Howl about the Original “Wolf Man”-Tonight!

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We're winding up  a month of somewhat campy shows with the exact opposite- an old school classic that established  one of Universal's greatest horror characters- the tortured Larry Talbot, who would transform into 'The Wolf Man"!

This landmark monster flick brings us young Larry , returning to his ancestral family home- patching up his relationship with his father after the death of a brother. Larry stumbles upon a lovely villager named Gwen, and immediately puts the full court press on her- even though she has a boyfriend! Eventually, he talks her into a date to visit the traveling gypsy carnival that has come to town- but she pulls a fast one, and invites a girlfriend along as well!

Things take a sinister turn when they decide to have their futures foretold by a gypsy fortune teller- who see the mark of the pentagram in the hand of Gwen's gal pal! As most viewers know, this leads to Larry trying to save  the victim of a wolf attack- and getting bitten in the process- which we all know means- down the line -Larry will become -hairy!

This classic 1941 film- which introduced the Larry Talbot werewolf into the Universal roster- established Lon Chaney Jr.'s Wolf Man as one of the "Big Four" in their arsenal (The Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, and the Mummy round out the foursome). With Big Lon Jr. as the only actor to play Talbot in the classic Universal era, the Wolf Man would return again and again-even after supposedly being killed or cured!

Lots of familiar faces, from Evelyn Ankers, to the great Claude Rains as Larry's dad- plus Bela Lugosi as the fortune-teller gypsy- and the memorable Maria Ouspenskaya as Maleva, the gypsy woman who tries to help Talbot through the thorny path of his curse. Plus, Ralph Bellamy,Patrick Knowles, and other stock Universal players make this cornerstone of the Wolf Man saga a fine base to build upon. We'll tell you all about the cast, the make-up by Jack Pierce , and Talbot trivia- along with some favorite Sven shtick you've asked to see again!

"The Wolf Man" appears- full moon or not- tonight on Me-TV- 10 pm eastern and pacific, 9 pm central, and  check what time we air in your time zone! Chicago gets one more look at "Minster Go Home" Saturday morning at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

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