How'll We Meet a Gypsy Who Howls? By Watching "Cry of the Werewolf"- Tonight!

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Saturday night on MeTV-  no matter what the weather, one lady will definitely be wearing fur ( back off, PETA- not THAT kind)- when she becomes a supernatural creature, out to protect her family’s secrets in the 1944 chiller “Cry of the Werewolf”!

We join a tour of a museum of the supernatural, located in an old New Orleans mansion- specializing in exhibits about vampirism, voodoo, and lycanthropy. The last is especially relevant- the museum building was previously the home of Marie La Tour- a woman reputed to be a werewolf- who supposedly killed her husband in the mansion, then fled- never to be seen again! Dr. Charles Morris runs the museum, and his latest research has uncovered amazing facts about the house and the La Tour family, which he plans to reveal shortly to the world in a formal manuscript. It has such importance to him that he has called his son Bob to come home from Europe, so he can reveal what he has discovered to him before he informs the rest of the world. He assigns his lovely assistant Ilsa to meet Bob’s plane (perhaps due to their previous relationship?)- leaving him alone to fine-tune the results of his investigation.

Unfortunately, there is already someone who knows too much about the doctor’s plans-the museum‘s janitor, Jahn, who heads out to meet with the leader of his gypsy clan to sound the alarm. The beautiful head of the family- Princess Celeste- decides she must take matters into her own hands (or, maybe paws)- and pays a visit to the museum – resulting in tragic consequences!

Bob returns home, only to discover his father’s fate- and find the doctor’s revelatory manuscript severely charred in the fireplace! He and Ilsa know the doctor wouldn’t have burned it- and go about the unenviable task of trying to restore the document from its current ashen state. They are aided- or perhaps plagued- by local police who seem to think they have superior minds, and jump to the conclusion that Ilsa is their main suspect!  Their own lab specialist says they should be looking for some kind of animal- but these expert lawmen scoff at the supernatural, and refuse to even consider werewolves as culprits. Bob finds connections to the old country, including the fact that both his Ilsa and janitor Jahn hail from there, and, in his pursuit of the truth, attracts the attention of Princess Celeste- whose history includes connection to Marie La Tour- as she hatches an evil scheme to keep gypsy family secrets from the world!

This film was originally  going to be a sequel to Bela Lugosi’s “Return of the Vampire”- but was retooled into the werewolf idea instead, most likely influenced by the success of the movie “The Cat People”. In this film, the form of the werewolf is an actual wolf, not the more humanoid two-legged type like the Larry Talbot or Henry Hull version. We’ll introduce you to the cast, including the alluring Nina Foch, while we promote a way to trace your werewolf ancestry, bring you a song, and play our beloved drawing game –“Too Drawn Out”! Plus- as an added bonus- we’ll bring you highlights of our trip to the New York Comic Con to promote our comic book “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe”! This features former DC publisher Dan DiDio before his recent departure from the company.

"Cry of the Werewolf” will be heard (and seen!) on Me-TV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- and please feel free to check your local listings or for channel and time in your area. You can join the many Sven fans who live-Tweet on Twitter during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie - which results in us trending among the most-tweeted-about topics most weeks. For Chicago area viewers, once again our encore on the U will be on earlier due to sports programming- the show featuring “The Monolith Monsters” airs once again this morning at 9.

Have you ordered the Svengoolie Studio Set yet? Sven fans are raving about finally having a  Sven figure with his own coffin and  to-scale rubber chicken (to scale? It isn’t a fish- or even the Chicken of the Sea)! We still have them in stock, so make sure to get yours before they are gone!

Check out the upcoming Sven appearances while you’re here on the website, too- there will be more coming up soon. We had a great time at the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention last weekend, and we will have highlights in future shows. We even got a nice mention in a Forbes article about the convention- just go to

Join us tonight- when big girls don’t cry- but girl werewolves do!

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CarrieLynnCastro 11 months ago
Hi everyone nice
night 🌒
Just checking in hope
all is well in Svenland
See you later 👻
PatS 11 months ago
Steph -- I guess I'm a contender for that Friday Flying Fickle Finger of Fate. Most of Friday the 13th was less eventful, but I got home and found 90% of my classes are cancelled for the next two weeks! I'll get paid for some of 'em, but not all. Now if the bill collectors could be persuaded to suspend everything for two weeks... Heckuva way to get an unplanned vacation!
Lynn PatS 11 months ago
Sorry to hear that, Pat. Hopefully everyone will be a bit more flexible under the circumstances.
PatS 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MADave 11 months ago
Since my bus trip to the casino has been cancelled tomorrow I think I want to get either Batman or Batman the movie if I do, which one should I start with?
gabste MADave 11 months ago
I won at a casi no tonight 😁 Not sure we can talk about that but the Nolan series is da best. And if course any Metv batman or Sven is the best !🤠
LabacTrooper 11 months ago
Keeping it light here
Klaatu LabacTrooper 11 months ago
At least there is bread. Check my stores:
MADave 11 months ago
Why was the season 3-6 intro on the 1st season of the Flintstones?
daDoctah MADave 11 months ago
First season was the whole different theme song, right? What season was it that the quarry's shift whistle is actually the sound of a bird screaming instead of a proper whistle?
Jack MADave 11 months ago
According to IMDb:

When the series went into syndication, a standardized set of opening and closing credits was used for most episodes in order to remove references to first season sponsor Winston cigarettes, thus all episodes now begin with "Meet the Flintstones", in the Opening Credits.
MADave daDoctah 11 months ago
I think it was season 5 not sure?
MADave 11 months ago
Today and every Friday the 13th is King Friday's birthday hmmmm! I wonder when queen Sara Saturday and Prince Tuesday have their birthdays?
Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Friday the 13th.
My lunch bill at McDonalds totaled $6.66.
The neighbood strays are holding a black cat convention and take turns crossing my path.
SvenAdministrator 11 months ago
Apologies to Pat S . We had to take down what you posted, since it came from a company that has an axe to grind with ours, and takes every opportunity to give us problems.
PatS SvenAdministrator 11 months ago
Sorry to hear that. Now that I'm aware, I'll be more careful what I post. Thanks for letting all of us know (instead of a mere silent deletion).
Thanks it helps to know why things happen.
Jack SvenAdministrator 11 months ago
Since our response options include "Paste youtube url here..." I'll presume the axe grinding company in question is not YouTube.
SvenAdministrator 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
PatS StephanieStepStone 11 months ago
I believe it's a local TV station in Chicago. (Click my red name for what was deleted.) Must be a tough old world out there.
PatS 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
murphy452 11 months ago
I gotta I the only one who bought the Sven studio set?
Just you and about 1,999 other people so far.
Tygercat murphy452 11 months ago
Yup, I did. Even posted pictures of it. Good to know others picked it up, too.
MADave murphy452 11 months ago
Just a bit pricey for me
Geo murphy452 11 months ago
I bought the anniversary box.
Not sure about the figure.
Maybe a spring discount?
OK, are we allowed to talk about it? The chicken doesn't fit in his hand, the hat doesn't fit on his head, I'm a huge fan and I'm happy to support the franchise, but for that price...I was a little bummed out about what I got.
Jack 11 months ago
Before leaving to spend some time with my mom, I packed two Robert E. Howard paperbacks I snagged from the library's gift books. I started one today...the story is "The Curse of the Monolith" (no monoloiths in the Hyborean Age!). Two weeks late, but I wonder whether Conan will encounter any lady werewolves? Prob'ly wolf sorceresses in Conan's world. I doubt there'll be any 4-D men, wizards, etc., but who knows?
Jack 11 months ago
It is our lucky day! MAD magazine stalwart, Al Jaffee, turns 99 today!
TheKodakKid Jack 11 months ago
He certainly deserves a big “Happy Birthday!”
DrClayton Jack 11 months ago
Catbat 11 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
And Happy Friday the 13!
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve, group--and happy Friday the 13th. I like to post this on every "Black Friday."
TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Are you feeling lucky today? Happy Friday the 13th, Gang.
Klaatu TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Friday the 13th always seem to be good days for me. Maybe because I was born in the 13th.
Jack 11 months ago
[Monroesque whisper] 🎶Happy Birthday, Mr. Svengoolie, Happy Birthday to you...
daleuhlmann Jack 11 months ago
Two HUGE reasons to celebrate: Sven and Rich!
Catbat Jack 11 months ago
So you are giving Sven "huge tracks of land "?😂
Jack Catbat 11 months ago
Don't tell me the donjon burned and fell into the swamp!
NoPersonalChicks Jack 11 months ago
If he did, he can get out with a motorboat motorboat.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
donjon noun

don·​jon | \ ˈdän-jən , ˈdən- \
Definition of donjon
: a massive inner tower in a medieval castle
Jack 11 months ago
This is for Carl, the reserved and standoffish loner. I'd've posted earlier, but I forgot how to download images to my phone.
Jack 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
PatS PatS 11 months ago
Note to all -- see Admin's note later on this blog.
MADave 11 months ago
Hi all I just got notice that my casino bus trip has been cancelled so I will be joining in the fun with y'all and Svengoolie!
Islander MADave 11 months ago
Too bad Dave. Lots of things getting cancelled now.
MADave Islander 11 months ago
As long Svengoolie isn't cancelled
daleuhlmann MADave 11 months ago
My sister's casino bus tour to W VA this weekend was cancelled, too, Dave.
MADave daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Is she getting a refund? We are getting ours next week
daleuhlmann MADave 11 months ago
I believe she is, Dave.
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
I earlier mentioned Val Lewton's CAT PEOPLE as a prime influence on CRY OF THE WEREWOLF. Given the recent contagion fears over Coronavirus, an appropriate movie would be Lewton's 1945 chiller ISLE OF THE DEAD, with Boris Karloff.
daDoctah daleuhlmann 11 months ago
That movie's biggest PR problem is that a lot of people thought the title was I LOVE THE DEAD.
Jack daDoctah 11 months ago
Not to be confused with the 1987 horror/exploitation film, _NEKRomantik_.
Carl_N_Brown daDoctah 11 months ago
I can imagine advertising Isle of the Dead by radio or word of mouth could lead to some confusion.
daleuhlmann Jack 11 months ago
Yes, Jack, a totally different movie.
Catbat 11 months ago
Happy 🎂 Birthday🎈Rich/Sven 🎉🎊🎉
Hope you are enjoying it. You deserve the best. ❤️
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