It’s SNL- Sinister Night Life-Endings – When Victims Meet the “Night Monster”- Tonight!

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MeTV invites you to spend tonight in a secluded manor where mystic medicine and blood stains may herald the latest murder caused by a terrible monster- in the 1942 chiller “Night Monster”!

Join us as we enter Ingston Towers- a remote mansion deep in the swamps, where our host is the reclusive invalid Curt Ingston. Among the eccentric inhabitants are Ingston's troubled sister Margaret and an Indian mystic named Singh- along with the staff of mysterious butler Rolf, sleazy chauffeur Laurie, and stern housekeeper Miss Judd. One staff member has had enough- young housemaid Milly , who finds recent developments- blood stains appearing in places around the house, reports of a death near the property, and the legend of a lurking monster  so frightening, even the frogs in the area stop croaking when it approaches- more than she can stand. She takes her leave, having to fight off the lecherous Laurie- and wants the local authority- a small-town constable- to check things out.

Meanwhile, Ingston , confined to a wheelchair, has an amazing discovery that he wants to reveal- and chooses three renowned doctors who had once attempted to cure his paralysis-unsuccessfully- to come to his mansion to witness the amazing discovery made by the mystic Singh that he feels will change medical history. The doctors arrive, and yet another doctor is added to the guest list- but not by Ingston. His sister Margaret, considered insane by her brother and the housekeeper, has summoned  a psychiatrist- the lovely Dr. Lynn Harper- to help assure her state of sanity, no matter what the others say. On her way to the mansion, Dr. Lynn has car trouble, and , getting spooked on the fog-shrouded lonely road through the swamps, is fortunate to be picked up by a mystery writer, Dick Baldwin, who somehow is always welcomed by Ingston to visit with him.

Not so welcome is Lynn- most of the Ingston staff, along with the old man himself, are not happy to have her present- but relent and allow her to join the parties staying overnight. Ingston also seems reluctant to let his sister even speak with the psychiatrist.

After an uneasy dinner, Ingston prepares to reveal his incredible mystical breakthrough- though the doctors are either skeptical or outraged at the idea. The mysterious Singh gives a demonstration, resulting in a frightening materialization- and more blood!  As the group tries to process this astounding presentation, the night progresses with a systematic series of murders - and the existence of the monster proves to be fact!

With Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill getting top billing- one expects a scary good time- and yet, both of these actors  are far from the stars of this "old dark house" horror film. Regardless, it's  a creepy chiller- and we’ll introduce you to the cast members, while scaring up the usual Sven shtick- including an ad for an exceptional household cleaning product, the artful (or is that awful?) "Too Drawn Out" game, and another  entry from the Svengoolie songbook- sure to also stop the frogs from croaking- as well as those viewers who hear it.

“Night Monster” brings a chill to  your night tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings ( or for time and channel where you are. Our Chicago area viewers get another look at the vampire western "Curse of the Undead"on our sister station, WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

Our thanks to the "Big BlogCast 2" blog commenters who made the trip to Flashback Weekend to visit with us! We hope you found it worth the trip, and got to experience a lot of the fun and guest appearances at the convention. We'll have highlights down the road.

Attention: be watching for an important announcement about the Svengoolie show- set to be revealed on Saturday,August 19th.

Meanwhile, join us tonight to meet the "Night Monster"- and don't you dare croak!