Herman Gives the Brits Fits- "Munster Go Home" Tonight!

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Who would think that one of America’s most controversial exports to Great Britain would be classic TV’s first family of fright?  The creepy clan- in full color- heads across the ocean to take their frightful - I mean, RIGHTFUL - place among English aristocracy- which leaves  the local folk echoing a strident chorus of -"Munster Go Home"!

Probably on the same level as “Ghost and Mr. Chicken” as one of the most requested movies from our Sven library, we join the beloved Munsters for a family meeting when Herman comes home from work- and Lily brings Herman the news that he has inherited his adopted family's estate in England- as well as the official title of lordship ( good lord)! The newly-minted "Lord Munster" and his family pack up their things at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and head across the pond on an ocean liner, which causes Herman to look even greener than usual due to seasickness – and Grandpa’s potion to change Herman’s  condition ends up causing a change in HIM instead!  Meanwhile, the “strange-looking” niece of the Munsters, Marilyn, cursed with being a pretty young woman, encounters a handsome English lad who enjoys negotiating some curves- not hers- those of the road! He has a beautiful car making the crossing on the ship- but ends up making Marilyn get cross with him- so it looks like the romantic accord between our two nations  is over before it begins!

Meanwhile, already at Munster Hall in England, the current residents- his British relatives - are dead set against Herman stepping in to take over the estate and the title of Lordship. They begin hatching nasty plots to stop their American cousin- maybe permanently! When the Munsters finally make their arrival at Munster Hall, they are “greeted” by dastardly cousin Freddie, his sister Grace, and Aunt Effigie. On the very first night in the manor, they launch their scheme to frighten the Munsters away- not realizing that scares are their cup of tea – or hemlock. They decide they must  go to extreme and deadly measures to retain their home and pass the title on to Freddie.

Marilyn sets out on a bicycle to enjoy the countryside- but has a biking mishap, and runs into (quite literally) a gentleman from a neighboring estate. Warmly welcomed to the  gent’s home – at first- everything turns around when she finds he is related to her shipboard Romeo! Not onlyb that- but this family has a long standing feud with the Munster family, even more vitriolic than that of the Hatfields and McCoys! As sworn enemies of the Munster clan, they no longer welcome Marilyn- and , eventually, neither do any of the locals. The only way that Herman can save face, redeem his family’s good name, and prove worthy of his new title, is to win the area's yearly road race - in spite of the opposing family and the treacherous members of his own familial group !

This 1966 film was the first time fans would see the Munster family not only on the big screen , but also in color! This was also the first appearance of the famed “Drag-u-la” hot rod designed for the movie (and brought into the TV show) by the late George Barris. We’ll introduce you to most of the familiar TV cast- as well as the third actress to play Marilyn, Debbie Watson- along with familiar faces from TV shows like "Andy Griffith", "Hogan's Heroes", and "Chips" - plus motion pictures stars - including a horror icon! We ‘ll also give you one more look at my legendary search for the Munsters' cars at the beloved Volo Auto Museum- which you’ll see more of in a few weeks.

"Munster Go Home" comes home tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and, for those unsure where and when to tune in their neck of the woods- just check your local listings or at .  Don’t forget to live-Tweet during the show along with  our fans on Twitter- using the hashtag #svengoolie .Our Chicago viewers can take one more dip into the dangerous waters of “Barracuda” at 11 am on WCIU, the U !

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And- don’t miss the Munsters tonight,as they take a dip, like a teabag of terror, into the hot water of their belligerent British cousins! Pip pip and cheeri-oh NO!