I Thought I Thaw a "Dinosuarus!"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV-  to celebrate our 7 years on the national network-we take you to a warm and sunny Caribbean island- where there is not only danger from a nasty local town boss- but also from reanimated prehistoric beasts and  even a newly- awakened Neanderthal-  as we go on alert when we hear the cry of – “Dinosaurus!”

Yes, there’s big excitement on the island , as a construction crew labors to create a new lagoon- using underwater charges to blast more space below the surface of the surrounding ocean.  A local boy, Julio, enjoys hanging around with the workmen. Big Bart  Thompson is in charge of things- but not as in charge of his winsome girlfriend Betty, who boats out amidst the blast area, and dives into the water to retrieve a lost cooler. Bart is quick to follow- which is a good thing, when a shocking discovery puts Betty in peril!

Once she’s back on land, we find the source of her dismay was- two prehistoric creatures, flash-frozen in the icy waters (uh- ICY waters? In the Caribbean? Okay…) Our construction crew now becomes a salvage crew, as they tote the frozen dinosaurs- apparently a brontosaurus and a T-Rex- onto the beach. The villainous boss of the town, Mike Hacker ( such an Anglo name for such an ethnic bad guy!) has his own ideas about cashing in on the new finds- especially when he stumbles on one other prize that has washed up from the sea- a seemingly inert cave man! He stashes the Neanderthal’s body and ponders his next move while Bart and Betty head to  Hacker’s cantina for dinner.

A storm is approaching- which concerns the semi- inebriate who is on “guard duty” (consisting of napping, drinking, and reading a comic book)- and the thunderstorm unleashes more than rain, as lightning revives the prehistoric  beasts! The goofy guard’s attempt to keep the monsters at bay with a stick of dynamite only adds to the confusion of the power going out, and young Julio escaping the wrath of his “guardian”- who just so happens to be Mike Hacker.

Of course, the cave man is revived as well- and soon the area is under siege by this pseudo- Flintstone as well as rampaging dinosaurs- with the bronto being more of a friendly lizard- and the T Rex being- well- a T Rex. The townfolk must  take refuge in an old fortress – and hope that Bart and the boys can help them fend off the attack of the thunder lizard!

This 1960 film, complete with some stop-motion animation, comes to us from the same folks who brought us the classic “The Blob”, and has some interesting stories attached, which we’ll relate to you- as well as going over the cast, and visiting with a dinosaur, as well as presenting a new tune. There is some silliness along with the excitement in the film- and, all in all, it’s an entertaining adventure.

“Dinosaurus!" will be on MeTV  tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or at ) for time and channel in your viewing area. In Chicago, viewers get one more look at “Godzilla VS Monster Zero” on WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

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Join us tonight for pre-historic pandemonium on MeTV!