It's Halloween Night- with a Full Moon- and "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"!

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It’s a tricky treat tonight on MeTV- with a movie that seems as rarely seen lately as a full moon on Halloween- and so, we have BOTH tonight! Not to be confused with yet another political debate, it’s definitely a clash of major proportions-as two of the top Universal monsters are revived and ready to rumble when "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"!

The story begins with an eerie scene totally fitting for Halloween- a foggy graveyard at night! Two grave robbers break into the Talbot family burial vault- hoping to reap the rewards of valuables that are rumored to have been buried with Master Larry. Upon opening Talbot’s ( supposed) final resting place, these two criminal geniuses make a couple mistakes- one, they remove the wolf’s bane covering Larry's body, and two, they fail to notice that it's the night of a full moon ( ANOTHER coincidence with tonight!)!

Jumping forward in time- we find an injured man, discovered on a street in a far away town, who has been hospitalized- and, upon gaining consciousness, tells the doctor that he is Larry Talbot. When the authorities check on his past- they tend not to believe him- since records show that Larry Talbot is dead and buried!

Regardless, Larry knows who ( and what) he is- and that he needs help that the hospital cannot provide. He escapes the institution, and searches out that one person who knows all about his cursed condition who might be able to help him- Maleva the gypsy! She feels that his continuing plight is beyond any help she might offer- and suggests that stories have persisted of a great doctor who might be able to supply some answers- one Dr. Frankenstein!

However, those answers are not to be found- their search  for the doctor ends in the village where Frankenstein's creation caused horrible mayhem- the legendary doctor is long dead- and all that remains of his legacy is the rubble of his former castle. There, however, an accidental discovery is made- the Frankenstein Monster, entombed in the frozen catacombs beneath the castle! Amazingly, it still holds a spark of life!

Larry is encouraged, and feels there is a chance that he can locate the late doctor's laboratory notes. He seeks out Frankenstein's daughter Elsa to see if she might offer help in finding those vital diaries. Their meeting coincides with the village's Festival of the New Wine, which Larry, at the urging of Elsa and the local authority, begrudgingly attends -and has to sit through the beloved song bellowed by a goggle-eyed troubadour- "Fa Lo La, Fa Lo Lee!" (Personal note : I know many places state that the correct title is "Fa-RO-La..."-but to my untrained ear, it sounds like "Fa-LO-la"...maybe because it sounds foul). More unfortunate coincidences follow- as a doctor from the hospital Larry escaped from has tracked Talbot - and a certain recently defrosted monster decides to stroll into town! More trouble is on the horizon, as the doctor and Elsa try to help Larry- but the lure of restoring the Monster to full power , once again, proves to be too enticing for one man!

This 1943 film serves as a combination sequel to “Ghost of Frankenstein” and “The Wolf Man”- and features Bela Lugosi as the Monster- which makes some sense, since he played Ygor, whose brain was transplanted into the Monster at the end of “Ghost…” We'll talk about how the preview audience's reaction caused the studio to make some significant changes in the film . This was indeed the first Universal “monster mash-up”- the first time they had two of their classic monsters in the same film, leading to more down the line, like “House of Frankenstein”, “House of Dracula”, and even “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”. We'll talk about the rest of the cast, share some Sven shtick, and, as a Halloween treat, bring you a new special segment from last year around this time- highlights from the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications’ special celebration of my 40th anniversary as Svengoolie!

"Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" brightens- and frightens- your Halloween night on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings- or at for your local channel and timeslot. You should tune in an hour before the show for a special presentation of the rarely seen 1979 animated spooky special “The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone”! Also, as always, there will be live Tweeting ( Twick or Tweeting?!) on Twitter during the film- make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie .In Chicago this morning, we welcome viewers to start off their Halloween with a second look at "Mighty Joe Young" on our main local channel, CW26 , at 11 am.

Some exciting new Sven merchandise is showing up in our store here on our website and at - you asked for them, so here they are- the official  Svengoolie coffee mugs! These are genuine  MeTV- sanctioned mugs with four new designs, including one with a caffienated Kerwyn- so check them out- and get yours while we have them!

And- as most TV stations remind us, as a public service- don't forget to move your clocks back an hour tonight! (You know the old saying- "SPRING ahead- FALL for anything"…no, wait… oh, just turn your clocks back!)

Tonight, spend Halloween with us- and the Wolf Man and Frankenstein! You can do it- you’ll still be able to get an extra hour of sleep ( unless those two really freak you out!)!

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Bill_K 8 months ago
I thought the time change might have affected it but when I came back at new board!

See you manana!
1MikeM 8 months ago
I just wanted to mention that one of the cast members of FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN was Jeff Corey. He played the crypt keeper in the scene where Dr. Mannering, Inspector Owen and the police constable go to see if Lawrence Talbot is in the crypt. Corey was also an acting teacher.
Aceman2 8 months ago
It must still be Friday. Goodnight all.
DrClayton 8 months ago
Maybe we're caught in the Nexus between EST and EDT
Katink DrClayton 8 months ago
Or maybe we are just doing the time warp again?
Bill_K 8 months ago
Seems kind of "ANTI' - Climactic to me!
gabste 8 months ago
Well I can't wait all night. I'll just go back to sleep. 😴
1MikeM gabste 8 months ago
Helloooooooo gabste! Live from Svengoolie's blog it's Friday Night!
gabste 1MikeM 8 months ago
Helllllloooo Mike !
DrClayton 8 months ago
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere ANTarchy is loosed upon the world..."
DrClayton 8 months ago
Katink DrClayton 8 months ago
So maybe the board issue is to build the 🐜-ticipation?
scottieO DrClayton 8 months ago
I see y'all shiver with... ANT ticipation
Bill_K 8 months ago

Good Morning, Everyone:

If Sven/Rich were to show one particular movie for 10 straight weeks, I might be able to write a different review on it every week for those ten weeks as this particular movie is so multi-faceted. However, my first review would be the hardest to write. It’s the self professed favorite of so many of us (myself included), everyone is familiar with its background and backstories, and we can all quote it verbatim. It’s the most referenced and requested (Non-Universal) film that has appeared on this website and, in response to our gentle goading, Sven/Rich is showing it tonight!

Audiences sat in the Paramount Theater in New York City on June 16th, 1954 just as they had almost one year earlier on June 24th, 1953, there to see a movie about a monster in a remote area, an environment with a life of its own, encroached upon by man, with that monster becoming more dangerous as it made it way towards civilization. The Monster in that earlier film was a dinosaur released from the Arctic Ice by atomic testing. The Title Character(s) referred to in this later entry was a modern day, mass producing menace created by its direct exposure to radiation from atomic testing. Both of these films were credited in kicking off the second half of the fifties Sci-Fi Cycle and although neither was remade or franchised, together they created the templates for films still being made today. Tonight’s entry, being the more multi-faceted, has loaned itself to more genres.

Its Director originally auditioned for “Our Gang” and wound up directing them for Hal Roach. He would also direct Laurel and Hardy and was the one Director who could keep Sinatra focused through an entire movie. He made a name for himself in Film Noir and after beginning with one of the most iconic openings in Science Fiction, this film quickly became a mystery with its clues defying logic itself!

Just as “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” was a top ten finisher for Warner Brothers and a top fifty performer in terms of Hollywood box office in 1953, “THEM!” not only made the top fifty box office list but may also have been Warmer’s biggest money maker in 1954 as well. Films such as “A Star is Born” returned more but barely recouped their production costs,

The only loser behind “THEM!” was Studio Head Jack Warner, himself. The only reason he purchased the rights to this story was that Twentieth Century Fox was expressing interest in it as well. He did not think his studio-created models were convincing and when the 3-D camera failed in its first attempt, he also scuttled plans for the film’s being shot in color (Hence, only the film’s title in the opening credits suggests its original look). It came out a better film without “gimmicks” and with Gordon Douglas directing in a manner reminiscent of Jack Arnold, limiting the appearance of the giant ants (who appear in roughly eight of the films ninety four minute running time) and using them only to move the plot along, makes it a great film!

Jack Warner decided to follow another Universal lead as well, releasing the film to exhibitors as a “B”, thus losing the bulk of the profits made by “THEM!”. He used his experience with this film to justify his desire to keep his Studio from being associated with this type of film in the future!
abc123 Bill_K 8 months ago
I will still wait for the new one for my post...
Katink Bill_K 8 months ago
Congratulations, Bill! Good work-around on the board delay!
1MikeM 8 months ago
Dale and Catbat, do you copy? Over. You gotta say over.
1MikeM 8 months ago
One of my favorite scenes in FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN is the scene during the festival of the new wine where Lawrence Talbot has that rant. That was awesome!
Jack 1MikeM 8 months ago
CAUTION: This song may trigger werewolves other sensitive individuals.
MADave 8 months ago
Well I think it's going to be either Berwyn or Bill as first blogger in a few hours goid luck to all bloggers
Klaatu MADave 8 months ago
I’m working tonight so it won’t be me.
MADave Klaatu 8 months ago
SOBX 8 months ago
It's tick country.
The1Butler SOBX 8 months ago
Why do you say that , I did have one on me a few days ago. 🕷
FARMGAL56 8 months ago
Howdy peeps! Well, tomorrow is moving day for me and hubby. Don't know if we will be done in time for the movie, but we're gonna try! So if you don't hear from me tomorrow night, it's because we are in the middle of bugging out!
PatS FARMGAL56 8 months ago
Best wishes! Leave the heavy stuff to the young folks. Hope this move is one of the GOOD things to come out of 2020.
Katink FARMGAL56 8 months ago
Sending good thoughts and positive energy your way, Farmgal! Hope all goes to plan with no surprises and that you can take a well-deserved break for THEM 🐜🐜🐜
1MikeM FARMGAL56 8 months ago
Good evening FARMGAL56!
deadringer42 8 months ago
Mikeyyy deadringer42 8 months ago
The time change means that we have to wait 2 extra hours for Sven!
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