It Came Upon a Mid-Fright Clear- and We DO Mean CLEAR! "Invisible Woman "Tonight!

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As we often attempt to do on the night before the Night Before Christmas- we try to keep things a little lighter in keeping with the season- so, we're bringing you a present that, once it's unwrapped- can't be seen! It's the "Invisible Woman"!

Though the film does not take place in the Christmas season, it's still a tough time to lose one's job- which is exactly what happens to poor Kitty Carroll, a department store model  who has been mistreated ,along with her co-workers, by their malevolent and tyrannical boss Mr. Growley. In need of a new way to earn a living, she answers an ad placed by  crackpot inventor Professor Gibbs- whose work is funded by ne'er-do-well playboy and wastrel  Dick Russell, whose misdeeds are dwindling his millions rapidly.

Crazy as he seems, the Professor knows his stuff- well enough to have invented a machine that will render people invisible. He is in need of a human subject to test it out on- hence his want ad that has drawn Kitty to his lab.

She agrees to undergo the experiment. The result?  The miss ends up missing from view, but is definitely there- it works! The first thing on Kitty's mind is getting back at that nasty former boss, as a measure of revenge for herself and her model sisterhood- but things get complicated when the nearly-poor playboy Russell finds the invisible lass intriguing; and there's foul play afoot when a deported mobster learns about the Professor's machine, and sends his half-witted henchmen to steal it. The gangster,  Blackie, has a plan- become invisible and return to America! When the thugs can't get the machine to work- and Kitty becomes visible again- there's mayhem in Mexico at Blackie's hideout- that puts Kitty and her cohorts in big trouble!

This 1940 film is a definitely more light-hearted than most entries in the Universal "Invisible" series, spawned by the original classic “Invisible Man” with Claude Rains-           ( though some have a fair amount of humor in them). The cast includes many familiar favorites, including Virginia Bruce as Kitty, and running the gamut from Margaret Hamilton and John Barrymore (of all people!)- to Charlie Ruggles and even 3rd Stooge Shemp Howard! We’ll  tell you about the actors, and- bring you the usual Sven shtick along with a seasonal visit from a tree salesman, and our original chat with Vincent Price's daughter Victoria- whom we spoke with just recently for a second time on the show- and, if you watch the program carefully, you may just see a quick cameo by one of our MeTV stars! And, yes- a quick visit from Sventa Claus will be included.

“Invisible Woman” can be seen ( should I stop saying that?) tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, or check your local listings-or at for channel and time where you watch. Chicago area viewers can enjoy Bela and Boris in "The Black Cat" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Many thanks to all of you who have patronized the Sven store in your holiday shopping! And a special thank you to everyone who came to see Sventa Claus during his December tour.

Warmest holiday wishes to all of you- we hope you will enjoy your day with those who mean the most to you. In these turbulent times, let's all make the effort to spread goodwill  towards ALL our fellow men (and women)- and keep hope and charity in our hearts. I always say- you guys have already given me the best gift- your love and support. Back at you!

She may not be Mrs. Claus- but we think the Invisible Woman will definitely brighten your holiday tonight!