"It Came from Beneath the Sea"- and the Magic of Ray Harryhausen- on MeTV Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we’re happy to bring back the amazing stop-action artistry of Ray Harryhausen in one of his early features. This movie’s huge menace is armed ( with several arms) and dangerous, as it makes its way from the ocean depths to San Francisco- with the City by the Bay about to become the seafood platter for an astounding creature- in 1955’s “It Came From Beneath the Sea”!

One of our nuclear submarines is out on maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean- when it is suddenly appears to be rammed by- well, something unknown. The semi- disabled craft limps its way to Pearl Harbor. Upon inspection of the sub’s dive planes, they find, lodged inside them tissue from some sort of living creature. Commander Pete Matthews can’t believe it- and , since the authorities can’t identify what the tissue has come from, they enlist experts in marine biology to attempt to discover what creature was the “donor” and culprit.

John Carter and Lesley Joyce are brought in- and their findings indicate that the tissue comes from, of all things, an octopus- but speculate that it would have to be of enormous size! The authorities refuse to even consider that this might be feasible- but the loss of ships-and people- change their thinking. The scientists hit upon a theory that was a familiar theme in ‘50s and ‘60s sci-fi films - that the octopus has come from a deep area where there has been hydrogen bomb testing- and, therefore, an atomic mutation.  Commander Matthews and military authorities again react by thinking this is a preposterous idea- in spite of more fatalities.

Finally, after one more attack, there are actually survivors - but only one of them will tell what he saw, because the others see the reactions of the higher-ups, and stay silent in fear of ridicule. Lesley, not only an expert biologist but also one fabulous babe, uses her formidable feminine wiles to get that one man to repeat his story- and finally-the authorities believe it! Warnings are sent to all the shipping lanes, as there are reports of missing ships in the north Pacific- and then, of missing swimmers right off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. This can only mean that the menacing beast is getting closer to the mainland!

Proof of the existence of the giant octopus is found in Oregon, spurring the Navy into action, putting mines in the surrounding ocean, and adding an electrified net at the mouth of San Francisco Bay (certainly no easy feat)! They even go to the extreme measure of electrifying the iconic Golden Gate Bridge- only to find that the electric shocks aggravate the powerful sea monster, causing it to react violently with  a destructive attack on the port of San Francisco!

We’ll fill you in on lots of production details of this film ( including why the creature isn’t really an OCTO-pus), as well as some background of the cast, including Kenneth Tobey, Donald Curtis, and the lovely Faith Domergue. Plus- a song familiar to fans of old TV, our popular interview with an old ( emphasis on OLD) submarine commander, and a product sure to stick to your ribs- and even more!

“It Came From Beneath the Sea” surfaces tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if you need to check the time and channel in your area- please look at your local listings or at . Feel free to join the fans live-Tweeting during the show using the hashtag #svengoolie on Twitter!  During the daytime today in the Chicago area, viewers will see an encore of “The Invisible Man” at 11 am on the U. Programming note for the future: on Saturday, November 16, the Sven show on the U will be moved up to 10 am due to a sports event.

The 3rd chapter of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” will appear in select DC Comics this Wednesday the 13th- be checking for it in the DC books that come out on that day. Again, don’t be afraid to ask your comic book store staff which ones come out that day.

Meanwhile, the Svengoolie Surprise Fan Boxes  are being shipped out! If you ordered one, keep an eye out for it! At this writing, VERY few are still available- and only with limited t shirt sizes, since most sizes have sold out. You can order the box in our store while they last- they are definitely an endangered species.

Join us tonight on MeTV for Ray Harryhausen magic-  fresh from the ocean to you!

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Catbat 2 months ago
Dale here: My phone died, I didn't, so, until it recharges, I'll be using Catbat's laptop for a little bit.
CarrieLynnCastro 3 months ago
The Grogon😨 sounds like a good movie!
CarrieLynnCastro 3 months ago
Hi it Sven Day yet
🎩 Oh darn 😉📺
MADave 3 months ago
Getting close to new blog time woohoo!
FARMGAL56 3 months ago
Bring on THE GORGON!
Klaatu FARMGAL56 3 months ago
Hmmm...the Gorgon turns people into stone. I wonder if Gorgon borrowed cement from my Uncle Nunzio’s cement shoe factory?
Klaatu 3 months ago
Who has favorite Christmas movies that they religiously watch every Christmas season (oh joy, I better rephrase that as Holiday season to be politically correct). Aside from the classic ones (It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th, A Christmas Story), I like Funny Farm (Chevy ends at Christmas time), Jim Carey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jingle All The Way, Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and around Thanksgiving it’s Planes Trains and Automobiles. For me, humor is the best holiday gift 💝.
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Jack Klaatu 3 months ago
_Scrooged_ is pretty good too. Seeing Carol Kane beat the 🎲🎲 out of Bill Murray is a hoot!
CarrieLynnCastro Klaatu 3 months ago
All great movies 😄
love them all 📺🍿
PatS Klaatu 3 months ago
abc123 3 months ago
i had my heart (and teeth) set on getting some rock candy for the movie tomorrow, but the candy store i was going to get it from closed. now i have to 'settle' for some rocky road ice cream. poor me.
Catbat abc123 3 months ago
Yum! Rock candy!
Jack abc123 3 months ago

Gummi snakes, such as those made by Haribo, might be appropriate. I’ve seen the Haribo Twin Snakes in Krogers. Place like World Market have a large selection of gummis, which might include giant snakes.
Carl_N_Brown abc123 3 months ago
Live sushi eels.
They are not snakes but if you squint your eyes they look sorta like snakes.
abc123 abc123 3 months ago
giant gummie worm?
Jack Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
I’d save the eels for _The Tin Drum_.
TheKodakKid Jack 3 months ago
Can you use Gummy Worms to catch Swedish Fish? And can you then use those to catch some good candy?
Jack TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Salt herring? It really is candy and I like it!It's popular in the Hansa and Scandinavian countries, so the ill-fated crew of the _Vesta_ may have been hankering for it before they met Dracula.
MADave 3 months ago
It's been a long time since we've seen The Munsters on Sven!
Jack MADave 3 months ago
According to the blog archive, the last airing was 28 July 2018. I could’ve sworn it was more recently!
FARMGAL56 3 months ago
Thank you Chicago for sharing Sven with the rest of us! Growing up, our local station in Joplin, MO used to have their own Friday night horror show. It was called “Dimension 16” (on channel 16, of course) and you never saw the host, just the back of his/her chair! Man, that was one creepy chair! When that went off the air, we had Crematia Mortem on channel 41 out of Kansas City. She has also been off the air for many years. So, thank goodness for Svengoolie! It’s just like the old days, good, clean fun! Many thanks from the Ozarks!
FARMGAL56 3 months ago
I saw this today! Guess what it made me think of?😁
Catbat FARMGAL56 3 months ago
I can't begin to guess. Haha 😂😉
Jack FARMGAL56 3 months ago
¿Día de Muertos?
FARMGAL56 Jack 3 months ago
El ataud de Sven....
PatS FARMGAL56 3 months ago
"Cuerpo" Sorrel?
Catbat 3 months ago
This episode of Bonanza was repeated, almost word for word, in an episode of Little House on the Prairie!
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Carl_N_Brown Catbat 3 months ago
Yes, I meant who played the part in the LITTLE HOUSE OF THE PRAIRIE episode corresponding to the part of Hoss in the BONANZA episode.

Perhaps more importantly who in the BONANZA episode played the part corresponding to Nellie in LITTLE HOUSE OF THE PRAIRIE episode?
FARMGAL56 Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Hop Sing when he’s mad?
SOBX Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Hop Sing.
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Smarty pants
Jack 3 months ago
From the main blog above:

“The 3rd chapter of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” will appear in select DC Comics this Wednesday the 13th- be checking for it in the DC books that come out on that day. Again, don’t be afraid to ask your comic book store staff which ones come out that day.”

The standard practice in comic book shops is to place the most recent issues at the front of the rack. Frequently, a section or even an entire rack will be dedicated to the titles that arrived that week.

Thumbing through comics that you prob’ly won’t buy is highly frowned upon in comic book stores. Dan Didio knows this. You'd be safer explaining to the shop staff what you’re looking for. If they have yet to encounter any Svenheads they’ll ask “What titles does the insert appear in?” because DC has given vendors no forewarning. You'll respond “It ‘will appear in all DC periodicals’ from 30 October to 20 November ‘excluding DC kids titles and DC Black Label titles’” [single quotes are from DC Publicity’s missive of 30 October]. The Black Label books are straightforward in that they are printed in a different format. “Kids titles” are more problematic because DC has three age-graded ratings besides Mature, age-grades anyone over 17 might consider to be “kids” altho’ none of the age-grades are labeled “kids" (insert Sven sound bite: “I’m not a kid!”). In other words, the Sven insert may appear in all non-Black Label title so long as they don’t fall into a nebulous “kid” category.
Catbat 3 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
It's almost time
daleuhlmann 3 months ago
I know this is off-topic, but I just came across a reference to a 1950's movie that would be a perfect fit for Sven's show: KANGAROO. I'm not certain, but I think it's all about a giant kangaroo that attacks Australia. I'm sure that the Australian military, with its toy tanks and its missiles, brings it down. It stars Maureen O' Hara, Peter Lawford, and Richard Boone. What a cast!
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Jack PatS 3 months ago
Thylacines were already featured in _Howling III: The Marsupials_: Most of the werewolves in this film are were-marsupial wolves. It ends with clips of the last know living thylacines, kept at the Hobart Zoo, which were in the video I posted earlier.

I, for one, could go for more cinematic thylacines.
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Oh, so I guess EMU RUNNER is not Australia's answer to BLADE RUNNER either?
daleuhlmann Catbat 3 months ago
Good one, dear!
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Somehow, I doubt it, Carl.😄
daDoctah 3 months ago
How to Title a Horror Movie Sequel:

Take the name of your main character as it appears in the title of the original film and replace the blank in any of the following:

Son of _____
Daughter of _____
Bride of _____
_____ Returns
_____'s Revenge
House of _____
Hands of _____
Ghost of _____
Curse of _____
Abbott & Costello Meet _____

...and, if your film series lasts into the 1970s:

_____ Goes to Hawaii
FARMGAL56 TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Bag of Frankenstein! 🤣
StephanieStepStone 3 months ago
Some of us recognize that this blog is partly "free" advertising for Sven Movie and MeTv.
I'd be interested in the number of readers who only read, never post. On Saturday night, and all week.
On the old soap opera forums, that number could be 1000s, at least.
I can see why Admiral Administrator wants us to be "pure" in postings.
The About/ Delphi forums were formatted something like Redditt or Ask Woody, with many different threads and sub-threads, including off-topic. People could discuss recipes, then get back to discussing or reading about 'General Hospital' or 'Young Restless.'
These forums were advertised in the Soap mags. The shows and the forums spiraled each others' popularity. And these forums did contain plenty of off-topic threads, as did the forums for various types of chronic illness, sociology, etc. All supported by advertising.
The About/ Delphi forums underwent an abrupt type of change in which they became didactic, top-down, almost dictatorship-like experiences, run by "experts" rather than by and for the posters as had happened previously.
The forums became boring. General postership fell dramatically.
One of these days I'll make it to
- Steph
gabste StephanieStepStone 3 months ago
The reason for the admin is there were trolls on here and the only way to illuminate them was for the admin to make strict rules about posting here. Thus making this forum less personable between all of us regular posters. Which is sad.
gabste gabste 3 months ago
*eliminate....sorry 🤣 stupid autocorrect on me phone
It is becoming very obvious that many commenters don’t even bother to read the blog - they just post. It has been suggested before that commenters should establish their own chat room. Do we have to resume deleting way off topic posts?
TheKodakKid 3 months ago
This is becoming “The Nightmare Before Christmas!” On the way in from the salt mine a little while ago, I saw FIVE more houses that have Christmas lights and decorations up.

First “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. Now he’s making inroads on Tom Turkey. How much longer will The Great Pumpkin be safe?

If anyone has a comment that they know is just totally non-blog related in any way, shape, or form, we’re welcome to post them on The Wolf Blog at
StephanieStepStone 3 months ago
Checking in. Just the usual 2S2Bs
(Too Sick, Too Busy). Medicaid assistant not here temporarily, so doing my own shopppng and stuff.
Will be spending Thanksgiving week / early Christmas with family, so extra packing and prep, also.
Must go back and read everyone, as usual. It's a joy and a relief from local governor election.
CarrieLynn, hope you and Tiny made it thru Perrry Mason. Prayers for those involved in school shooting.
- Steph
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