15 hours ago
Thank you 😻
Snoopy felt better today very alert 🐶
and eating 💙
Walking a few steps too❣
CarrieCastro DrClayton 15 hours ago
Thank you snoopy
is on the mend waging tail and
eating drinking
water 🐶
Surgery is early
Wednesday morning and a over night stay at the vet hospital.
Have a great week
Dr Clayton 🎏

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