It's a Vintage Sven Show- With Tonight's HEAD-liner - "The Thing That Couldn't Die"!

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We think you’ll dig how our “big bad” this week on MeTV uses his head- as a menace that has survived for centuries is unearthed, and uses amazing mental powers to control others, in a quest to conqueror the modern world- meet " The Thing That Couldn’t Die”!

Talk about amazing powers- young Jessica ,a resident of her aunt Flavia's ranch, is using a divining rod in an effort to locate some much-needed water for the spread. Rumor has it that she can find much more than water, and use her psychic gifts to find other things. On the scene we have vacationing ranch visitors Gordon, Linda, and her artist boyfriend Hank, who stand as skeptical  observers. Jessica abruptly finds herself drawn to a location that has nothing to do with water- a place where she senses “something evil”  is buried in the ground. In spite of her warning, Flavia wants the ranch hands to dig there and see what her niece is talking about. (Jessica also proves her ability by sending Linda to the exact location of a watch she lost- where they also find a strange ancient necklace that Gordon thinks Jessica should have.)

The ranch hands keep digging on into the night , and finally uncover something! It appears to be a centuries-old chest, and Flavia is beside herself, hoping it contains vast riches. However, Gordon , remembering what Jessica had said about “something evil”,cautions her NOT to open the chest until further research can be done. He heads out to bring back an archaeologist who might help to determine the chest's worth- and ascertain if it can be opened without diminishing its value. Flavia enlists her ranch hands, shifty Boyd and slow-witted Big Mike, to stand guard over the chest in her house-not the best move, since Boyd has his own agenda. Without Flavia’s knowledge, he sets Big Mike to the task of using his strength to open the chest-then, possibly skim off whatever of value might be inside- and finally, seal the chest back up, so no one knows it was opened- or that there originally WAS anything of value inside!

Boyd heads out for a nice evening of peeping in Jessica's windows ( yes, he’s a major creep)- as Mike continues the job Boyd has assigned him- opening the chest. He discovers- a severed head inside the chest! It is not only still alive, but has its strong mental powers, which It immediately uses to easily take control of the muscular meathead!

The head is actually that of an evil sailor who was beheaded for sorcery 400 years ago- and, having not changed over all that time, begins using his mental grip to bring on trouble and terror. He recognizes Jessica's own formidable mental skills as possibly the only way for him to find the body his head was once attached to- and, should he find it and be made whole again- he'd be so dangerously powerful that he could not be stopped! There is, however, one thing stopping him from taking power over the girl- that necklace that Gordon gave to Jessica , which turns out to actually be protection against his evil! The dastardly living head must mind-control additional victims to help him handle Jessica, and make her his pawn- in his quest for power over this new world of which he hopes to become master!

This is yet another of the Saturday afternoon matinee / drive-in  type movies many viewers have been asking for- and we are happy to bring it back, since we have not run it for several years. You’ll see our old set, and some dated references, as we give some background on the cast, and add to the entertainment with our own encounter with the severed head, some MeTV western spin-offs it could inspire, and more- plus –he’s back! Though you’ve seen him recently, this is one of our earlier visits with a good friend who has made his mark as an author, philanthropist, superstar of the pro wrestling ring, and Hall of Famer- the one and only Mick Foley! At a time when we have production restraints limiting us, we thought you would enjoy seeing this vintage show, in SD with an un-remastered print, almost entirely intact- although Kerwyn made sure he could appear in an updated segment!

"The Thing That Couldn't Die" is our MeTV feature tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or please check for the time we run in your area in your local listings or at  Live-Tweeting during the show will again take place on Twitter, and MeTV reminds you to use the hashtag  #svengoolie on all your Tweets!  This morning, Chicago area viewers get the encore run of the vile ventriloquist/horrible hypnotist/dangerous dummy chiller “ Devil Doll" at 11 am on our main local station, CW26!

We're happy to give you a "head's-up" for a great time tonight on MeTV!!!

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gregorymon 1 month ago
Happy Birthday to Sven! Without him our Saturday nights would be way too 21st century. Everything about Svengoolie reminds me of gentlar 20th century times... except this cool blog we get to comment with our own silliness on. ❤️ Much love to Even on his special day! 🎂🥳
gregorymon 1 month ago
Apollo looks like Chris Cuomo! 😅
qwerty123 1 month ago
The 1st black and white kiss on national TV was this startrek episode. I believe
gregorymon qwerty123 1 month ago
Was it in color?
Jeffrey 1 month ago
happy happy to THEE best show host of all week

Rich you are a blessing to all us Boob Tube watchers:)

Thank you for your show and many more BDays to you
scottieO 1 month ago
Happy Birthday to The Man in the Hat, aka Rich Koz!
Islander 1 month ago
Getting close to race time.

Fire up those keyboards !
Loosen up those phalanges !

And may the best blogger win.
MADave 1 month ago
As we sat farewell to TTTCD and hello to MOTWM I’d like to share my experience at the ever popular Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in New York with you I was there years ago with some friends and there were so many celebrities, musicians, and much much more I can’t just pick a favorite but if I had to it would probably either Elvis Presley or The Beatles they were so life like it was like I was meeting them for the first time has anybody been there before? If so, what was your favorite wax sculpture?
abc123 MADave 1 month ago
At Big Blog Cast 4 (2019), we stopped at a wax museum, and they had an outstanding Morgan Freeman. I took a picture and sent it to my nephew. He thought it was really him.
Islander MADave 1 month ago
Never been there Dave.
But, during the Blogfest in Kodak, TN a few years back, we did make it to a wax museum in Pigeon Forge with my fellow bloggers.
I know a few of my friends took pics with them.
My favorite wax character (s)
there were of course Capt. Kirk & Spock.
Islander abc123 1 month ago
Ha Ha you beat me to it abc
MADave Islander 1 month ago
abc123 1 month ago
I heard it was someones birthday today. Here's hoping they had a good one and was able to spend the day with loved ones!
The1Butler 1 month ago
Ive been celebrating Svengoolies Bday all day 🎂🎩
MrsG The1Butler 1 month ago
Oh no , delirium tremens !
And beware the Ides of March forthcoming too amidst all the excitement !
Klaatu The1Butler 1 month ago
I’ve been drinking Bourbon since around 4pm and everything is pink to me🤪🤪
The1Butler Klaatu 1 month ago
I got wine made in northern Mi.
Jeffrey MrsG 1 month ago
Oh no , delirium tremens !

that's one super duper Belgian beer - YUM!
Thereman 1 month ago
A bit more in honor of International Women’s Day- There aren’t a lot of women film composers to celebrate in the early sound years, but there are some. One who made her mark around the time of tomorrow night’s movie was Ann Ronell (1905-1993). Starting as a rehearsal pianist for George Gershwin, she emerged from Tin Pan Alley and started publishing her own songs. She wrote the lyrics for Disney’s first hit song in a cartoon, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” from “Three Little Pigs” (1933). Many songs in movies followed, as well as the hit song “Willow Weep for Me” (written in 1932) which was recorded by Billie Holladay, Ray Charles, Chad & Jeremy, and Barbara Streisand among many others. She also wrote full film scores, including “The Story of GI Joe” (1945) and the Marx Brothers “Love Happy” (1949). The music for “GI Joe” brought her Academy Award nominations for both best song and best film score, making her the first woman to receive such recognition. In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s the YouTube link to “Three Little Pigs” Enjoy!
PatS Thereman 1 month ago
Thanks for the memories, and the insight. A reminder: we're supposed to post a link to a music video, not the music video itself. (Abused in the past, took up too much data.)
Thereman PatS 1 month ago
And thanks for the reminder. I thought I was posting only the link, but...up came the vid. I’ll be more cautious in the future.
Katink 1 month ago
Before we leave all of the head references from THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE, I'd like to share one more tangentially related image.

Hubby just finished painting it today!
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Aceman2 Katink 1 month ago
Great job. I love the hand. Had myself convinced the hand was real until I saw the before pic. Please keep sharing his work.
Katink Aceman2 1 month ago
At some point, Aceman, the hand WAS real. The way I understand it, part of the process involved Jimmy Flintstone casting his own hand. That is why the creases and nails are so lifelike.
Katink MrsG 1 month ago
Thanks, MrsG! Hubby's interests are rather eclectic, but his stuff leans pretty heavily toward historical miniatures, especially military themes. It's nice when he works on projects like this!
Jeffrey Katink 1 month ago
Thing Lives! (from the Addams family)

or way back when there was a washing machine detergent where a hand came out of the machine to pimp the product
Jack 1 month ago
Bíodh an diabhal aige! Re: my earlier speculation as to the color of the Chicago River this year—from the _Sun*Times_: Not easy being green: No big parades. No river dyeing. Only a tiny livestreamed parade.
The1Butler 1 month ago
Ring a ding ding 💚
The1Butler The1Butler 1 month ago
The jennie invades mayberry!
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
As many first-time viewers tomorrow night will see, a key factor in MOTWM's approach to its story is the word "mystery" in its title. This logically brings into play the sleuthing reporter and police investigation angles that were staples of many early Warner Brothers 1930s films. One online commenter about a recent DVD featuring both MOTWM and HOUSE OF WAX said of the earlier film's style and tone, "This movie practically screams WARNER BROTHERS!"
k 1 month ago

Happy birthday, Sven!! 🎈🫀🎩🥳💀🎉🎬⚰️🚪🧪🎹🎺🎷🍾🎂🍿🕸🧠🤡
MrsG k 1 month ago
Cool card k but not enough emojis !
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
Haha! You are too funny MrsG! 😂
MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
Hey you !
I saw that impressive array of culinary Birthday delights you conjured up ~ quite the chef you are , multi-talented as a matter of fact. I was wondering if you had a righteous B-Day dinner but didn’t want to be intrusive so glad you shared. Now I can picture you with a little tilt on that party hat!
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
Thanks! Never intrusive, ask away anytime! Yes, it was really good, I just finished the last of it right now as a matter of fact. While checking out the 311 replay. When you buy live you get four “free” replays!!! 👍
MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
Wow , like your own little jukebox !
That’s cool , enjoy ~ wore meself out at Costco but got a treat , some very happy pansies. Now I’ll see who shows up in dreamland , headless people or wax ones !
k MrsG 1 month ago
MrsG k 1 month ago
That’s better ~ you have a reputation to uphold here now ~ 10-Q
Thereman 1 month ago
Happy Sventurday eve to all! What a week! Sven’s birthday today; International Women’s Day last Monday. A bit of history in regard to the latter event: In 1912 Carl Laemmle moved Universal Studios from New York to California. He bought up 230 acres of land in the (then) remote San Fernando Valley. He built a city of offices and film stages, which included its own police and fire departments, a reservoir and saw mills. Miles from Los Angeles, this growing metropolis needed a workforce. To the shock of many of his contemporary moguls in Hollywood, Laemmle found a most effective answer: Hire women! During the silent era, Universal not only had actresses and seamstresses, they counted 30 women working as film directors. Cleo Madison, an actress turned director, made highly successful protest films about women’s mistreatment in the work place. She told Laemmle, “I knew I could direct. I had seen men with half my brain power do it.” Lois Weber ended up as the highest paid producer and director at Universal during the 20’s, making over 100 films that covered topics such as divorce, sexual freedom, and even abortion. 45 women worked on the writing staff. Among them, Marion Frances, who was the favorite screenplay author of Mary Pickford. Ms. Frances penned over 130 scripts during her career. Laemmle himself had little tolerance for Hollywood casting couch politics. His solution? All women applicants were interviewed by the Chief of Police, a tough as nails former opera singer and actress named Laura Oakley. She was reputed to have only put up with hard work and dedication, and didn’t need a sofa to get it- or enforce it. If only it had lasted! The transition to sound created major financial blows to every studio; Universal was no exception. When the Laemmle family was bought out by new investors in the early 30’s, it was back to (male dominated) business as usual.
daleuhlmann Thereman 1 month ago
"Eggsactly," Thereman! The second era had a high number of women behind the camera, as screenwriters, producers, and directors. An excellent TCM documentary a few years back, on women directors, praised silent Hollywood, particularly praised Laemmle's lack of sexism. One film scholars commented, "I really don't think Laemmle cared if you were a man or a woman, as long as you could finish a movie on-budget and could make him some money."
MADave 1 month ago
Happy 69th birthday to everybody's favorite horror host Rich "Svengoolie' Koz 🥫
MADave 1 month ago
Dale and Catbat just curious did either of you try to call my cell phone about 11:30 this morning or was it one of those dreaded robo calls? It did have a Massillon area code , apologies to the administrator for posting this please do not send me to the cornfield thanks!
daleuhlmann MADave 1 month ago
No, Dave, Catbat was at work and I was in the road to the grocery store by that time.
PatS MADave 1 month ago
Those robo-callers get nasty! I get multiple calls with malarkey phone number ID's pretending to be from my previous area code. Guess they figure we're more likely to pick up if we think it's a neighbor. Part of the whole spoof process. 'Nuff said.
Drang MADave 1 month ago
Robot Monster call? Was there a caller picture, maybe a divers helmet on a gorilla body?
daleuhlmann MADave 1 month ago
No problem, Dave!👍
Lynn PatS 1 month ago
There's the plot to a horror movie in there somewhere!
Jack Lynn 1 month ago
...And the spam caller is already in your house!
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
I'd like for all of us to wait on this until AFTER the new blog debuts at midnight, for fear of angering Gideon Drew (since after all, we are STILL on THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE blog). However, please answer this question for me (if you are a first-time viewer of MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, well, then, you can wait until Sunday, following Sven's showing of the movie; if you haven't seen the other movie I'll be mentioning in a second, well, maybe you can try to download it on Youtube). Here goes: Of the two versions of essentially the same story, which one do you personally prefer, if even by a Catbat's whisker: MOTWM, or its 3D, full-color remake, HOUSE OF WAX? (the Vincent Price version, NOT the dreadful Paris Hilton movie of the same name!). I'll withhold revealing my own preference until after the deadline. Please try to submit your two cents-worth by Sunday, 3/14, midnight. I'm on vacation all of next week for Spring Break, and I have a feeling I might need all of that time to compile the results of this little poll if, as I'm hoping, there will be a huge response (LOL).
Except for the obvious 3D gimmicks added to the Vincent Price version, I count it as equivalent to the Wray-Atwill version. (But I can remember Wray of the top of my head, so ... an edge to the original.) Both keepers.

Now, as to supposedly unintentional humor, the Paris Hilton death scene is funnier than the hoky 3D scenes in the VP version.
Thanks for your input, Carl.
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