If This Man’s a Noggin, Don’t…Miss “Thing That Couldn’t Die”- Tonight!

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The Vintage Vault gets ahead of things this week- as a menace from centuries ago rears his ugly head (because- that's all he's got!) and uses his amazing mind control  in a quest to become a modern conqueror in the "Thing That Couldn’t Die”!

We meet young Jessica ,a resident of her aunt Flavia's ranch, where she is using a divining rod in an effort to locate some much-needed  water. It's said she can find much more than water, using her psychic gifts to find other things. Vacationing ranch visitors Gordon, Linda and her artist boyfriend Hank, somewhat doubtful of this, observe as Jessica is drawn to a location that has nothing to do with water- she senses “something evil” that is buried in the ground. In spite of her warning, Flavia wants the ranch hands to dig and see what's there. The visitors seem  skeptical,until Jessica proves her ability by sending Linda to the exact location of a watch she lost- where they also find a strange ancient necklace that Gordon thinks Jessica should have.

After digging on into the night, the ranch hands finally uncover something- what appears to be a centuries-old chest. Flavia is beside herself, hoping for vast riches, but Gordon cautions her NOT to open the chest without further research.He heads out to find an archaeologist to help determine the chest's worth- and if it can be opened without diminishing its value. Flavia has her ranch hands, shifty Boyd  and slow-witted Big Mike, stand guard over the chest in her house-  and, naturally, Boyd has his own agenda- without Flavia knowing, he'll get Big Mike to use his strength to open the chest- possibly skim off whatever of value might be inside- then seal the chest back up, so no one knows it was opened- or if there originally WAS anything of value inside!

Boyd heads out for a nice evening of peeping in Jessica's windows- as Mike continues the job Boyd has assigned him- opening the chest. He's confused by the discovery of a severed head inside the chest- which is not only still alive, but has its own strong mental powers- which immediately take control of the muscular meathead! The head is actually that of an evil sailor who was beheaded for sorcery 400 years ago- and, he stays true to form, using his mental grip to bring on trouble and terror- and recognizing Jessica's own formidable mental skills, which may be the only way for him to find the body his head was separated from- and, should he be made whole again- he'd be so dangerously powerful that he could not be stopped! The one thing stopping him from taking power over the girl? That  necklace that Gordon  gave to Jessica , which turns out to be protection against his evil! The evil living head must mind-control  new victims  to help him handle Jessica, so she too can be a pawn in his quest for power in this new world- and become its master!

We’ve brought this movie out of our vault,thanks to constant requests to see it again from our viewers. As always, we'll give some background on the  cast, and add to the entertainment- with our own encounter with the severed head, some MeTV western spin-offs it could inspire, and more- plus an encore of our conversation with  a wonderfully-entertaining guy whose talents have been celebrated in documentaries, the literary best sellers lists, and , of course, in the middle (and above, and outside) the pro wrestling ring- the one and only Mick Foley!

"The Thing That Couldn't Die" is our MeTV feature tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or please check for the time we run in your area in your local listings. Chicago viewers get their usual second run of the previous week's Sven feature- this time it's Hammer's "Curse of the Werewolf" this morning at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

Once again- we're giving you a "head's-up" for  a great time tonight on MeTV!!!