It's a Battle of Man Against Monster- It's "Earth VS the Spider"- Tonight!

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We promised those of you who want to see more of the drive-in movie/Saturday afternoon horror show type films that we’d have some coming up-and tonight’s the night! It’s a Bert I. Gordon ( notice his initials!) production from 1958 that features teenagers endangered by a big (yes, like the initials) arachnid, whose appearance pits “Earth VS the Spider”! ( Just consider a small town as the entire Earth for about two hours…)

We join Mr. Jack Flynn, driving home from getting a nice birthday gift for his daughter Carol, when tragedy strikes! The next morning, teenaged Carol is headed to high school, worried because her dad never came home that night before- and getting a little angry at her boyfriend Mike, who hints that her father’s absence may be due to some –uh- “liquid distraction”. She knows her dad used to take part in that sort of thing, but the suggestion upsets her as much as him not coming home.

The teens make up, and Carol convinces Mike to borrow a buddy’s car, so they can go looking for her dad. Things look bad when they find his vehicle- but not him. There’s a cave nearby, and Mike wonders if he would have gone in there for shelter. The couple heads into the cave, and, in searching, find the bracelet that her father had planned to bring her. Then, they stumble upon what turns out to be the lair of- a gigantic tarantula that comes after them! They escape, and head to town to tell the authorities.

As you might guess- the authorities find it hard to believe, but fortunately, their science teacher Mr. Kingman stands up for them, and joins the local sheriff, along with his deputies and some pest control men( Kingman’s suggestion) as they go to the cave, with some terrifying and deadly results- they encounter the huge spider for themselves, and attack it with DDT, which appears to have done the job and killed the menace.

Kingman wants to have the spider studied in order to get some answers, and has it put on display in the high school recreation room, where the school photo club practices their art, using the inert arachnid as a model. Of course, we wouldn’t have much of a movie if it ended with that- and, before too long, the big spider miraculously revives, creating a panic, claiming more victims, and threatening the town!

Missing out on this mayhem are Mike and Carol, who have gone back to the cave, in search of the gift bracelet that she dropped when they ran into the spider the first time. Now, to where would that revived spider most likely return? We’ll find out, as new disasters strike in the cave- and Kingman and the authorities must undertake both a rescue and a “search and destroy” mission! Which will come out as the victor- the spider or the “Earth”?!

As mentioned, this film was produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon, who specialized in films involving over-sized menaces, like “Village of the Giants”, “The Amazing Colossal Man”, and “Beginning of the End” with its giant grasshoppers invading Chicago. You’ll see some familiar faces in the cast, not just from other Gordon films, but from TV shows and short subjects- we’ll tell you all about them, bring you a new song with Doug Graves, plus a Kerwyn-hosted game show concentrating on –what else- spiders, and we’ll play another round of our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”!

The epic battle of “Earth VS the Spider” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if you need help finding the time or channel in your area, please check your local listings or at . MeTV reminds you that you can join in the live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie. We also have plenty of real-time commenting every week right here on the blog page! Our local Chicago viewers get an encore of Lon Chaney Jr. in “Man Made Monster” (which was a big hit nationally last week on MeTV) at 11 am on our main local station, CW26 – soon to be the home of the new series about the Man of Steel-“Superman and Lois”!

February, with Valentine’s Day, is definitely a month for love- so be ready for a monthful of some special things for all you Sven lovers! Details coming soon!

Join us when our spider-sense warns of BIG scares tonight on MeTV!

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1MikeM 5 months ago
...and dat was Earth vs da Spider...and dat's da name of dat tune.
MADave 5 months ago
I was snowed in Tuesday and decided to watch Toon in with Me
MADave 5 months ago
This indeed is a record on the Sven blog let's keep it going before midnight
Oscar 5 months ago
There it is, with this post it's now 3400!
Oscar Oscar 5 months ago
MADave 5 months ago
The other cartoons I enjoy are the house of tomorrow the car of tomorrow the tv of tomorrow and the farm of tomorrow
Oscar MADave 5 months ago
Man of the future haha
MADave 5 months ago
Bdallas do you have a favorite cartoon or do you like them all? Mine is road runner and Wile E Coyote but my all time fave is none other than Scooby Doo
FKrueger MADave 5 months ago
That's Wile E Coyote SUPER GENIUS
MADave 5 months ago
3400 before new blog? It's worth a shot
Oscar MADave 5 months ago
That would be great, don't think I've ever seen 3400 posts on a blog before
Oscar 5 months ago
Feels like Sven day already, hope everyone had a good week.
deadringer42 Oscar 5 months ago
i would like to say yes, but this week was not good and I just got back from ER after having my first electric cardio version to reset the heart rhythm. lots of fun. I feel a little like Frankenstein's creation after getting the spark of life. I see lots of MEtv in my future this weekend.
Islander deadringer42 5 months ago
No stranger to heart issues myself. Luckily, I got things headed in the right direction.
Good luck and I hope you can get thru this. Positive vibes your way.
deadringer42 Islander 5 months ago
thank you.
MADave deadringer42 5 months ago
Feel better deadrinfer
Oscar deadringer42 5 months ago
Hope you get better very soon deadringer42, rest up, watch MeTv and recoup.
CrazyK deadringer42 5 months ago
Best wishes to you and of course as you know MeTV has lots of great, funny shows and of course Svengoolie and laughter is a truly great medicine!!!
Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Where'd everybody go?
Two hour break?
MrsG Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Hmmmm ? How about that ~
Maybe early Happy Hour for Westies and looooong Happier Hour for Easties !
Oscar MrsG 5 months ago
Now there's a good idea.
MadRich 5 months ago
Finally got to reading the newsletter. Looks like we have a good selection. I'm glad it is not the Barrymore in drag Devil Doll. A possessed ventriloquist doll? That's gonna be so awesome! Awesomely creepy!
The1Butler 5 months ago
We got little jodie foster on Adam 12 .
Clarice starling FBI .
Aceman2 The1Butler 5 months ago
And don’t forget she was with Christopher Plummer in the film INSIDE MAN.
CrazyK 5 months ago
I watched the Waltons earlier and just realized how much the Dad looks like Alfred E. Neuman.
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1MikeM MrsG 5 months ago
I definitely remember him. Presidential candidate in 1992 and 1996. Dana Carvey played him many times on SNL.
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
YAaaass ~ ‘er ya go , love how you did that ! 10-Q. 10-Q. Mucho 10-Q
MrsG 1MikeM 5 months ago
Saw his yellow beachfront Bermuda palace maybe mid-90’s , “on a 3 hour tour” ~ ~ ~
MADave 5 months ago
For second I thought that was Aunt Clara from Bewitched?
NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
As advertised, Tony Dow is featured in this afternoon's 1st 'Adam-12'. You may also recognize supporting actors from 'Andy Griffith' and 'M*A*S*H'. The 7 yo Jodie Foster is in the 2nd one.
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
10-Q for the scoop ~ will check it out *_*
MADave NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
Ya know when we watch these old tv shows it just seems like yesterday
CrazyK MADave 5 months ago
Totally agree!!! 👍
MrsG MADave 5 months ago
And it is comforting , reflecting on less complicated times ~~~
The1Butler MrsG 5 months ago
Yes i agree, i dont watch much else anymore, morning shows and late shows, news all has changed ,i dont watch any of that.
MrsG The1Butler 5 months ago
10-Q MeTV ~
When nothing seems the same anymore you can take us back there.
LarryTheTrainGuy 5 months ago
I wonder since the Toon Show is becoming so popular is it time for the show to have it's own website and blog. lots of us out here are toon heads as well as horror freaks so how do you all feel out there about this idea. nothing against the present set up it is just an idea'
MADave LarryTheTrainGuy 5 months ago
Larry that would be FUNtastic!
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