It's June in July- "She Wolf of London" with June Lockhart-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- though most parts of the country have had weather way too hot for a fur coat,we meet a young woman who is frightened by the fact that she may have inherited one as part of a family curse-when London is terrorized by what many believe could be a werewolf! MeTV favorite June Lockhart – who celebrated her 96th birthday this past week- does anything but celebrate the possibility that she has  become the "She-Wolf of London"!

June plays young Phyllis Allenby, for whom life seems fairly sunny- she will soon marry Barry, a handsome young lawyer, and she also stands to inherit her family’s sizeable fortune. Phyllis resides in the Allenby Manor, along with her Aunt Martha and cousin Carol, with their servant Hannah. There are worries expressed ( by, who else?-some men) that the ladies are live without the protection of any male in the house, when word comes that a rash of brutal murders have been committed very nearby. All the victims have had their throats torn out in a vicious manner- and some of the local police, familiar with such things, seem to think that the culprit has to be- a werewolf!

Phyllis immediately worries that the murders may be connected to the legendary "curse of the Allenbys"- that involves family members making a deadly transformation. After finding certain clues that she feels she can only attribute to such an affliction, Phyllis nobly fears for her dear fiancé Barry - and begins to avoid him for his own safety! Barry fights to maintain his relationship as well as his beloved Phyllis' sanity- as more murders occur- and it becomes apparent that the suspect is - a woman!

This 1946 Universal chiller stars, as mentioned above, someone we see every week during "Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night"- June Lockhart, forgoing the "futuristic" universe of "Lost in Space" for early 20th century London. We'll introduce the various other cast members, plus- hear a pitch for a British TV show combining werewolfery and sci fi, find out if June's connections to "Lassie" might present a secondary curse, relive the very first time we learned that Boddy Sorrell, the grinning skull on the front of my coffin, could TALK, and more!

"She-Wolf of London" prowls the MeTV airwaves tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if unsure of the time or channel where you are, please check local listings or for that information. MeTV invites you to join in the live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter using the hashtag #svengoolie. Last weekend we were among the top ten trending topics for the entire two hours! This morning, Chicago viewers get another chance to watch “Time Walker" on our main local station CW26 at 11 am.

We hope all our viewers will enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July weekend, and remember to honor the founding of our nation- but tune in tonight when hirsute howling brings on a different kind of fireworks in jolly old England!

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CarrieCastro 10 months ago
Hi 👻
Hope you all had a nice
friday 🎏
We are still in 🌊🐳
Southern Cal. It was
very cool at the Harbor
72* ⛵ in Oceanside.

My son said it was
111* today back home. Even worse tomorrow 115* that's flaming hot
🔥 my gosh 🤦‍♀️
Happy I'm over here🏖

Won't be able to watch
Sven no Metv in our Inn
📺🍿😨 so darn!
I wanted too see this one too 😱
Enjoy the show 😄
I'm sure it's a good
one 🤖

See you later 🙄
MADave CarrieCastro 10 months ago
Have fun Carrie
gabste CarrieCastro 10 months ago
Stay cool !
MADave 10 months ago
20 minute warning until new blog get those fingers tree ready!
PatS 10 months ago
I think this is 3101. A bit tamer than last week!

Want to draw attention to the Sven homepage picture of Joan Crawford. It is SOOOOO typical of her at this stage of acting. The window frame, shadow and necklace are cleverly positioned to hide her aging neck! Similar camera angles occurred over and over in BERSERK. She desperately wanted to take roles that confirmed her notion that she was still young and desirable. Somewhat miscast as the marriage-hungry neighbor in ISWYD?
PatS PatS 10 months ago
Birth years vary online, but she was about 60 in 1965, not exactly a fossil. (And she sure rocked the fishnets as ringmistress in BERSERK.) Castle knew her name was a draw, even though she appears less than 10 minutes in this film.
abc123 10 months ago
What a week. I came here just now to post the 30 minute warning, but realized it is only Friday. So I will post 4 hour plus warning to new blog!
Katink abc123 10 months ago
Thanks for the warning, abc123! Ready for the new blog!
Drang abc123 10 months ago
I don;t know whether to commiserate, or to say it's nice to know I'm not the only one that's had a helluva week... 😬
Kergooliewyn 10 months ago
Well, Elsa drenched us a bit, but otherwise came in like a lion cub, and went out like a kitten.
Islander Kergooliewyn 10 months ago
Glad you had no issues. Hopefully , it will be a mild storm season.
Kergooliewyn Islander 10 months ago
Yes, hopefully.
1MikeM 10 months ago
Here's a celebrity birthday: singer and actor Ed Ames is 94 today.
Jack 1MikeM 10 months ago
Holy synchronicity, Batman! The Ames Brothers did a version of “Riders in the Sky” in 1959! []
1MikeM Jack 10 months ago
Thanks Jack, that's an awesome song!
Kergooliewyn Jack 10 months ago
Ooh, I have to hear that. I'm picky about "Riders in the Sky". Not that you care, but I'm gonna tell you what I think of it. 😄 I'll be back.
Kergooliewyn Jack 10 months ago
Ok, I gave it a thumbs up. The Ames Brothers probably couldn't mess up a song if they tried. Still partial to the Outlaws version though.
Jack Kergooliewyn 10 months ago is a good source for covers of “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” and other songs. I’ve found some good covers I didn’t know exist, or covers I’ve heard on the radio but didn’t catch the particulars. There’s also the risk of finding some so laughingly bad they can never be unheard.
JohnBlair 10 months ago
ERIF day... ERIF dAY...
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Jack JohnBlair 10 months ago
Wow! That certainly beats the first time I heard it in the waiting room of the orthodontist. I don’t remember whose version it was, but my Mom grew up watching western serials and listening to _National Barn Dance_ on WLS and wanted to be a cowboy’s sweetheart like Patsy Montana, and she filled me in. Morbid little me started drawing pictures of skeletal cowboys riding equally bony horses in the clouds.
PatS Jack 10 months ago
Listen closely and you'll realize -- it's mostly a rip-off of 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' (itself a revision of an Irish lament, 'Johnny, I hardly knew ye').
Jack PatS 10 months ago
I guess that makes it folk music.

Spike Jones and His City Slickers play on that similarity in their version. They also interpolate “The Streets of Cairo” into it, for that matter.

“(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” is also a western North American variant of the Wild Hunt, Thompson’s Folk Motif E501.
PatS Jack 10 months ago
There is a Mickey Katz satire based on 'Riders In the Sky' -- 'Borscht Rider In The Sky'! The Mazeltones, klezmer band in Seattle, tinkered with the lyrics and had a real crowd pleaser.
"Yippee Oy Oy... Yippee Oy Vay..."
Islander 10 months ago
Carbat, sorry to hear about your hand. Hopefully the Orthopedic guy will have better news for you.

I'm sure this joke has been told but , how is Dale's head ?
daleuhlmann Islander 10 months ago
Oh, very funny! (LOL)
Drang 10 months ago
Well, I had my alarm set for 6:30 so I could join a webinar on our retirement program, and turned it off and went back to sleep.
Guess I won;t be able to retire now.
KeithJ Drang 10 months ago
Based on analysis of my finances I think I'll have a comfortable retirement for about 30 minutes.
deadringer42 10 months ago
Watching the waves from Elsa now. Prettt rough out there right now. Glad this is hitting at a almost low tide. Would definitely be some flooding problems if it was a high tide.
Drang deadringer42 10 months ago
We arrived in Miami a few days after Irma passed through.
The day before we flew home in mid-October the surf was still very rough; safe to go in, but don't go too far out and don't expect to swim very far.
JournalJeff3 10 months ago
Happy Friday!
Hope everybody is safely dealing with the storms and\or hot weather. We set a record for most 90+ degree days in June. Now we have Octuly, we are struggling to hit 60.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
Jack 10 months ago
It’s been raining off and on here down on the prairies for the past couple weeks. We’re getting rain with gusty wind now, so I guess it’s the next system brewing the Gulf after Elsa. Fred, anyone? Gracie?
deadringer42 Jack 10 months ago
Elsa soon to be centered over us. Heavy rain and a little wind now. Just another day in New England.
Jack deadringer42 10 months ago
Around this time we usually are starting our summer drought. I think the Arizona-New Mexico summer monsoon has been pushed eastward by more energy in the atmosphere.
Kergooliewyn 10 months ago
Countdown... to our Beloved Longhaired Vogish Vampire, Wise Crackin' Whip Witted Chicken, Widely Adored, Dry Humored, Versatile, Piano Player. Fast Fingered, Door Knocking, Comedic, Hand, and all the rest of the Eclectic Cast.
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Kergooliewyn MrsG 10 months ago
Shazam, Shebang! The whole darn thing MrsG!
Kergooliewyn Jack 10 months ago
Wow, I thought I had a way with words. Now I just have to ask. is this Jack or TexasDeb? Don't mess with my head you two.😁
Jack Kergooliewyn 10 months ago
Debbie’s Sven account went on the fritz with one of the blogging system changes. She hasn’t had a chance to fix it yet, so when she comments, she’ll use my account and note parenthetically at the start “TexasDeb here.” So far, she’s been very conscientous about that. When you see just my name without the “TexasDeb here” note, it’s just me.
Kergooliewyn Jack 10 months ago
You know, I figured that. I'm actually smarter than I look. 😏
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Hey, group! Both Bill K and I last week had mentioned SHE-WOLF OF LONDON's similarities to a later horror film about gaslighting, DAUGHTER OF DR. JEKYLL. Here's the trailer.
Kergooliewyn daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Wow, Can we see it, Can we see it! Looks good.
daleuhlmann Kergooliewyn 10 months ago
It is a lot of fun, and with a delightfully campy opening and ending!🙂
Kergooliewyn 10 months ago
Well it looks like it's our turn in New England to feel the windy, sogginess of Elsa. My old farmhouse has been standing for a hundred and twenty years so hopefully it will make it through another day. Of course the old wiring in it might get affected a little. Hope everyone who's been there and done that with Elsa is back on track.❤
PatS 10 months ago
Looks like no one answered Mrs. G so I will -- Joan Crawford was married to an executive on the board of Pepsi. In many of her films she tried to get a "cameo" of Pepsi products -- one very obvious in STRAIT JACKET. You may have noticed Coke in a number of these old movies -- even in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. "Product placement" was a way to get $$$ for the film budget.
Kergooliewyn PatS 10 months ago
Thanks Pats Now the uninformed (myself as one) are
finally informed.
Katink PatS 10 months ago
Thank you, PatS! (Now I feel like one of the Cool Kids!)
MrsG PatS 10 months ago
AHA ! Cool info , 10-Q as always for enlightenment PatS !
Aceman2 PatS 10 months ago
Thanks PatS. I had no idea what everyone was talking about and was too lazy to research it
PatS PatS 10 months ago
Thanks, y'all. Some things become jokes on the blog, going back for months or even years, and we forget that not Everybody really gets where the joke came from. Like the phrase "Awww, it's a gyp" comes from an old movie that hasn't been shown by Sven for years -- but it fits so many situations. By now you're used to the quotes from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and JAWS, right?
Katink PatS 10 months ago
Yup! Catching most of them, PatS!
deadringer42 10 months ago
I'm out also. See you at the races tonight?
Have a sventoonarifgic day all.
gabste deadringer42 10 months ago
You too deadringer ! I try to be here tonight !!
Catbat 10 months ago
Well that's all folks. Time for me to get going. Have a Great day!
deadringer42 Catbat 10 months ago
Have a good day. Hope the hand heals quickly.
gabste Catbat 10 months ago
Have a great day Catbat ! Hope your wrist isn't hurting
JohnBlair 10 months ago
Sorry I was late, blunt I got go.... later peeps!
gabste JohnBlair 10 months ago
See you JB ! 🤗
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