It’s a DIFFERENT “Black Cat” on Sven Tonight!

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Okay, I have to say this, because I know  I'll have uninformed viewers saying "it's the 'Black Cat' with Karloff and Lugosi"- tonight's film is one I've never shown while with our current stations, though I did run it back at a previous place of employment. And though it's title is the same as the "suggested by Edgar Allan Poe" 1930s film- this is a different "Black Cat"-from 1941- with a measure of humor you certainly didn't find in the Karloff film!

On a dark and stormy night (naturally), the relatives of an old and irascible dowager are waiting for her to die, so they can inherit her wealth- but that darn old lady keeps recovering! She decides, nonetheless, to read her will to these greedy vultures, who all have their own agendas. Meanwhile, a daffy duo consisting of a real estate agent and a goofy antique dealer interrupt the  festivities- the real estate guy, Gil, has a deal pending for purchase of the old lady's estate, and the antique dealer, Mr. Penney, has his eye on her furnishings. The old lady, Henrietta, explains that she will not sell the place- meanwhile, Gil is sneezing and coughing up a storm, since he's allergic to the many pet cats the old lady has around the house. She even has her own crematorium, where she can take care of deceased feline friends- and that's where mysterious tragedy  occurs!

Soon, there is a great deal of suspicious and deadly activity-with an unknown killer on the loose- as well as a black cat- which is strange, since the old lady would never even allow a black cat on the premises, and yet- there it is! Even worse, the estate housekeeper  intones that whoever the black cat follows- will DIE!

This is a fun movie, with Broderick Crawford as the real estate agent hero- comedian Hugh "Hoo-hoo" Herbert as the nutty antique dealer- Basil Rathbone as one of the relatives, as is Alan Ladd- Bela Lugosi as the eccentric groundskeeper-and  Gale Sondergaard as the housekeeper. We'll go over the cast for you, and add in some Sven shtick - plus, a special segment featuring some make-up masters we met at Flashback Weekend, including one of the geniuses who applied Robert Englund's "Freddy Krueger" make-up!

"Black Cat" slinks into view tonight on Me-TV, at the usual times- 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9pm central- or check your local listings. By the way, we hear from some viewers that our show is being pre-empted in their area, and they are none too pleased. If that is happening to you- you need to contact the actual local station  that carries Me-TV in your area. We send it out  on the network every week, and we don't control those local pre-emptions- nor does your cable or satellite provider- so- you need to complain to the station itself in your town!

In Chicago, you can see "Thing That Couldn't Die" -with our visit with Mick Foley- at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U.

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...and- just so you know- the OTHER "Black Cat" will run on our show near the end of this year!