John Agar Faces the Fuzzy Fury of the "Tarantula" -Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we present a creature with its own fur coat- which may benefit it, if it lived in apart of the country that is enduring frosty temperatures right about now! Unfortunately- for the people in the area- It dwells in the hot climate of a small desert town-where a monstrous mélange of deformed mutants and mutilated cattle are the first signs of the sinister results of experimentation that has yielded one giant-sized hairy horror -beware of the "Tarantula"!

The story begins in the Arizona town of Desert Rock (no, that's not a music channel on Sirius XM) where local doctor Matt Hastings is called to the town morgue to view a dead body found out in the desert. Not that it hasn’t happened before- except for the fact that this unfortunate fellow is strangely disfigured! Dr. Matt surmises that he was suffering from acromegaly (the very real syndrome- that famed wrestler Andre the Giant and actor Rondo Hatton suffered from). The victim is identified as an assistant to esteemed local scientist Dr. Deemer- but that fact is tough to swallow, since acromegaly develops very slowly-yet this assistant was fine literally days ago! Matt heads out to Deemer’s laboratory home in the desert, in hopes of finding some answers. Deemer cordially gives him a tour of the place, explaining his current research project - a super atomic-isotope fueled nutrient that can make animals grow to a larger size, creating more food for the world's ever-increasing population. He has already treated several animals with the nutrient and they have responded as he had hoped, growing into over-sized versions of their species. Deemer assumes that his dead assistant had injected himself with the serum as a test, though it was not yet fully perfected ( a cautionary lesson for all, with what’s going on in the world). Deemer thinks the rapid advancement of the acromegaly was just a one-time freak occurrence. With that information, Matt seems satisfied for now, bids Deemer farewell, and heads back to his practice in town.

Shortly after his departure- the serum is the cause of some disastrous results at Deemer’s compound- including some destruction –and the escape of an oversized tarantula! The very next day, Matt wants to head back to the lab to ask more questions, and just happens to run into Steve-a new assistant sent for by Deemer. Steve is actually a lovely young woman- who Matt is more than happy to drive to the laboratory! She is welcomed by Deemer, and takes up residence at his place, where she can be close to her work.

Meanwhile, more mysteries surface- including the discovery of bones of formerly living cattle, some strange puddles of an odd liquid, and reports of missing ranchers- while Steve notices some odd physical changes in Deemer. And then there's this big fuzzy thing sneaking across the desert?! Before long, it's up to Matt to try to save the townspeople from an ever-growing multi-legged menace that seems unstoppable!

Jack Arnold wrote and directed this 1955 chiller, another example of the 1950s obsession with giant radiation- spawned creatures. We'll introduce you to the cast, including Leo G. Carroll, leading man John Agar, stunning 50s Playboy Playmate Mara Corday, and a few cameos, including a facially-obscured Clint Eastwood-as well as explaining certain techniques used in this film. We'll have a traditional song about the title creature, plus other Sven fun- including a much-requested super-hero-based bit with a special surprise guest!

“Tarantula” crawls onto your screen on Me-TV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, and, if you are unsure of what time or station to find us on in your area, check your local listings, or at AS always, MeTV invites you to live-Tweet with the growing number of viewers during the show on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers can experience a return trip to Florida and the amphibian anguish of “Frogs” this morning at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

Be watching for some special seasonal merchandise coming to our store soon!

Join us tonight for the fuzzy fear of “Tarantula”!

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1MikeM 6 months ago
...and dat was Tarantula...and dat's da name a dat tune
Catbat 6 months ago
On your mark... Get Set...... Almost go 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MrsG 6 months ago
Not sure who I will be rooting for this weekend ~ maybe some of Sven Bloggers’ favorites ? !
I know one fast , trophy-worthy Sven Blogger will win the great race tonight ~ who could it be now 🎶
Love Yinz ALL !
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Catbat MrsG 6 months ago
Who can it be now? 😉
Catbat MrsG 6 months ago
It's not easy being green 💚
Katink Catbat 6 months ago
You blend in with so many ordinary things🎶🎵🎶
I love a good blog Sing along, Catbat!🐸🐸🐸
Catbat Katink 6 months ago
🤣🤣 That's just how I roll 🤣🤣🤣🤣😎
MrsG 6 months ago
Dale ~
Did You ever see the kitty litter commercial where the cats do the disco dance ?
Funny ! Always think of You
MrsG 6 months ago
Bella Luna !
The moon is not full but sure looks like a werewolf moon , big and beautiful !
And what a frigid Svengoolie Eve for canoodling tonight ~ hope ALL are safe and cozy during the wrath of old man winter’s storms !
Brrrrr *_* Zzzzzz
Kyle 6 months ago
Just to put my 2 cents in.

Meat Loaf entertained me for many years, in occasionally unexpected ways.

Louie Anderson made me laugh my ass off so much that I am surprised I have anything left to sit on.

I hope to enjoy their work for many years, and have passed that on to my slightly twisted children.

Their work will live for generations.
MrsG Kyle 6 months ago
Mad parenting skills my Man !
Kyle MrsG 6 months ago
The Tim Curry jump from Muppet Treasure Island to Rocky Horror was a big thing. They adapted.
MrsG Kyle 6 months ago
Cool Kids !
😎 *_* 😎
Kyle MrsG 6 months ago
They are my favorite weirdos.
Catbat Kyle 6 months ago
Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim
Kyle Catbat 6 months ago
Why, look what a canneyball took off me, in exchannge for me own life!
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Got my Thursday newspaper this morning and saw on page 2 that Yvette Mimieux had passed away. She played Weena in George Pal's production of THE TIME MACHINE (1960). Sigh.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Three famous death announcements in one day—that was way too fast.
Aceman2 6 months ago
Strange day. I started today with 2 positive, happy posts. Then I read the blogs that announced the sad passing of Meat Loaf and Louie Anderson. Then came an email from Weber Grills (I am a proud owner of one of their grills). I was in shock! How crass! Titled "Meatloaf, your way". The contents of the email "BBQ Meat Loaf". Just now I received another email titled "Please accept our apologies" with a sincere apology. Strange day.
MrsG Aceman2 6 months ago
Strange days indeed
Catbat Aceman2 6 months ago
That Stinks!
KeithJ MrsG 6 months ago
Love that Lennon song!
Jack KeithJ 6 months ago
🎶Nobody told me about Yoko’s knees...🎶
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Hey, group, to get our minds off the depressing news we've all been understandably talking about this morning, let's consider, shall we, gender roles in last week's Sven movie, TARANTULA.
Matt's (John Agar's) joke about how giving women the right to vote paves the way for women scientists, despite its humorous intent, certainly can be read as chauvinistic. Also, Mara Corday's character, Stephanie Clayton, is given the male nickname of "Steve," suggesting that her education and scientific accomplishments have "entitled" her to such a moniker. I had posted on Saturday that that at first had struck me as a sign of acceptance and equality, but now I've been rethinking those assumptions. Why does a name or title or name have to have any gender connotations to bestow legitimacy on an individual's accomplishments? And why does it have to be a name with male identification?

Now, "Steve" does show herself to be intelligent and highly qualified to be a research assistant, and, despite some understandable screams on her part when being startled by the deformed Professor Deemer and the giant tarantula (hell, I think I might have screamed, too!), she is, on the whole, no screaming mimi nor damsel in distress, and holds her own when fending off ole Josh's, the hotel clerk's, nosiness about her business.

On the other hand, the movie bows to some sexism again when she mentions to Deemer that among her activities in town on her day off involves an appointment at the local salon: "A girl has just GOT to get her hair done," she tells him. Also, the film gives her really no opportunities to work shoulder-by-shoulder with Matt (in Scully and Mulder style, for example) in actively investigating and battling the menace posed by the giant spider.

So I leave it to my fellow Sven bloggers: On a scale of from one-ten (one being the lowest and ten being the highest), how would you rate Mara Corday's character, "Steve" Clayton, on the question of empowerment? How might you compare her with other 1950s heroines we've seen, like Barbara Rush in IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, Julie Adams in CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, Lori Adams in REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, Beverly Garland in CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON, Lola Albright in THE MONOLITH MONSTERS, or Kathleen Crowley in CURSE OF THE UNDEAD, for example? --or even other roles that Corday played, as in THE GIANT CLAW and THE BLACK SCORPION?
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MrsG Thereman 6 months ago
67 years ~ we’ve come a long way Baby ~ yet sadly there are still inequalities ~ the beautiful thing is NOT here on the Sven Blog !
Love ~ Peace ~ Svengoolie
Drang daleuhlmann 6 months ago
It feels trite to point out that attitudes have changed greatly over the last hundred years, driven in no small part by technological change, including, of course, entertainment modes and themes. I honestly feel that attempting to read meanings or themes into 70 year old stories based on what would be allowed today is reaching.
I would also submit any attempt to remake this movie on todays terms would be a woke disaster, because the production company would be so concerned about checking boxes and supporting approved narratives that the few people that went to see it would not enjoy the experience.
Catbat MrsG 6 months ago
Amen! MrsG!
PatS Drang 6 months ago
Welll-l-l-l-l... we ARE getting remakes of horror, monster and fantasy films that have done pretty well. Yes, there is a sense of trying to tick the boxes, include more females and more racial diversity -- and sometimes it succeeds. Kinda have to take 'em case by case.
Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
Haha, okay, as usual I'm talking to myself. I just got out of work so I'm a little wound up. I'll go find something to do. Bye everybody, till next time.👋
Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
I signed up again for a rubber chicken. If MADave didn't give up on his joke. I'm not giving up on my chicken!
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Catbat Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
Every newsletter I'm on it! Good Luck 🍀
Carl_N_Brown Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
I try to remember to sign up for a chicken when I get the Svengoolie newsletter in my email and make a note when I update my Sven movie list.
MrsG Catbat 6 months ago
Catbat ~
You should have an honorary signed Svenette rubber chicken for Your extended dedication of bringing IT for years !
Got my vote !
Klaatu 6 months ago
Ugggh, all this sad news of famous people passing, etc. I’m stepping into Funtime Sven-zone. I’m dressed and ready to face my fellow aliens🤪
Catbat Klaatu 6 months ago
scottieO 6 months ago
Bill K:
Thanks for your post about Meat Loaf. He was always an interesting and enjoyable performer.
I could never get enough of "What Meat Loaf, again?"

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Kergooliewyn Jack 6 months ago
Okay this is his Facebook page I looked up images of the bike. Really beautiful bike.
Kergooliewyn Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
Sorry that Facebook page part wasn't supposed to get posted. Someone was showing me Meat Loaf's facebook page while I was talk texting. I should probably be more careful about that forgive me.
scottieO Jack 6 months ago
If anyone gets a Harley-Davidson in Heaven it should be him.
Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
Hi everybody. Looking forward to Tomorrow night's movie. So sorry to hear about the passing of the great Hot Patootie, Meat Loaf. He didnt like it when you combined it into one word, which I just found out today. (Who knew😏) Anyway. 74 was too young.
Tomorrow we will buckle our seat belts for a bumpy Flying Saucer ride. Can't wait.
MrsG Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
Oh thanks Kergooliewyn , didn’t know about Mr. Loaf’s name ~ that was a serious oversight !
MrsG Kergooliewyn 6 months ago
Just noticed how cool , and timely , Your new avatar is !
Kergooliewyn MrsG 6 months ago
I didnt either MrsG. I had been combining his name into one word ever since I first heard of him. Well, he didn't know it, so I guess I'm in the clear.
MrsG 6 months ago
Sorry MADave ~
We zoomed way past 3000 ~ lost track and don’t know who made the mark ~ so maybe everyone gets a participation trophy ~
Mikeyyy MrsG 6 months ago
I went back and looks to me like it was Lynn...
MrsG Mikeyyy 6 months ago
YAY Lynn ~ You rock !
So do You Mikeyyy , for Your investigative prowess !
Lynn Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Whoa! I had no idea. Thanks, guys.
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
I know Sven mentioned last Saturday Nestor Paivia's role in TARANTULA, as well as his appearances in other genre favorites like MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, and THE MOLE PEOPLE. But what I didn't know until today, while doing some additional reading about his career, that he was born and raised in (drumroll please) . . . Fresno, California, which was the site of the never-to-be-forgotten Big Blogcast VI!
Klaatu daleuhlmann 6 months ago
And isn’t Fresno the home base for ScottieO?
TheKodakKid Klaatu 6 months ago
Yes it is. Not sure what sort of celebration the city is planning in a couple of weeks to commemorate Scottie O’s birthday. Parade through town, statue beside the Ken Curtis statue, renaming the Main Street, or maybe black armbands and flags at half staff to note the passing of his youth (and middle age).
MrsG 6 months ago
Just caught a bit of local news that reminded me of Meatloaf’s performance at the 1994 MLB All-Star game at 3 Rivers Stadium singing the National Anthem ~ looked and sounded great !
Never would have remembered ~
Kergooliewyn MrsG 6 months ago
Nice MrsG
Aceman2 6 months ago
Captioned “Happiness is in front of you”
MrsG 6 months ago
IDK ~ something very special about the Blog Vibe today ~ good news and bad ~ lousy weather and illness ~ regardless , always some SvenComfort here !
Love Yinz ALL !
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