His Casa is Su Casa During "FrankenFest"- it's "House of Frankenstein"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- the “FrankenFest” continues with the biggest "monster rally" movie of all- as the Monster is back, along with Dracula, the Wolf Man, a hunchback- and even Boris Karloff-giving us a chilling winning hand, with the full house known as 1944's "House of Frankenstein"!

If you track the chronology of the films in the Universal Frankenstein series, this one definitely follows “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man” in sequence- starting out on a stormy night, at the prison where Dr. Neimann, a twisted scientist, has been imprisoned for his unspeakable experiments that  authorities have labelled as crimes against nature! While Neimann lectures his cellmate, the hunchbacked Daniel, on his theories and experiments, the powerful storm itself provides an escape for them! Struggling from the prison to the muddy road in the midst of a driving rain, they encounter a stalled wagon, actually a traveling "house of horrors". The dastardly duo helps the proprietor get back on the road-but they are not Good Samaritans, as they help themselves to his wagon- and even his identity! Neimann reasons that his disguise as the showman will keep them incognito as they travel on their quest to discover Dr. Frankenstein's lost secrets of creating life- an obsession of the criminal scientist, with Daniel along as accomplice, in hopes that the doctor will operate on his misshapen back, and make him look like a normal man.

To keep up their cover, the duo puts the wagon's attractions on display at a small village's fair, where one local authority thinks he’s familiar with this showman- but can’t quite place who he is. Angered by this suspicion, Neimann unwittingly removes a stake from the remains of Count Dracula- reviving the vampire! He makes a deal with the count, offering him protection if he helps him take revenge. The count, however, soon goes off on his own fiendish agenda, including murder and enlisting a lovely young bride to the ranks of the undead!

Continuing his mission, Neimann’s travels bring him closer to his main objective- the ruins of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory- but a stop at a nearby gypsy camp adds one more passenger to their wagon- a pretty young gypsy girl whom Daniel rescues from misfortune !The gypsy immediately captures his heart, in spite of the possibility that his deformity may keep her from returning his affection,unless Niemann can change his plight! They continue to the ruins of the Frankenstein castle - and stumble upon frozen underground catacombs- where they find the frozen bodies of the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein Monster (a result of the water flooding the castle at the end of “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man”)! They thaw the Wolf Man out- and he reverts to his human form of Larry Talbot - but the Monster, still in a weakened state, must receive some treatment soon if he is to be restored to full consciousness and power. They take him to Neimann's own abandoned laboratory- but, along the way, Daniel is dismayed and angered to find that the gypsy girl he desires now finds Talbot attractive! The mad doctor sets to work – with a plan to heal the Monster, and take revenge on the locals who sent him up the river. Jealousy isn't the only reason Daniel and Talbot are at odds- both want to be brain donors for the Monster, which would eliminate the problem of whoever the donor is, be it the curse of the full moon or deformity. Neimann's promises to both men go by the wayside as he works towards what HE wants- to restore the Monster to full power and have it at his command! Meanwhile, the suspicious villagers realize something sinister is going on at Neimann's old place... setting the stage for another battle between legendary monsters!

This film was the original “monster mash-up” film, bringing together so many of Universal's " big three" monsters (the Mummy would also have been a part of the roster, but that didn’t pan out). For the first time, John Carradine takes on the role of Count Dracula (a role he would again take on in the next "monster rally" film, "House of Dracula”), and big Glenn Strange makes his first appearance as the Frankenstein Monster. Topped off with the only man to ever play Larry Talbot in the classic era of Universal monster films, Lon Chaney Jr- it’s an all “MONstar” cast- topped off by the addition of the King of horror, Karloff! We'll fill you in on the whole cast- bring you a song and a visit to one of our frequent haunts-and present another chat with a real expert on Universal monsters (as well as being a hilarious comedian)- the one and only Gilbert Gottfried!

The “House of Frankenstein” opens its doors to you tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, or check listings in your area ( or at for when and where you can see us. MeTV invites you join the legion of fans who live-Tweet along with the movie on Twitter during the show- just be sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie. In the Chicago viewing area, it's a Saturday morning encore of “Son of Frankenstein" at 11 am on CW 26.

Make sure you join us next Saturday through Sunday, Halloween, on MeTV for the special “Scream with Me” programming- featuring scary episodes of many of your favorite shows!

But tonight - join us for the ultimate pre-Halloween house party-on MeTV!

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daleuhlmann 29 days ago
In point of fact, other Me TV faces have hailed from Canada besides William Shatner. These include Shatner's STAR TREK co-star James Doohan, as well as Raymond Burr, of PERRY MASON, Lorne Greene, of BONANZA, and Leslie Nielsen (tons of guest starring roles on our favorite Me TV shows).
deadringer42 1 month ago
Thank you Sven for providing this little blog for us to participate in. This is the only social media I participate in or follow. The information about the movies is great, both from Sven and all the bloggers. The commarodory, Friendship and acceptance here is like no other. Thank you to Sven and all here.
See y'all at the movies.
KeithJ deadringer42 1 month ago
Agreed whole-heartedly DR. I have no social media presence but the blog and everyone here make me happy to be a member.
Katink deadringer42 1 month ago
Same for me, too, dr 42 and Keith. Now I'm afraid that I will expect all social media experiences to be like this one, and then I'll be sad when it isn't.
deadringer42 Katink 1 month ago
Hey kat, still hoping for photos of hubbies creations. May be wait for new blog to post in a few minutes?
Katink deadringer42 1 month ago
It's been busy catching up with everything, but maybe I can get something posted tomorrow. We found out after the fact that Hubby medaled in a third category, but that category did not get announced (some sort of oversight).
deadringer42 1 month ago
Great information throughout the blog tonight. It makes sven and the movie eexperience so much more enjoyable. Thanks to all.

Thanks to all.
1MikeM 1 month ago
Bill Edmunds who played the gypsy man in HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN was in the James Cagney movie ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES and he played the father of Mickey Gubitosi (Robert Blake) in one of the Spanky and the Our Gang comedies.
Aceman2 1 month ago
Poor Merlin was out in a drenching rainstorm and it’s 55 outside. He jumped on my bed and I covered him in a towel and blanket. He’s watching Green Acres
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Katink Aceman2 1 month ago
Did Merlin wonder why Molly Turgis had a green face, but not green hands? Coco sure did!
Aceman2 Katink 1 month ago
Merlin never understood why you couldn’t say you know who’s name.
deadringer42 Aceman2 1 month ago
Just follow the rules and everything will be fine.
deadringer42 1 month ago
Molly Turgis.
There I said it.
Better look out
KeithJ 1 month ago
If not already suggested Talking Heads "Psycho Killer"? If already suggested then ignore me 😏
KeithJ 1 month ago
deadringer42 KeithJ 1 month ago
Yes, yes it is!
scottieO KeithJ 1 month ago
Like being the only one in a horror movie that knows something is wrong!
Drang scottieO 1 month ago
Well, sur, but after they reject your suggestion of getting in the running car, you still join them in hiding behind the chainsaws!
DrClayton KeithJ 29 days ago
Lucyc 1 month ago
I used the song, I'm a Psycho, from the Superpop collection, Things That Go Bump In the Night, by various(not famous)artists to do a parody a while back, but the whole collection would be a great addition to Catbat's Halloween playlist, since they all deal with subjects that are perfect for Halloween.
Lucyc 1 month ago
Thanks to Dale, Keith J, and Jack for their comments about my post on the "real" Doctor Frankenstein.
I wonder if Anthony HInds, who wrote the Hammer film, Frankenstein Created Woman, knew anything about Kippler's ideas about capturing a soul? The plot of that movie is about Dr. Frankenstein's experiment to capture the soul of someone before it departs to the afterlife.
Bill_K Lucyc 1 month ago
"Frankenstein Created Woman" is one of my favorite Hammer Horror Films. To me, it brought back something from earlier films that was lost with "The Evil of Frankenstein". Hammer had toyed with the idea of making this movie years earlier (Rather than making "Revenge of Frankenstein") to cash in on the success of the French made Bridgette Bardot film "God Created Woman".
Bill_K Lucyc 1 month ago
P.S.: That was a great article you wrote!
Lucyc Bill_K 1 month ago
Thanks, Bill_K. I also, like that movie-I love Peter Cushing(see my avatar.) The first time I saw it was back in the early eighties, when what is now TBS was still WTBS, and used to show horror movies on Friday night.
FKrueger 1 month ago
Another one for Catbat's Halloween song list. Friend of the Devil by the greatest Halloween band of all time The Grateful Dead.
Drang 1 month ago
Sadly, one of my co-workers' father has been given 48-72 hours to live, so he had to fly off to be there. as a result, I am going to be filling in for him on the graveyard shift tomorrow night.
It's a telework shift so I'll be able to watch the last half of Sven with at least one eye, although no klinkage.
Lucyc Drang 1 month ago
Sorry to hear of your co-worker's sad family situation. At least you can be home to see Sven, even if you can't pay close attention to the show.
Drang Lucyc 1 month ago
And I'll be in the office Sunday night, so Mrs. Drang gets to find out if there will be any Trick or Treaters without me.
Lucyc Drang 1 month ago
Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Hopefully, Mrs. Drang won't be inundated by so many Trick or Treaters that it's hard to handle without you.
Katink Drang 1 month ago
Sorry to hear that, Drang!
Bill_K Drang 1 month ago
Sorry to hear that. Hope you make it through all of what you have to do yourself, alright!

MADave 1 month ago
I can't stop listening to my joke of the week on kerwyn's corner I mean who better than a blogger/Svenman to send a joke right?
CharlesRocks MADave 1 month ago
Good job Dave, with the joke and costume contest!
Lucyc MADave 1 month ago
I want to add my congrats to you, MADave, for the honor of getting your joke chosen for Kerwyn's Corner.
MADave Lucyc 1 month ago
Thanks Lucy I was really shocked when KERWYN read it I was like Dyno mite sorry about the JJ Evans impression
MADave CharlesRocks 1 month ago
Thanks Charles
MADave MADave 1 month ago
Sorry that should say Svenfan not man stupid autocorrect
Lucyc MADave 1 month ago
Hey, no problem. I always liked Jimmie Walker's portrayal of JJ.
There was one line he said-not one of his famed ones-that I thought it was so funny, I still remember it. There was a scene where he told his sister that he was using a mouthwash called "Control Tower." You use it, and the girls "circle for a land-ing."
Bugs_Bunny4_Life 1 month ago
Evening gang! I decided to take your advice, so for our Halloween party, Mrs. Bugs and I shall make all three of the desserts.
For the beverage, it is indeed a Purple people eater, a little too strong to have too many, but it is an option, I decided to serve a black magic Sangria instead, which looks better?
If you have any other recommendations for food or drink, recommend, I need a few more suggestions and would gladly accept suggestions (as there will be quite a large party).
Drang Bugs_Bunny4_Life 1 month ago
Yes... 😎

I was going to have a Mocha Death, or maybe an Irish Death, both by Iron Horse Brewery, but s I explained in another post, no klinkage for me tomorrow night.
Lucyc Bugs_Bunny4_Life 1 month ago
The Purple People Eater looks cool-and I'm sure it's yummy-but I am a Sangria girl, myself. So, that one is one that I'd love to sample.
Katink Bugs_Bunny4_Life 1 month ago
Wow, BB4L! That sangria is really sharp looking, too!
PatS Bugs_Bunny4_Life 1 month ago
We tried the "Vampire Punch" a few weeks back and liked it. Pretty much equal parts orange juice, cranberry juice, seltzer and raspberry sherbet. We whizzed it in the blender and added some frozen raspberries for "clots." Of course an "adult beverage" of choice could be added. A reminder that this week we have a movie set in Puerto Rico, so some forms of rum would be apropos?
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Yet another song for Catbat's Halloween playlist: "The Witch Queen of New Orleans," by Redbone.
The1Butler 1 month ago
Shazam! Haunted Andy G tonight!😱
MADave 1 month ago
Here's one more for Catbat's Halloween playlist THE ADDAMS FAMILY by Andrew Gold just heard it on my local music choice channel
KeithJ 1 month ago
Lucyc KeithJ 1 month ago
Unfortunately for the victims, I think MIchael Myers fudged on the "social distancing" part quite a bit.
MrsG 1 month ago
Heard on the way home ~
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah ( Donald Glover , Tracy Morgan ) , which I don’t remember hearing before . The radio station was really cranking out some rare cuts . Never knew there was so much Halloween music and skits !
Never had so much fun with it either , before Sven Blog !
Thanks ALL , Live Yinz !
MrsG MrsG 1 month ago
Katink MrsG 1 month ago
Back at you, MrsG! It IS a lot more fun to celebrate Halloween with all of you!
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