It's the Karloff Original- "The Mummy"-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it has nothing to do with fitness when one of Universal’s iconic monsters goes "for a little walk"... and begins a marathon of evil and death, thanks to a curse from ancient Egypt that brings danger to all who come into contact with- "The Mummy"!

This is the original 1932 classic- that capitalized on Boris Karloff’s success as the Frankenstein Monster- casting him as the mummy of an ancient Egyptian priest who, in the name of love, defied the laws of the gods and those who were loyal to them. The story begins in Egypt 1921-with the discovery of a tomb containing the mummified remains of someone who appears to have been interred alive, no doubt due to some sort of indiscretion. The expedition, headed by Sir Joseph Whemple, also finds a box with a mysterious scroll- known as the Scroll of Thoth, supposedly a vehicle for giving life. The members of the exploring party argue about whether it is fitting to even continue with the examination of the discovery, perhaps deferring to ancient codes and laws –but, while they debate the issue, Ralph, a foolish young associate, studies the scroll, translating its words and reading them out loud. His recitation of the text is an incantation which brings the Mummy back to life! As the young man watches, driven to hysteric laughter by the unbelievable spectacle of the living Mummy, the bandaged creature claims the scroll and shambles out of the tomb, leaving the poor fellow with his mind broken.

 Needless to say, the expedition is abandoned- until ten years later, when Frank, the son of original explorer Sir Joseph, returns to continue the search for the lost tomb of the Princess Ankh-es-en-amon. A mysterious weathered Egyptian named Ardath Bey arrives unexpectedly-and he inexplicably reveals the location where they will need to dig to find the Princess' tomb. His guidance is indeed correct- they find the tomb, and her mummified body and many artifacts are recovered, and sent to the Cairo Museum.

By doing so, they are actually aiding Ardath Bey in his own agenda- he is, in reality, the mummified high priest Imhtoep, who seeks to find a way to revive his lost love the Princess using the Scroll of Thoth that he purloined ten years ago! Imhotep is determined not let any man get in his way-and is confident that none can withstand his power. When he crosses paths with Helen Grosvenor, a young woman  of Egyptian heritage, whom he senses is the reincarnation of Ankh-es-en-amon, he is determined to help her remember her past- then restore her to his side by killing her and then using the scroll to bring her back as the Princess of her previous life- to serve as his bride! Will the Mummy claim more lives- including that of the innocent woman he would have as his mate?

This is a true classic Universal monster flick- and, though some feel it is slow-going at times, it is a wonderfully atmospheric story with Karloff's character both tragic and terrifying. We get Edward van Sloan – who played Van Helsing in the original “Dracula”- again playing a wise doctor out to defeat a supernatural foe. We'll give you background on the production and cast- and- again visit with a familiar figure of power ; see the kids costume contest from this year’s Flashback Weekend; share a song, and –watch out for a cameo appearance from someone you’ve seen in a more recent Mummy movie!

"The Mummy" comes to life tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific,7 central, or check local listings and/or visit for time and channel where you are. MeTV again invites you to live -Tweet during the show on Twitter- using the hashtag #svengoolie – with the scores of other fans who keep us trending nationally each week! Chicago area fans get another look at "Son of Dr. Jekyll" on the U ( at its new channel location) at 11 am!

And- starting this Wednesday the 16th- we begin our visit to the DC Universe! In every DC comic this upcoming week and next, you’ll find a special bio to inform everybody about my history- then, on Wednesday the 30th- you’ll see the first chapter of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” in all the major DC titles! It’ll proceed for 4 weeks, in the books that come out every Wednesday. This project turned out great- make sure you take a look!

We’re right in the middle of our Halloween public appearance tour- make sure you check under the “appearances” tab here on our site for upcoming , and any last minute, live and media appearances. And be watching our store for some amazing anniversary merchandise- coming soon!

Tonight- get wrapped up in the story of "The Mummy" with the Uncanny Karloff!

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MADave 16 months ago
Fred Gwynne my favorite monster errrr... Munster I know he played two parts twice in THE MUNSTERS the first one I recall is his brother Charlie and the other I believe was a look alike called yohan (spelling?)
Jack MADave 16 months ago
If the lookalike was from the Old Country, the name was prob’ly spelled Johann.
Geo 16 months ago
I am bummed that I will not being going to Chicago to see Svengoolie. At least I have all four anniversary shirts, in addition to my autographed chicken. It isn't the same as being there. In closing I want to wish Svengoolie a great 40th anniversary party and you keep making me laugh and entertained, bless you.
PatS Geo 16 months ago
We are *IN* Chicago area and we're not going to see Sven either. Admissions are way over our budget; even if MBC deserves a fund raiser, it hurts. Well, other events at Appearances.
Geo PatS 16 months ago
Thanks PatS that makes me feel better. Like I said lucky enough to have all four shirts and I can at least I can be there in spirit. I guess I can start saving for the August blog get together. I still can watch the show, since I kept cable. Best wishes to all who attend the upcoming events.
CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
I'm late Happy Friday
👻...getting ready for my husbands family reunion at the park tomorrow
🎉 taking food we all share with each other
lots of food 🍁😁🍁
Big family all nice's funny the family reunion years
ago they played volley ball ha ha not any 👵
more we have all
gotten so much older
so it's bingo or a toss game 😄 And there
kids are not playing no
volley ball game 😉
I will try to check in later 🤖
Have a good evening

Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Have a great time, Carrie!
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
You guys have a wonderful time tomorrow! ❤️
Jack 16 months ago
Soon we’ll be leaving the original _Mummy_ with half Egyptian Helen Grosvenor and moving on to other mummy movies and other damsels in distress—altho’ the mummy always seem to mistake her for a dead Egyptian princess. This may be my last chance to offer “Misirlou” for Catbat’s Halloween playlist. The song has been around for a long time, being known as a folk melody to Arab, Armenian, Greek, and Jewish musicians by the 1920s. The title Misirlou means “Egyptian girl.” Here’s the original recorded version from 1927 by Theodotos Demetriades, which could be part of the soundtrack from a mummy movie...
...and here’s the ultimate version by Dick Dale—you know what movie this was in...
daleuhlmann Jack 16 months ago
Although, interestingly enough, Jack, the reincarnation storyline woud only be a part of TWO of the Kharis films, THE MUMMY'S GHOST and THE MUMMY'S CURSE.
Jack daleuhlmann 16 months ago
I guess I should revise that as “… altho’ the plot regularly seems to involve a dead Egyptian princess."
PatS Jack 16 months ago
I've heard convincing stories that the melody (or a variant) was originally Russian and/or Jewish. Imagine the lyrics as "ya bai bai..." True, that musical scale is heard all over the Middle East. And the use of "Aman" (roughly "Oh Gee" or "Oh Dear") goes with both Greek and Turkish lyrics. Geula Gill sings it on a record, 'The Whole World Dances' and the insert has the words in transliterated Greek and English. Arrangement suggests she heard this recording. Who says it's the "original", though?
Jack PatS 16 months ago
Listening to the Theodotos Demetriades lyics, I picked out “Akh, ya habibi, akh ya leleili” [sp?] which isn’t Greek but Arabic.
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
"You'll have to pry these tana leaves out of my cold, clammy Mummy's Hand!"
Jack daleuhlmann 16 months ago
“...You damned, dirty ape!”*

*Authentic quote from _Planet of the Apes_.
Catbat Jack 16 months ago
It most definitely is!
PatS Jack 16 months ago
Ape or Baboon? (Like it matters...)
Jack PatS 16 months ago
Yeh, I mulled that one over. The mummy appears to be a hamadryas baboon—I would've written _obviously_ except that Egyptian embalmers frequently created fake votive animal mummies which they sold as the real thing. I stayed with the unmodified excerpt of Taylor’s speech so as not to risk the cornfield, rationalizing it as the taxonomically sloppy general term for medium to large non-human primates, like "Barbary ape.” I appreciate that you caught that, Pat!
The1Butler 16 months ago
The salt mine is closed on Saturday! I guess I'll be wrapping up Saturday with Svengoolie!
TheKodakKid The1Butler 16 months ago
Lucky you. My salt mine is open every day.
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Eve!
I think there is something underhanded about this mummy!
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Just learned that Julie Gibson, who co-starred in a couple of 1940's Three Stooges shorts ("Three Smart Saps" and "Sockabye Baby") passed away very recently at the age of 106.
RIP, Ms. Gibson.
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 16 months ago
WOW 106!
R.I.P. Ms. Gibson!
MADave daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Ms Gibson is once again with the boys
Jack 16 months ago
There’s a trove of horror material at Messer Chups Facebook page. This is a band that knows how Sven rolls...Okay, so the dateline says the photo was taken in Detroit, so that’s prob’ly not Chicago’s Bozo. The teeth look like Art Cervi’s, who’d be about 89, if he’s still alive.
Jack 16 months ago
Good news from Texas!

¡HEB tiene _pan de muerto_! ¡Can’t have Day of the Dead without _pan de muerto_!While at HEB I located the last case of Shiner Brewery Tour, containing two bottles of that elixir more precious than tanna leaf tincture, Kosmos Reserve!Now, I’m ready for _The Mummy's Hand_! Clink word, anyone?
MADave Jack 16 months ago
Anything associated with mummies I guess?
Jack MADave 16 months ago
Halloween and Día de Muertos will soon be upon us. Gotta have Bread of the Dead!

Yesterday, I suggested that Kosmos Reserve was the perfect beer for watching mummy movies as brewmaster Kosmos Spoetzl came to Shiner after eight years at the Pyramid Brewery in Cairo, Egypt. Unfornately, Kosmos Reserve is seasonal. Fortunately, I found some.

Or did you mean the clink word?
CarrieLynnCastro Jack 16 months ago
Hi Jack 💀
Pan de los muertos
is a sweet bread I like it too😋
Dia de los muertos
Is a celebration of loved ones who past.
Celebrated Oct 31🌺
Nov 2nd this is celebrated in Mexico!
Now shared here in the USA 🍥
I never heard of it as a kid until now my parents were born here in Calif. so that was not past on too us too celebrate of the dead our loved ones ⚘💀⚘
Nice to to know about the history and celebrate it enjoy your Pan 🍥☕
Jack CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
I suspect the aspirational rancho culture of the Californios was more likely to emulate Iberian All Saints traditions than incorporate native practices. Also Alta California is a considerable distance from the Aztec and Maya heartlands of central and southern Mexico, where much of the Día de los Muertos traditions originated. Día de los Muertos probably didn’t make inroads to California until the Chicano movement of the 1960s.
Catbat 16 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All! Hope everyone is ready to get rewrapped tomorrow night!
Lynn 16 months ago
A little late, but happy Friday guys. Joy to all!
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Happy Friday!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
MADave 16 months ago
Good morning all almost Svengoolie time
Have a wonderful Friday talk to you ladies and gentlemen after work😀
PatS 16 months ago
This comes under the category of "Songs I Learned At My Mother's Knee and Other Low Joints." Amazing how many covers there are on Youtube! This version does a nice job of combining the 1929 song with some coordinated skeletonic dancing. (Originally, as the lyrics indicate, it's about dancing when the temperature is hot -- not usually the case in October. Perhaps related to the Bantu term for shucking off one's clothes to dance uninhibitedly: MBUKI-MVUKI. Or so says Howard Rheingold in _They Have a Word For It_.)

Catbat PatS 16 months ago
Love it! Must have dancing skeletons 💀
Jack PatS 16 months ago
"Songs I Learned At My Mother's Knee and Other Low Joints” makes me think of the R. Crumb comic “Lap o’ Luxury”...
Jack 16 months ago
Here we go, Dale—and Catbat: "Experimental horror surf from St. Petersburg, Russia,” Messer Chups...
At ca 0:54 they go into that rock warhorse “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Currently they’re a three-piece with Oleg Gitaracula on guitar, Zombierella on bass, and Rockin Eugene on drums, but in the past they’ve included world famous theremin player, Lydia Kavina in their numbers. I wish I’d found out about them earlier—
daleuhlmann Jack 16 months ago
Svensational, Jack--thanks!
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