Humans Feel Threatened by the "Creation of the Humanoids"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we visit a post- apocalyptic world where robots have been designed to resemble people (to a certain extent) and serve the real humans- some of whom are suspicious that the androids want to conquer mankind! We will witness the history- and consequences- of the “Creation of the Humanoids”!

In this 1962 feature, it is the time after a nuclear war that devastated over 90% of the human population. Due to the nuclear fallout from the war, there has been a decreasing birth rate- and more and more robots are being produced to supplement the labor force. We are given the history of the evolution of robots, from the metallic mechanical men to a much more human-like appearance- though with blue skin and silvery eyes. The robots must report to what they refer to as their “temple” every day for a few hours to be recharged.

Unfortunately, some humans find these automatons threatening- they feel humankind is becoming too dependent on these artificial humanoids, and suspect that they have evolved to a point where their ability to think on their own could be leading to the machines taking over and subjugating their human “masters”.

There is even an organization of humans – “The Order of Flesh and Blood”- that feels the humanoids, derisively referred to as “clickers” (though I don’t think you hear a single one of them click in the entire film) are using their advanced brains- created by men- to work against the human race. This organization is not afraid to use radical means to prevent that from happening, and hope to have the robots downgraded to a more machine-like form, which follow orders and cannot reason on their own.

Meanwhile, there is a scientist, one Dr. Raven, who is working to make the humanoids even more like humans- and not just in appearance. He has perfected a way to transfer the memories –and even the personality-of a deceased human into an artificial body that is a replica of its human form! Using this technique, he is replacing people who have died with new robotic clones.

The Order finds proof that this is happening- and one of its leaders, a man called Cragus, sets out to investigate- with things getting complicated by his own sister falling in love with the robot assigned to her- and Cragus himself meeting an attractive young woman who may not share his viewpoints. Will the new breed of “clickers” succeed in slipping into society unnoticed- and- are they indeed out to become the ruling class?

This movie brings up a lot of philosophical points – and mirrors some of the racial tensions of real-life. The make-up for the “clickers” was created by the man who created so many classic creatures for Universal- Jack Pierce ( and bring up the point that the “blue skin” on the androids doesn’t always look blue)! We’ll discuss the cast- including a well-known Ed Wood player- and give you some background on this low-budget science fiction offering, as well as doing a new song- and, make sure you watch for some cameos from a couple of MeTV characters!

“Creation of the Humanoids” occurs tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. That’s also when the live-Tweeting by Sven fans begins on Twitter- you can join in, and please make sure you use the hashtag #svengoolie in your posts. This morning, our main local station, CW26, brings Chicago area viewers an encore of the Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff chiller “Black Cat” at 11 am.

And, if you’re in the area, remember that I am making my very first public appearance in about 17 months at the Flashback Weekend horror convention in Rosemont, IL, this afternoon! It will be great to be able to meet our viewers again in person! You’ll find the information about the event here on our website, under the “appearances” tab.

Tonight, tune in for the appearance of humanoid robots-who may just be superior to the real humans

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1MikeM 1 month ago
...and dat was Creation of da Humanoids...and dat's da name a dat tune.
MADave 1 month ago
T minus 15 minutes to lift off
Kyle 1 month ago

Doing my part to get the numbers.
MADave 1 month ago
I think the most we had was over 4400
Kyle 1 month ago
4k is broken.

5k next week!

deadringer42 Kyle 1 month ago
Only if we have more tooners during the weekday mornings. Come join us, come join us, all.
Drang Kyle 1 month ago
4500 seems more doable, depending on how early those going to the Big Blogcast 6 start bragging, and how early those of us NOT going start complaining... 😉
May make 4500+ the next week, unless the BB6 attendees are too busy partying to comment!
Kyle deadringer42 1 month ago
I would help, but my time zones are out of whack.

Sven comes on at 6pm.
Islander 1 month ago
4000 ?
gabste Islander 1 month ago
Yep ! 🤣
MrsG Islander 1 month ago
You got it Mister , good trial run , now go go go for the big one !
MADave Islander 1 month ago
Congrats here's your trophy 🏆
Islander MrsG 1 month ago
Thanks but I'll just settle for MDaves trophy.
MADave 1 month ago
Closing in on 4k we can probably due this by midnight before the blog change and also like to point out mom is no longer in the hospital she is now in therapy and the rules are a little stricter instead of having two people visit it can be 1 at a time I don't drive but if I go with my brother to or one of my sisters, I have to wait in the waiting room or something?
deadringer42 MADave 1 month ago
Glad to hear mom is put of the hospital. Stay strong bro.
gabste MADave 1 month ago
That is great news !!
1MikeM MADave 1 month ago
Great news Dave!
daleuhlmann MADave 1 month ago
It's great, Dave, that your mom is out of the hospital now, and that she's taking therapy.
Lynn MADave 1 month ago
Great news, Dave! Hooray!
Drang 1 month ago
Just 14 more comments to hit 4000 for the week.
That is all.
gabste 1 month ago
Goodnight all. May the faster blogger win on the next board ! Love you all and see you guys around 8ish am.
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gabste MrsG 1 month ago
gabste Kyle 1 month ago
Islander gabste 1 month ago
No three Peet tonight ?
gabste Islander 1 month ago
I try ! My eyes keep falling asleep !
Kyle 1 month ago
I have to say something.

Went and hunted down a copy of "The Creation of the Huminoids" to watch.

The second time through, everything made more sense. It became a pretty good movie if you had some clues as to what was happening.
Might watch it again for continuity and more stuff.

It is a very interesting movie for the brain, not o much for the eyes and ears.

Though I will say, the robuts have good taste in female forms.
deadringer42 Kyle 1 month ago
Agreed. Where did you find another copy? I would watch again.
Kyle deadringer42 1 month ago
Somebody posted a link earlier for a dailymotion video through google.
The sound mix was funky, you could only hear the person on camera clearly, and anyone off screen was muffled.
Watched it anyway. Was worth it.
Sven has showed some weak movies, but his schtick always more than makes up for it.

This movie, I thought, was worthy of my time to chase down and watch again.
Drang Kyle 1 month ago
It had it's weak moments. Not enough action, too much talk, super low budget costumes... But overall it wasn't bad.
I hate the ending, though; breaking the fourth wall like that is a cheap, lazy way to end your allegory.
daleuhlmann Kyle 1 month ago
Well, I do think the dialogue in this movie is something that the ears can appreciate.
deadringer42 1 month ago
Gabste, have a Klink on us tonight, and give em heck tomorrow.
gabste deadringer42 1 month ago
Thank you ! 😊🍻🤗
MrsG 1 month ago
gabste ~
You never cease to amaze us , which means you are AMAZING !
LOVE You Girl 🥰
gabste MrsG 1 month ago
Thank you so much Mrs G !
Kergooliewyn 1 month ago
Ok everyone. It was fun as always. Getting past my bed time. See you all tomorrow night. Sweet dreams.
Katink Kergooliewyn 1 month ago
Sweet dreams, Sven-sister!
MADave 1 month ago
Just the good ol boys
Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you ever saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day spooked town
MADave MADave 1 month ago
Oops I forgot they lol!
Kergooliewyn MADave 1 month ago
Somebody sounds super happy about his Dukes collection.
deadringer42 MADave 1 month ago
deadringer42 1 month ago
The bewitching hour is fast approaching. The C of the humanoids was an interesting and thought provoking movie. The concept of AI and what it can achieve is really scary today, but at the time of the movie it was pretty fanciful. We should be careful what we wish for. Consider that today is the anniversary of, when we released the devil that can never be put back into the bottle.
Boy that went dark, sorry.
Haha We get were your comin' from. deadringer.
deadringer42 1 month ago
Drang, I left you a Michigan comment somewhere below.
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Drang deadringer42 1 month ago
I'd be out there right next to you.
Islander Drang 1 month ago
Sorry, but I'd be derelict in my duties if I didn't respond.
Drang Islander 1 month ago
Better a homicidal mustelid than a hairy nut.
Drang Islander 1 month ago
After Dad retired from the police department he got a job with a firm that was immediately bought by a Fortune 100 outfit that transferred him too Enemy Territory, where that poster is ubiquitous. Other variations of the theme include a depiction of said hairy nut plant, which Dad liked to observe bears a remarkable similarity to the common cannabis plant.
The suits inevitably didn't have a clue what he was talking about... apparently...
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