Hopping Down the Time Trail- Hippety-Hoppety-Hypnosis Summons "The Undead"-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s not about hidden eggs, but hidden lives- as a researcher endeavors to use hypnosis to send a young woman back in time to an earlier lifetime- risking various dangers from witchcraft to the executioner’s axe- in a unique Roger Corman presentation tilted “The Undead”!

This 1957 film plays off the then current interest in reincarnation, thanks to the book “The Search for Bridey Murphy”, which we’ll tell you about in the show. We find Quintus, a psychic researcher, whose time in Tibet convinced him that people can visit their past lives. He “recruits” Diana Love, a young “lady of the evening”, to be the subject of his experiment, in the presence of his former professor- where, through hypnosis, he will send Diana’s consciousness to a previous life.

After many hours of the woman being in a trance- Quintus , through a mental bond he has established through his hypnotism with her, finds he has succeeded- Diana is now back in her past life as Helene, a young woman in the Middle Ages, imprisoned for allegedly being a witch. She is sentenced to execution for her supposed witchcraft- but her future self sends her a message, encouraging her to escape- which she does! She enlists the help of Smolkin, a gravedigger who, ironically, is said to be one of the people she enchanted!

None of this is good news to the sultry Livia- the witch who actually is responsible for the supernatural crimes Helene is charged with! She desires to replace Helene as the love of gallant knight Pendragon- so it is important for her to make sure that Helene is taken out of the equation. The shape-shifting Livia and her familiar, an imp, go to work trying to keep Pendragon away for his true love through lies and schemes- eventually making a major play for him at the witches’ Sabbath- involving Satan himself!

However, other players get into the mix- Meg Maud, a  sorceress enemy of Livia’s, and Quintas himself-  having realized they may be endangering Helen’s future by changing her past, he uses his psychic bond with his subject to also travel back in time! Will Helene survive- will Livia’s association with the devil remove any chance of that- and will Quintas  make history- or change it?

We’ll tell you about how this movie came about and evolved, and, of course, talk about the cast- which includes that bombshell Allison Hayes of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, as well as famed little person actor Billy Barty, and a cameo by beloved character actor Dick Miller of “Bucket of Blood” and countless other films! Plus- does Toony the Tuna finally get to host a horror movie as “Sventoonie”? We’ll see, as well as getting the word on a vintage record offer, along with a new song from Doug and yours truly, and a special tribute to our friend Dawn Wells of “Gilligan’s Island” fame.

“The Undead” (originally titled “The Trance of Diana Love”) airs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central. We know some people might need help finding what time we run – and on what channel- where they are, so we encourage checking your local listings or visiting . Viewers on Twitter continue to live-Tweet during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and MeTV invites you to do the same. Chicago area viewers get to play detective one more time           ( hmm- probably easier on the second viewing!) when we give an encore to “The Beast Must Die” on CW26.

We wish those celebrating a happy Easter! I’ll bet we will eventually get a few fan photos of home-made Kerwyn Easter eggs!

Join us tonight for witchcraft and wandering through time on MeTV!

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MrsG 2 months ago
Who could it be now ? !
CrazyK 2 months ago
Time to “shrink wrap” this blog! 😂
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
I've felt fine tonight following my second Covid shot earlier in the day, except for a sore arm. Hopefully that will be all the side effects I'll feel, but the key day will be tomorrow.

BTW, in THE TERROR, another Roger Corman film that Sven had mentioned, not only did it reunite Dorothy Neuman (Meg Maude) and Dick Miller (the leper) from THE UNDEAD, but (probably not coincidentally), the movie's tragic, ill-fated heroine (played by Sandra Knight, who was, at that time, married to her co-star in the film, Jack Nicholson) was named Helene. That was the same name as the dual character played by Sandra Duncan in THE UNDEAD.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Get your arm ready. New blog coming!!
daleuhlmann Klaatu 2 months ago
Sure will. And that should have been "Pamela Duncan."
Katink daleuhlmann 2 months ago
So far, so good, Dale! Hope you are well for for the show!
daleuhlmann Katink 2 months ago
Thanks, Katinik!🙂
KeithJ daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Always good info! My 2nd Pfizer shit made me feel as if I had the flu about 12 hrs after the shot for about 24 hours: fatigued, mainly. Hope you get away scot-free!
CarrieCastro 2 months ago
Is it time yet 🤖
oh darn!!!
Doing nothing sooo
just checking in 🤓

Had a weird day with
my mom and husband
today 😉

Went to eat Chinese
food but they were not so put together yet 😨
No hot tea or hot mustard no ketchup
no coffee had to eat
too go containers 🍤
Plastic tiny forks and
not much food like
they give you was
$41.45 for 3 orders the last time we are going there 🍶I need a drink
ha ha!
We did sit inside too
eat and the food was okay the shrimp was
like eating a plastic
fried cold shrimp 🤢
We had eaten there before but it was
bad this time 🎏
I love Chinese Food
so disappointed 😝
aww darn!!!

Then off to Right Aide
my mom's Debt card
was not working 🤔
had to pay cash and
we were holding her Iceream cone we got
her it melted all over
my hands drip drip🤦‍♀️
🖐🍦 waiting...well
we did laugh about
it and I said well it
was a good day mom
right 😄 ha ha!!!
Our strange day 👾

Okay are we there yet
👻 see you later.

CrazyK CarrieCastro 2 months ago
Hey Carrie, I bet Tiny is going to love the Incredible Shrinking Man movie! 😂
Katink CarrieCastro 2 months ago
What a series of unfortunate events, Carrie! 😯Tomorrow has to be better! (Being Sventurday, it has to, right?)
CarrieCastro CrazyK 2 months ago
She just might if
she can get some popcorn 🍿🐩 or she just might fall asleep
her bed time is 9:00
😉 silly doggy!
CarrieCastro Katink 2 months ago
Well in a way it was funny 😉 and there was no Ice Tea or
hot chile oil ...our
city is all open with
real forks and plates
and real drinking glasses too and Ketchup 😁 hot
sauce oh well!

MrsG 2 months ago
You know what the horse said when they cut off his tail , right ?
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MrsG Katink 2 months ago
Haha , gotcha Girl , that’s an oldie but goodie !
What’s that rank on the corn-o-meter ? !
CrazyK MrsG 2 months ago
Hahaha! Good one 😂 Now I know why you were waiting to throw the punch line! 🤣
MrsG abc123 2 months ago
What about Mr. Ed ? !
Katink MrsG 2 months ago
Good one, MrsG! 🌽🌽🌽
CrazyK 2 months ago
Spirit, spirit
Hey, let’s hear it
Cuz we got spirit
Rah, rah! 😂
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abc123 CrazyK 2 months ago
Least we forget Cult of the Cobra dance...
CrazyK abc123 2 months ago
Oh yeah! Good one!
daleuhlmann Katink 2 months ago
I did, too, very eerie, like a Danse Macabre.
The1Butler CrazyK 2 months ago
gotta have some crazy vudoo dance in a old supernatuarl movie
MrsG 2 months ago
Down to the wire with only 2 hours to go now to the bewitching hour ~ I know all those keyboards will soon be shooting sparks ~ GOOD LUCK !
MrsG CrazyK 2 months ago
It’ll take you there ~
CrazyK MrsG 2 months ago
Perfect for a Horror blog, right? Haha
Katink CrazyK 2 months ago
CrazyK, I hope you have that scrubable wall paint that I've been seeing on commercials. . . .
CrazyK Katink 2 months ago
Hahaha 😂😂😂
MADave 2 months ago
Not sure but I may have to miss cartoons tomorrow due to National Grid doing work in my neighborhood but you know how parents are with young kids they complain because the kids have to do homework I mean what's a couple of hours without power right?
Slayur MADave 2 months ago
Ah yes, I remember good ole National Grid
Jack Slayur 2 months ago
¿National Grid? ¿Qué es una National Grid?
Slayur Jack 2 months ago
Northeastern power company.
MADave Jack 2 months ago
Jack I didn't know you spoke spanish?
Jack MADave 2 months ago
My Spanish comprehension is way better than my conversational Spanish, but I can read Spanish like an announcer on Univision and readily navigate a Mexican restaurant menu. I haven’t had enough practice speaking. The university course was based mostly on standard Mexican Spanish, which should be more useful than Castilian locally, however, the local Tex-Mex has a lot of code switching, and I don’t know where to switch, so we end up speaking English.
Jack 2 months ago
I just installed a “smart” filter in my HVAC that talks to my phone… O brave new world! On a totally unrelated topic: Sci-fi movies in which technology runs amok….
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Katink Katink 2 months ago
And now I've decided that the guy selling wet teddy bears beats both of them 🐻💧😑
CrazyK Katink 2 months ago
That sounds like a great color! I haven’t seen that color yet but metal flake!!! Wow, cool, that’s a lot of work to paint a car w/flake, lots of sanding and clear coat! Good choice!
MrsG Katink 2 months ago
Awww that’s your Baby ~ I don’t blame you !
Katink CrazyK 2 months ago
It was one of the choices when the Beetles were reintroduced in 2012. The salesman tried to talk me out of it ("Brown is down"), but it didn't come in green that year, and to get the marine blue you had to get turbo, which would be wasted on me. And the brown is actually very sharp!
MrsG 2 months ago
Dale ~
Did you do a commercial for LEAF GUARD ? Just caught it during RIFLEMAN and thought this Cat looked just like you from recent photos posted on board. Uncertain if local or national ad on MeTV ?
So how you doing post vax ?
MrsG 2 months ago
Oh my ~ I heard about OD cpl days ago but didn’t know it was that bad ~ sad , too young !
CrazyK 2 months ago
RIP DMX. His song Slippin’ is pretty eerie now....
MrsG CrazyK 2 months ago
I liked him in movies too ( EXIT WOUNDS with Steven Seagal ) .
CrazyK MrsG 2 months ago
Oh yeah for sure! He was a very busy guy around the early to mid 2000’s.
MrsG CrazyK 2 months ago
And seemed like real people , good guy , , ,
CrazyK MrsG 2 months ago
Yep. So sad, too young to go.
Drang 2 months ago
My mom said my sister and I hated Soupy Sales, his show always made us cry.
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Katink CrazyK 2 months ago
CrazyK, we have to figure out which Sven film that chopping would go with! (And then MrsG and I will find our way to visit!)
CrazyK Katink 2 months ago
Oh yeah! Absolutely!!!! One time I made some right on the beach in Capitola and people walking by could smell it and they asked if I could take the lid off the big pot so they could see it and then they asked if I would sell them some. I would have gave them some but all of it was already spoken for. 😂
Katink CrazyK 2 months ago
I'm glad you figured it out, CrazyK, even though I only just realized that auto correct changed cioppino to chopping. 😁
CrazyK Katink 2 months ago
Haha oh yeah I knew what it was meant to be. 🙂 👍
Drang 2 months ago
I see Bugs is enjoying some Seattle Sunshine...
Drang Drang 2 months ago
Oooh, spider goulash!
Drang Drang 2 months ago
Why didn't he use Rudolph's brain?
Or the gators?
Drang Drang 2 months ago
I don't remember seeing this one as a kid, but I'm pretty sure we would have spotted THAT plot hole!
I mean, sure, Rudy's his favorite monster, and all, but death pit gator's are a dime a dozen.
CarrieCastro 2 months ago
Good morning 🌞
Up watching toons
🥐☕ yay I made it 🤓

A great way to start Friday morning 😄

Now a days watching
the real news is too
real 😣 So glad we can go everyday for some comfort and fun friends on the blog 🎩

Thank you Metv 🤠 for
bringing us back to our
childhood 👫👬

Almost done with the Creepy Garden 🦎🤠
My poor achy bones
ha ha 🐛

Have a great Friday
do your "Happy" 💖
See you later 👻

Drang CarrieCastro 2 months ago
I'm with you on the news.
MrsG CarrieCastro 2 months ago
My sentiments too Carrie ~ all comforts welcome , and I am sure your garden will bring much comfort and beauty !
CarrieCastro MrsG 2 months ago
Thank you MrsG
thank you
CarrieCastro Drang 2 months ago
So depressing the worst everyday 🙁
did not know that
could it be worse then 😣 the day before 💔
Makes me sad 🙁
CarrieCastro MrsG 2 months ago
🍃🌼🌷🌼🍃 For you
MrsG 🐝
Thereman 2 months ago
When your wife's first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill, and you've seen everything from the Great Depression to the Great Pandemic- what a life of service! Be with God, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Hey, group, I'm here at the CVS in Dover right now to get my second Covid vaccination. Hopefully, whatever temporary side effects I might feel will be gone by Sven time.
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daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 2 months ago
Yes, and Spider Sense, too!
daleuhlmann CarrieCastro 2 months ago
Thanks, Carrie--have a great day!
daleuhlmann MrsG 2 months ago
It sure is--thanks, Mrs. G!
daleuhlmann Katink 2 months ago
Thanks, Katinik!
MrsG 2 months ago
God Bless the Queen , Family , and all of England mourning today !
MrsG 2 months ago
Good morning Good People !
Happy Friday !
Yesterday’s chat Re: Ed Sullivan spurned memory of that era also bringing the dance programs which introduced new talents too .
Anyone remember ~
They all featured us crazy kids dancing to the new tunes from the likes of ~

IF any chance of revisiting any of these moldy oldies , it would be MEMORABLE ENTERTAINMENT TV to bring it ~
Ahhhhh , one can only dream , and remember !
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MrsG CrazyK 2 months ago
Will have to check that one out ~ it’s cool that now you don’t have to rely on memory alone !
MrsG MADave 2 months ago
I enjoy watching ordinary people dancing , not pro’s. Check this out ~ ( vague memory ) my brother went on AB once when we were visiting family in Philly . Early 60’s it was filmed in Atlantic City.
MrsG PatS 2 months ago
You are so right PatS !
It is good to open our hearts to different genres of music !
And you do ROCK Girl !
CrazyK MrsG 2 months ago
Wow! That’s so awesome that your bro was on AB! 🎶 🎸
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