It’s Not the White House- It’s a FRIGHT House! “House of Dracula” Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, you're welcome to enter our house- there's plenty of room, since Count Dracula is here in the slender form of John Carradine- and the other occupants include The Wolf Man, a tragic doctor, and the Frankenstein Monster! The vampire count has a sinister agenda, as he flips this house- a sanitarium and laboratory- into the “House of Dracula”! The doctor is actually a good Samaritan working to help  those with  medical problems and malformed bodies- including his dedicated lovely nurse , who has a hunched back. He is on the track to cure these  malformations, using a rare plant that he endeavors to grow in abundance.  One night- he is startled by the appearance of an unexpected visitor who claims to be the Baron Latos- who suffers from a strange blood affliction  that the doctor has never seen before! Fascinated by such an unknown ailment, the doctor is willing to accept this new challenge and do his best to help this surprise patient defeat it- not knowing that the  condition is actually vampirism- and the patient is Count Dracula!

The clinic gets another visitor without an appointment- the somewhat agitated Larry Talbot! He demands that the doctor's other assistant/receptionist that he must see the doctor immediately, while hinting that the upcoming full moon  will be a catalyst to dange., When told that the doctor is unavailable- and he exits the  place in a panic!

Fortunately, the doctor IS available when the police ask for his help with a "mad man" they have incarcerated. The prisoner is none other than Talbot himself- and the problem he was asking for help with becomes evident when, as the full moon rises-  he transforms into the savage Wolf Man! The doctor has pity on Talbot, and thinks that his new serum, using the rare plant, could be used to bring a cure to the brooding beast man. All the doctor's well-meaning work is thrown into jeopardy when the Count is intent on making one of the doctor's assistants his latest bride- and Talbot's suicidal tendencies lead to the discovery of the almost comatose Frankenstein Monster in a sea-side cave which also has the perfect conditions to grow more of the plant needed for the doctor's cure! Dracula has no regard for the doctor's humanitarian acts-and coldly brings about a sinister change in medical man- resulting in new terror- murder- and the frightful restoration of the Monster's power! Considered a sequel to “House of Frankenstein”-  this house party pretty much posted the Universal classic monster series as "condemned"- until years later , when all the monsters were again in one place for “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”. This movie brings back Carradine in the role he played in "House of Frankenstein", as well as his castmate from that film, Lon Chaney Jr. again playing the role he owned- Larry Talbot. The Frankenstein Monster, again ready for re-energizing, is Glenn Strange. We'll give you the inside info on the cast, plus the usual Sven entertainment- including a song!

"House of Dracula" is ready for a walk-through tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or, for information on where and when in your area, check your local listings, or hit . In Chicago, viewers are booked for a return flight with "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" on our sister station, the U, WCIU, at 11 am.

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But tonight- come-on-a our house for wall-to-wall horror  in the "House of Dracula"!