It’s Still June- so, Here Come the “Brides of Dracula”!

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June has been "Hammer Time" on our show, and , since it's also the traditional month for marriage, let's kill two bats with one stone, as we present a real favorite of our Sven audience- a Peter Cushing turn as Van Helsing in "Brides of Dracula"!

A young Frenchwoman is heading to a new job as a teacher at a girls' school- and gets stranded at an inn, where an aged baroness strides in and offers her the hospitality of her castle (while the innkeepers cower in fear, for some reason...)

While the young lady is checking out her surroundings at the castle, she notices a fair-haired young man out on a balcony- but, when she questions the baroness about him, she learns he is the woman's son, afflicted with some sort of vague illness. Alas, when she finally meets the young man, he gives a story of woe, stating his mother has taken his rightful possessions and place, and keeps him locked up! The poor deluded girl helps to free him, with some dire results.Frightened by what she sees , and by the sinister family maid, she flees- only to be found later by one  Dr. Van Helsing, who has been called to the area by a local priest, in view of the strange  occurrences that are taking away the lives of local young women.

It doesn't take long for Van Helsing to realize that the problem is- vampires!-and, a new vampire leading the  present wave of fanged females. Between brushes with new victims- and worries about the young schoolmarm, at her new job with an new (and sinister) love interest- the good doctor finds himself not only fighting to protect the locals- but even himself from the new epidemic of vampirism!

This 1960 Hammer film is unique in the depiction of a fair-haired vampire- as opposed to the Lugosi/Lee brunette type - and, again rich with Hammer color and atmosphere. We'll introduce you to cast members,fill in some background info, and, of course, provide  shtick to round out what has become a much-asked -for part of our Sven library!

"Brides of Dracula" start their processional tonight at 10 pm eastern and pacific time, 9 pm central, and, please check for the airtime in your area. In Chicago, our viewers get another look at "Curse of the Werewolf" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

A new month approaches -with a new theme and a favorite series that I don't think we have ever run consecutively in order! Come back next week for more information!

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