He’s Back in Black (Lagoon)- Revenge of the Creature!

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Tonight on Me-TV, it's the movie that made Sven history back in the 80s when I presented it in 3-D- "Revenge of the Creature"! The Gill Man resurfaces,gets captured and brought to America- specifically, a Florida Marineland-like theme park- where they try to communicate with him (with an electric probe?!)Needless to say, no theme park can hold him- and Florida becomes a disaster area when the Creature roams free! You can catch "Revenge of the Creature" (only in 2-D this time)tonight on Me-TV throughout the country-10 pm eastern, 9 pm central, etc.Our Chicago fans can get another helping of "Duck Soup" at 11 am on WCIU, the U! For those who heard my interview with Dave Plier on WGN, and were concerned and unsure about something they heard- yes, sadly, I DID say that, for several days after my heart attack, things were touch and go.Happily, and through the efforts of the medical team and my family- I made it through it all.Now, go watch the Gill Man and relax!