He's Back in a BIG Way-or Just the Opposite- "The Incredible Shrinking Man"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a 1950s sci fi classic that has been absent from our airwaves for too long- the story of a man who finds the world getting too big for him- because he is progressively becoming smaller and smaller! In this story created by Richard Matheson, we join a normal man in his descent into the abnormal- embarking on a journey that includes lonely isolation and the transition of normal everyday things into objects of terror for “The Incredible Shrinking Man"!

This 1957 science fiction favorite starts out on the water, with Scott Carey and his wife- as they relax and enjoy lounging on their boat off the California coast. While Louise heads to the galley to grab some drinks, hubby Scott remains topside, and sees an approaching mist of some sort- a glittering fog that briefly envelopes him, then abruptly fades away by the time Louise comes back up on deck. The couple is confused, having no idea what the fog might have been, or where it came from.

A few weeks later- Scott notices that his clothes don't seem to fit right. It isn’t simple weight loss, though- his whole body seems to be a little smaller! He heads to his doctor, whose tests show that he's in perfect health- and the doctor states the fact that, never in medical science has anybody started to get shorter (other than through something like osteoporosis, of course- but this movie isn’t titled “The Incredible Guy with Loss of Bone Density”) ! Scott, however, can’t agree with what the doc is telling him- especially once he's noticed that he and his wife are now suddenly the same height- when, previously, he was taller than she.

Eventually, all concerned parties agree that something strange is happening to Scott- and he transfers to a medical research lab. A battery of tests confirms that Scott is getting smaller-and they have a theory as to why. Things take a bad turn for the diminishing dude when, in circumstances we have all become familiar with, the media get hold of the story- and he is plagued by paparazzi. All Scott can do is live in isolation, as a prisoner in his own home- unable to work or move freely around the outside world- and his frustration soon becomes  obvious to his wife. ( Yes, there are some comparisons to life during this pandemic as well.)

Possible hope for a cure comes - along with some encouragement from a winsome little person Scott meets by chance in a rare trip into the public- but the reality that he still continues to shrink brings an end to any hopes he had of returning to a normal life. Various aspects of his home become a savage new world he must face alone- as the world around him continues to become larger and more threatening at every turn. Scott finds simple everyday objects and creatures are now an incredible danger -as he fights to survive in a land of giants!

This movie has always been a big (sorry) favorite of our viewers- not just for the effects, but also for Grant Williams’ outstanding performance as Scott, who conveys his frustrations, fear, and sense of isolation so well. We’ll brief you on the cast members, including a few familiar MeTV faces, including a future “Beverly Hillbillies” actor- a famous TV father, and a small star with a large resume! Also among the cast members are a horrifying housecat and a tarantula ( in the original script, it was supposed to be a black widow spider, but that breed proved to be, ironically, too small to work in what they were trying to do). We’re happy to be able to show this important ‘50s science fiction film to you again.

“The Incredible Shrinking Man” starts tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, to find out time and channel where you are, please check your local listings- or find your local info at .  The live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter continues to flourish-with us among the top trends for all two hours of the show last week- so, feel free to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie. Our Chicago area viewers get another look at the Roger Corman tale of witchcraft and time-travel "The Undead" at 11 am on our main local channel, CW 26. ( And a happy belated birthday to Roger, having turned 95 this past week!)

Join us tonight for a small hero with big problems- that are only getting bigger ( no, wait- HE’S getting smaller…)

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Bill_K 1 month ago
Good Morning, Everyone:

Many writers presented the stories of ordinary people being confronted with extraordinary situations. And maybe what made Richard Matheson different was that there was something extraordinary about the individual, while the things that seemed threatening, to him, actually existed in everyday life. “Duel” for example, is the story of a driver feeling apprehension about the large truck continuously behind him. What connects his characters is their sense of loneliness. The Main Characters of “I am Legend” and “The Shrinking Man” woke up one morning to find themselves either being the last human being on earth or beginning to shrink for no apparent reason. Matheson’s main characters often seemed to be exist on a different plane or level than other characters in the same stories. The deformed child of “Born of Man and Woman” and Scott Carey of “The Shrinking Man” are exiled in basements, each spending a good part of their narratives trying to regain entry to the main level where life is going on. The Gremlin of “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” terrorizes a passenger from the wing of an airplane while William Shatner’s Bob Wilson can only wonder whose world he is in. The Old Woman living alone, terrorized by miniature aliens who have landed in her attic, turns out to be the extraterrestrial who then destroys the tiny US space craft and astronauts she finds there.

Universal must have felt it was taking the same type of risk in releasing “The Incredible Shrinking Man” in February 1957 that it did in releasing “The Invisible Man” in November 1933. After seeing “Frankenstein” and “The Mummy”, how would audiences feel about seeing a fiend - one they could not see? And with all the movies about giant creatures attacking major cities, how would audiences feel about a man who only grows smaller and smaller. But both films turned out to be box office successes. “TIM” was the fifteenth highest grossing film of 1933. “TISM” made over four million dollars which was almost six times its production costs. Both films defined, as well as defied, their respective genres. These films were subtle, allowing us to look inside the main character in more ways than one. Yes, special effects helped us to watch Scott Carey getting smaller, but it was those subtle touches (his wife no longer having to stand on tip toe to kiss him, his wedding ring sliding off his finger and his cat forcing him into his basement) that suggest his fall from stature as well as his mental disintegration.

Richard Matheson made it a point not to be trapped within the genre he was creating. Maybe that is why so much of his work had a twist ending. Shortly before tonight’s story, he wrote “I am Legend” which brought the story of Dracula into the Science Fiction realm. Its theme was two-sided, with perspective from both the living and the dead. If he hadn’t written this story (Meaning the resulting film adaptation, “The Last Man on Earth” would also not be made) would George Romero have been able to create “Night of the Living Dead”?

Great Authors such as Ray Bradbury and Steven King saluted Matheson for what he created. Great Directors such as Romero and Spielberg saluted him for what he helped them create!
CrazyK 1 month ago
See y’all I’m gonna “r-eye-d” outta this blog and into the next one!
The1Butler CrazyK 1 month ago
See you on the flip flop 👋🏻
MADave 1 month ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but Jackie Coogsn (aka Uncle Fester was on Perry Mason I also have a question was any other Addams Family members on Perry?
CrazyK 1 month ago
Your eyes are getting heavy....heavy...
you are sleepy... fall asleep so Eye can get #1 HAHAHA!!!!
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The1Butler CrazyK 1 month ago
Where does the electricity come from gas ?🤣
The1Butler KeithJ 1 month ago
Beaches on 3 sides 👍🏻
CrazyK KeithJ 1 month ago
Ok can’t leave MY beach!!! 😂
MADave 1 month ago
Not sure if I will be here for sven tomorrow night because I'm going to dinner with my sister and niece but I'll certainly to make it I'll be here in the morning for cartoons and I'll try to be first poster in a few hours see ya later if I don't fall asleep
Thereman 1 month ago
Eye-yie-yie! In this case it should probably spelled differently, but nonetheless. A correction from last week: Irving Gertz was not the composer of the theme music played by the Ray Anthony band at the beginning of TISM. Earl E. Lawrence worked with Gertz to take his thematic ideas for the film and develop a separate jazz theme for the title sequence. Gertz wrote most of the music; a couple of transitions by Herman Stein and Hans Salter were added to one of the best scores I've heard in some time. Ray Anthony, who played trumpet in the opener, was born in 1922. Still alive today, he is the last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. He gained a bit of infamy in 1980, when he was quoted as saying "Disco will be replaced by a return of the Big Bands." That didn't happen, but Big Bands also never really went away. When Mrs. T and I were married (2004) we hired a big band for our wedding reception, and yes, for the record, we danced to my arrangement of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (her request). Tomorrow, another bandleader from across the pond. I'll leave it to the rest of you to fight for the coveted #1 spot on next week's frivolity!
CrazyK 1 month ago
Grohl on Svengoolie Saturday!!!
CrazyK 1 month ago
KeithJ CrazyK 1 month ago
CK, did you ever go on youtube and see Brian Johnson "on the road series"? He does a show with Grohl, and my respect for DG grew exponentially!
CrazyK KeithJ 1 month ago
Oh yeah! I seen it. DG is awesome!
But my favorite one was with Robert Plant! That guy is a deep thinker! 😎
KeithJ CrazyK 1 month ago
And DG is just a regular guy, living rock and roll camp for real!
CrazyK KeithJ 1 month ago
Oh yeah! Just like Sven. Just one a the guys! 👍
KeithJ CrazyK 1 month ago
And did songs with Mccartney and recently Jagger. He's now R&Roll Royalty!
Flora 1 month ago
It sucked when I couldn't see the last 15 minutes of the "The Incredible Shrinking Man" that was the best, but saddest part. It should be shown again, only without technical difficulties.
Klaatu Flora 1 month ago
Well...he shrank and shrank.
Some people thought it stank.
I thought it was insightful,
Just like tomorrow’s movie starring an eyeball.
Katink 1 month ago
Does anyone remember the episode of The Dick VanDyke Show where people had eyes on the back of their heads? Was it a separate pair, or do you think they crawled there? ( I think it had something to do with walnuts?)
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Katink deadringer42 1 month ago
That's right! That closet was full of them, and Laura just poured out with them! I wonder how many takes they did on that one?
Slayur Katink 1 month ago
Oh, and I forgot but Danny Thomas was also in that episode. You can watch it on YT.
Katink Slayur 1 month ago
Thanks, Slayer! I may have to do that!
1MikeM Slayur 1 month ago
"What is a Danny Thomas?"
CrazyK 1 month ago
This blog is shrinking faster than Dracula’s 🧛‍♂️ pupils on a day at the beach! 🏖 😎 😂
CrazyK 1 month ago
I will be blogging tomorrow night on my Eye-phone 📱 😂
Katink CrazyK 1 month ago
Eye am not surprised, CrazyK! 👁☎️
CrazyK Katink 1 month ago
Haha! Hey there Katink! Jeepers Creepers where’d ya get them peepers!? 😂😂
Katink CrazyK 1 month ago
Eye'm not sure. . . .maybe I have my Dad's Eye's? First round of grandkid visits is done, and it was delightful! 💕 Our oldest grandson (21) brought his girlfriend, and Hubby made good chicken asparagus chowder and we saved ourselves some work and went to a bakery for artisan bread and fancy cupcakes. (Blowing out birthday candles on a full-size cake is one of those traditions that may take some time to come back for us 😨) Pizza and more birthday cupcakes tomorrow with our second oldest grandchild (19). 💕
CrazyK Katink 1 month ago
Aw, I’m happy for you guys Katink!
Good times!!! 😀
Klaatu 1 month ago
If someone could figure out how to convert the spam calling software that calls me 15 times a day for car warranty crud into an auto-blog program, 5000 posts could be within easy reach here.
KeithJ Klaatu 1 month ago

Funny you say that, I was sent this today!
Kergooliewyn 1 month ago
Even though I have a tendency to fall asleep in the middle of stuff. I always manage to stay awake through your show.
Kergooliewyn 1 month ago
Really Sven, hurry and get here! I sewed so many things today my eyeballs are on fire!
TheKodakKid 1 month ago
So what’s the new magic number we’re shooting for? I know we’ve gone over 4,100 before.
MADave TheKodakKid 1 month ago
5k would be cool
abc123 1 month ago
What a day.
I work in a fish bowl
They play tug-of-war with my soul
They said "Of the four contractors, we can keep two
But do not frett, 'cause one of them is you"
Lucyc abc123 1 month ago
Hang in there, Sven's on the way.
TheKodakKid abc123 1 month ago
And sometimes you wonder which is better, getting to stay or getting to go?
KeithJ TheKodakKid 1 month ago
Some mornings you wake and think "Screw it, just fire me".
PatS 1 month ago
4000? My reaction is "Awwwww. it's a gyp!"

I just made a count (reliability not 100% guaranteed) of the morning Toon posts. Saturday (3 hours) - 325. Monday - 113. Tuesday - 187. Wednesday - 92. Thursday - 114. Friday - 114. Average of 118 posts per hour. Grand total - 945.

Considering Sven blog averaged 600-700 posts per week back in 2015, I think it's evident we need a Toon-In blog. Come on, MeTV folks, I bet you can do it remotely. All you Toonatics and Tooniacs, what do you think?
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The1Butler PatS 1 month ago
I dont think it matters , toons are at 7am . And a fun way to pass the time till Saturday , you have posted before you dont watch toons 👍🏻
Kyle PatS 1 month ago
There should be a toon blog.
I only catch them on Saturday, so I don't get the whole effect of the hosting part. Have enjoyed the crossover to Sven Land.
Slayur PatS 1 month ago
I don't think the amount of people blogging for TIWM warrants a separate blog. There's maybe at most the same 15-20 people commenting on TIWM during or after the show. Personally I think it would be better if MeTV set up a blog for it's entire lineup. TIWM is such a small part of it's lineup.
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