It's a Classic- Preserved in Wax- "Mystery of the Wax Museum" Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, it’s a creepy tale we are somewhat familiar with from a later remake- but this is the original version, presented in close to its original state, thanks to some skillful remastering! In all its two-strip Technicolor glory, we proudly present a masterpiece of body sculpting, body snatching, and somebody out for revenge of the most gruesome kind- as we delve into the “Mystery of the Wax Museum”!

This 1933 horror classic begins on a stormy night in London- as sculptor Ivan Igor is distracted from his artistic endeavors by a welcome interruption- a patron of the arts, who is so moved by Igor’s incredibly lifelike wax sculptures of historical figures, including his personal favorite , Marie Antoinette, that he plans to submit Igor’s works to the Royal Academy- as soon as he returns from a trip to Egypt. This happy occasion turns tragic, when, later, Igor’s business partner Worth arrives with bad news- the wax museum is in financial trouble, due to the public going to other such establishments that specialize in crime and horror. Worth has a simple solution- burn the place down for the insurance money! Igor naturally refuses- he will not sacrifice his creations for money, especially with the promise of fame and appreciation of his craft within his grasp. The impatient Worth doesn’t care, and starts the place ablaze- as he and Igor tussle! Igor is knocked out, and Worth leaves, heartlessly locking his partner in the museum as it becomes an inferno.

We pick up the story twelve years later in New York- where, surprisingly, Igor is preparing to open an all-new wax museum. He has survived the fire, but has paid a terrible price- he is confined to a wheel chair, and his burned hands can no longer sculpt- so he has hired artists to do that in his place.

We meet someone new- a brassy female reporter, Florence, whose career isn’t exactly on fire ( no offense to Igor for that one). Her editor is ready to fire her ( sorry again) but sends her out to investigate the suicide of a lovely young model. Something strange is going on at the morgue, though, as a mysterious misshapen figure prowls among the dead bodies, and makes off with one- naturally, that of the model! The heisting of the body makes the local authorities start to think this could mean her death was murder- not suicide, and that a major suspect would be her boyfriend, a wealthy playboy named Winton. While he is in custody, newshen Florence comes to chat with him for her story- and begins to think he is innocent!

We meet Florence’s roommate, the beautiful Charlotte, whose boyfriend Ralph just happens to be among the sculptors working for Igor. When the two of them drop by to visit with Ralph before the museum’s grand opening- Igor is struck by Charlotte’s resemblance to his ideal vision of Marie Antoinette- and Florence is struck by the figure of Joan of Arc’s amazing resemblance to the deceased model. This leads her to sneak into the museum basement- where she sees that monstrous being we saw in the morgue earlier- but she can’t get the police to believe her!

Things get tense as Igor pursues Charlotte to become his new Marie- as he and his unsavory cronies endanger the lives of both Charlotte and Florence- and horrible secrets are revealed!

Yes, this is the original version of the same story we saw in the Vincent Price 3-D hit from the 1950s, “House of Wax”- and, although many of us know the story, we AGAIN ask that no one post spoilers for the benefit of those who have not seen that –or this film. We’ll explain a little about this early version of Technicolor, and the film’s restoration; introduce the incredible cast, including Lionel Atwill and the woman whom made “King Kong” famous, Fay Wray; present a new song; and- look out-there will be more fur ( or fins and feathers ) flying when Kerwyn is again antagonized by Toony the Tuna from “Toon In With Me”!

“Mystery of the Wax Museum” opens tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central on MeTV, which invites you to live-Tweet during the program on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie . Our Chicago area fans can enjoy one more look at “The Thing That Couldn’t Die” at 11am this morning on our main local station, CW26.

It has now been exactly one full year since we were locked out of our studio facilities due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is amazing to think it has been that long- and we are hopeful that we will be back in our dungeon studio within a few more months. It has not been easy, producing our shows from home- but it feels worthwhile when we hear how we have, even in some small way, helped viewers make it through this unthinkable situation.

And- a personal note- thank you to everyone who was kind enough to wish Rich Koz a happy birthday!

Tonight, however, the wax isn’t in birthday candles-which aren’t what’s burning- so join us for an early horror classic!

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The1Butler 1 month ago
Getting a Bstman fix , watching the Dark Night ,dvd 🦇
The1Butler The1Butler 1 month ago
Not sure theres a catwoman in this movie
MADave The1Butler 1 month ago
I’m almost positive it’s batman begins?
MADave 1 month ago
Looks Ed Sullivan will have a really big shoe REALLY BIG this Sunday @ 9:30pm/8:30pm with my favorite 60s group THE BEATLES on Metv
abc123 1 month ago
Just posted this weeks video version of the fan, and actually took a look at my stats. One of the videos I posted had 1 view (probably me testing the link).
CrazyK 1 month ago
Hey Islander look what I just got for the
Big Broadcast tomorrow night!
You been holding out on us bro!!!
Katink 1 month ago
I've enjoyed all the pretty kitty pictures you've all posted to get us in the mewed for our upcoming feature. No kitties here, but one of my college friends did call me Kat. Today is my birthday, and it has been a nice day! I found a picture yesterday that was taken 33 years ago today on my Grandpa's 80th birthday. Such a sweet find. 💕💕💕
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Katink TheKodakKid 1 month ago
I did, TKK! Thank you for the candles!
Katink deadringer42 1 month ago
Thank you, deadringer! It has been a lovely day!
scottieO Katink 1 month ago
Happy Birthday, Katink. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Catbat Katink 30 days ago
Happy 🎂 Birthday 🎈 Katink! Have a wonderful day 😊
abc123 1 month ago
I am so glad this work week is over. it was a weird blend of 8 hours of non stop action, and 8 hours of watching grass grow.
MrsG abc123 1 month ago
So now it’s time for a little CATnip perhaps me Laddie ! meow
Drang abc123 1 month ago
This week... let me tell you about this week.
There's a bottle of Highland Park single malt I think I'm going to be killing tomorrow night.
MrsG Drang 1 month ago
Aceman2 1 month ago
If my dear departed one eyed Henry was still alive he would’ve wondered what all the fuss was about a Cat’s shadow
The1Butler Aceman2 1 month ago
I had a one eyed lab 15 yrs ago ,Sabie . Great dog .
Tommy7 1 month ago
Hi all....One thing I try to do is avoid the introduction of each movie where Sven goes through a mid-level detailed summary of the plot prior to showing the film. This ruins it for me, especially if, on a rare occasion, I haven't seen the film before. I don't want to see a lot of clips from the film before I watch it. So, I record Sven and I start watching it about 10 minutes after it begins, so I can fast forward through the film summary. I am not sure why it is necessary to show these clips prior to the movie. The accompanying description is too detailed and is a spoiler.
Klaatu Tommy7 1 month ago
I understand your logic, but if you do a time delay viewing, won’t you miss the real-time blogging fun here? Why not just watch in real-time and simply mute your TV until the actual movie starts?
Oscar Tommy7 1 month ago
I don't mind it at all, it gives me a heads up so maybe I'll catch something I might have otherwise missed.
1MikeM Tommy7 1 month ago
I think it was Chicago Tribune film critic Gene Siskel who said that he did not like movie trailers because it showed too many clips of the movie. After watching a movie trailer he thought that he didn't have to go see the movie because most everything was right there in the trailer.
TheKodakKid 1MikeM 1 month ago
I’ve seen some movies that the only thing worth seeing was the trailer.
Drang 1 month ago
Up early today to go to my annual physical, early enough, in fact, to Toon In With all of you who do, but didn't partake.
Then took Mrs. Drang to a Physical Therapy appointment for her knee, and they gave her a shot of whatever it is for an Ultrasound, so the stuck a Bugs Bunny bandaid on the injection site!

In other developments, I have to go into the Salt Mines tomorrow due to various and sundry frustrating developments, but SHOULD be home in time for Sven,
"Should" being the operative word.
Mrs. Drang has a zoom meeting from 6 to 8, or maybe longer if certain individuals don't learn how to shut up, so it's being recorded for both of us.
Also, here are some kitty cat emojis to make it a happier post.
Drang 1 month ago
Jack Drang 1 month ago
That’s why they call it Friday!
abc123 Drang 1 month ago
Was she a tiny lady, or did she own giant cats?
Drang abc123 1 month ago
She was a Norse goddess, so...
Drang abc123 1 month ago
And, yes, her chariot was pulled by cats. Norwegian forest cats, no doubt, one step away from wildcats and the direct ancestors of Maine Coons.
Thor's chariot, by the way, was drawn by goats.
Jack Drang 1 month ago
And the cats were gifted to Freya by Thor.
Drang Jack 1 month ago
And tunas!
CrazyK 1 month ago
Speaking of cats,
I heard of this guy from Japan that had a couple of cataracts
But he traded them in for
two Chevys! 🤣
MADave CrazyK 1 month ago
Ba dump ching!
MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
HAHAHOHA ! ! Oh you have me dying here ~ took a minute but now I’m LMAO ~ especially because I have a ‘93 ElDog !
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
Well, your hubby said it was National Laugh Day today so I had to come up w/something.
He put the pressure on me! 😜
That ‘93 is a sweet ride I bet!!!
MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
Nice little rumble ~ purrs like a kitten !
The1Butler CrazyK 1 month ago
Gee am seeing a trend here funny man 🤣😄
CrazyK The1Butler 1 month ago
Now trending....... hahaha 😂😂😂
MADave 1 month ago
I thought dawn wells was on this episode of wagon train but I was wrong
MADave 1 month ago
Today was my former co-worker and ex-girlfriend lesley's last working day I'm not really sure how many years of service but I'm kinda going to miss her
MADave 1 month ago
I wished I could show y'all my precious cat AJ who is 11 yrs old but he's always hard to find and really doesn't like being photographed or even held but I'll make sure he's with me tomorrow night
Aceman2 MADave 1 month ago
I’m with AJ - I hate being photographed and held.
TheKodakKid Aceman2 1 month ago
Personally, it depends on who’s wanting to hold me, and how they’re wanting to photograph me. I especially don’t like it when they’re wanting to photograph me next to the height chart, while making me hold the slate with all those numbers in front of me.
MrsG TheKodakKid 1 month ago
Honestly believe you should be paid well ~ nothing worse than an unpaid comedian ~ either that or you are truly certifiable ! Either way it’s not a bad thing huh ?
Jack 1 month ago
Holy synchronicity, Batman! The radio is playing the local public station, and there's a band live in the studio… Wisdom Cat!
If there’s a crime wave, I think we know who the likely suspect is...
daleuhlmann Jack 1 month ago
Julie Newmar was the "purrfect" Catwoman!
LarryTheTrainGuy 1 month ago
with all these cat pictures on the blog how about this
MrsG LarryTheTrainGuy 1 month ago
Haha , good trailer after all !
What a cutie pie !
Hilarious, Larry!
Jack 1 month ago
After a costume change...
MrsG Jack 1 month ago
WOW , can’t tell which CAT is cuter now !
CrazyK Jack 1 month ago
Costume change?
🎶 na, na, na, na, na, na na na na
Catman!!! 🤣

daleuhlmann Jack 1 month ago
How cute!
CrazyK CrazyK 1 month ago
I got a cat too, so I’m with ya Jack! 🙂
1MikeM Jack 1 month ago
BelleLugosi 1 month ago
Our resident feline guarding his demesne.
BelleLugosi BelleLugosi 1 month ago
And also, it can't been Sventurday soon enough.
MrsG BelleLugosi 1 month ago
WOW MEOW ~ gorgeous gatto !
Jack BelleLugosi 1 month ago
Feudal cat!
Aceman2 BelleLugosi 1 month ago
Merlin is jealous- he heard me oooing and aaahing over that pretty face
Islander 1 month ago
AMC theaters announced they are opening most movie theaters in US.
YES !!!!!!!
CrazyK Islander 1 month ago
These guys are ready!!! HAHAHA 🤣
MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
Yessiree ~ bring on the variants , and any scary monsters !
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
Haha! Yep. Our theater (yes, we only have one) will not be opening anytime soon so I will be watching
the new Godzilla vs. King Kong
at home on March 31st which is still pretty cool. 😎
MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
Way to go ~ all the creature comforts , favorite snacks and adult beverages !
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