John Agar Faces the Fuzzy Fury of the "Tarantula" -Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we present a creature with its own fur coat- which may benefit it, if it lived in apart of the country that is enduring frosty temperatures right about now! Unfortunately- for the people in the area- It dwells in the hot climate of a small desert town-where a monstrous mélange of deformed mutants and mutilated cattle are the first signs of the sinister results of experimentation that has yielded one giant-sized hairy horror -beware of the "Tarantula"!

The story begins in the Arizona town of Desert Rock (no, that's not a music channel on Sirius XM) where local doctor Matt Hastings is called to the town morgue to view a dead body found out in the desert. Not that it hasn’t happened before- except for the fact that this unfortunate fellow is strangely disfigured! Dr. Matt surmises that he was suffering from acromegaly (the very real syndrome- that famed wrestler Andre the Giant and actor Rondo Hatton suffered from). The victim is identified as an assistant to esteemed local scientist Dr. Deemer- but that fact is tough to swallow, since acromegaly develops very slowly-yet this assistant was fine literally days ago! Matt heads out to Deemer’s laboratory home in the desert, in hopes of finding some answers. Deemer cordially gives him a tour of the place, explaining his current research project - a super atomic-isotope fueled nutrient that can make animals grow to a larger size, creating more food for the world's ever-increasing population. He has already treated several animals with the nutrient and they have responded as he had hoped, growing into over-sized versions of their species. Deemer assumes that his dead assistant had injected himself with the serum as a test, though it was not yet fully perfected ( a cautionary lesson for all, with what’s going on in the world). Deemer thinks the rapid advancement of the acromegaly was just a one-time freak occurrence. With that information, Matt seems satisfied for now, bids Deemer farewell, and heads back to his practice in town.

Shortly after his departure- the serum is the cause of some disastrous results at Deemer’s compound- including some destruction –and the escape of an oversized tarantula! The very next day, Matt wants to head back to the lab to ask more questions, and just happens to run into Steve-a new assistant sent for by Deemer. Steve is actually a lovely young woman- who Matt is more than happy to drive to the laboratory! She is welcomed by Deemer, and takes up residence at his place, where she can be close to her work.

Meanwhile, more mysteries surface- including the discovery of bones of formerly living cattle, some strange puddles of an odd liquid, and reports of missing ranchers- while Steve notices some odd physical changes in Deemer. And then there's this big fuzzy thing sneaking across the desert?! Before long, it's up to Matt to try to save the townspeople from an ever-growing multi-legged menace that seems unstoppable!

Jack Arnold wrote and directed this 1955 chiller, another example of the 1950s obsession with giant radiation- spawned creatures. We'll introduce you to the cast, including Leo G. Carroll, leading man John Agar, stunning 50s Playboy Playmate Mara Corday, and a few cameos, including a facially-obscured Clint Eastwood-as well as explaining certain techniques used in this film. We'll have a traditional song about the title creature, plus other Sven fun- including a much-requested super-hero-based bit with a special surprise guest!

“Tarantula” crawls onto your screen on Me-TV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, and, if you are unsure of what time or station to find us on in your area, check your local listings, or at AS always, MeTV invites you to live-Tweet with the growing number of viewers during the show on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers can experience a return trip to Florida and the amphibian anguish of “Frogs” this morning at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

Be watching for some special seasonal merchandise coming to our store soon!

Join us tonight for the fuzzy fear of “Tarantula”!

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Drang 2 hours ago
Any Svengoolians catch the tsunami from the volcano in Tonga?
Four foot amplitude in Monterey Bay!
Graphics at:
"The explosive eruption created shock waves in the atmosphere (pressure waves) that rapidly propagated away...
"The oceanic eruption also pushed away a massive amount of water, which created a tsunami on nearby islands (such as Tonga) and deep water waves that moved away at the speed of a jet plane, reaching the West Coast this morning. This is why some local tsunami warnings went out this AM.
"Local barometers indicated a well-defined pressure wave passing over our region around 4:30 AM this morning. Here in Seattle, the University of Washington barometer showed the feature, with an amplitude of roughly 2 hPa (2 mb)...
"So it took about eight hours and 30 minutes to go about 5643 miles--thus a speed around 664 miles per hour.

The water wave moves slower, around 400 mph (and occasionally approaching 500 mph) a later arrival was expected. Thus, at Neah Bay, at the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the water wave arrived around 9 AM (17:00 UTC as shown on the chart), as indicated by the waviness in the water level after that time. The amplitude of the variation is around 2 feet."
Commenters at Professor Mass' blog say that the fog the entire region has been shrouded in for a couple of days turned brown, presumably from ash.
Oscar Drang 1 hour ago
We had a warning here is San Diego but nothing came our way.
Drang Oscar 1 hour ago
You probably wouldn't have noticed anything unless you were at the shore when it hit. The media has given everyone this image that a tsunami will look like some massive wave that would engulf a skyscraper, but in fact what it looks like is the tide is coming in and doesn't stop.
You can't surf on it. If you're on a boat you probably won't even notice unless you're very close to shore, and then you'll BE ashore.
And if you're ashore, either the relentless pressure will knock you on your butt, or the debris it sweeps up will.
Drang Drang 1 hour ago
The satellite imagery of this thing is amazing!
Note that there is a photo of the Sanity Cruz, CA, boardwalk drying out...
NoPersonalChicks 2 hours ago
Here's hoping all bloggers stay safe and warm in the path of hopefully what is winter's last gasp of wrath this year. 55 and sunny here today - come on down.
And may your teams win, if you still have one in the fight. Mine was the first team in NFL history to be mathematically eliminated before the season started.
Thereman 2 hours ago
So Mrs G, aka Soon to be snowed on/ in Svenette- what’s Chief on your list today?
MrsG Thereman 2 hours ago
Oh my dear Thereman ~ didn’t You just nail it , paying homage to the CHIEF !
Ready , as can be , for IZZY ~ warm in the afterglow of those fuzzy legs !
Are Yinz in the path too ?
We have essentials and comforts so hope for the best since both under the weather and over the hill !
Love ~ Peace ~ Babushkas
Thereman MrsG 2 hours ago
Probably 2 - 4 inches here, Not too bad! As for being under the weather, this winter’s “gruck” just seems to keep on giving! I appreciate generosity, but there are limits! Be well/ be safe!
CarrieCastro 3 hours ago
Good morning 🎩☕
Hope your all having a nice Sunday 🐧🌞

"Tarantula" is one my
favorites 🕷 Would love to pick these up great movies in DVD's will
work on it 🤗🎥
"Them" and "Thing"
how about "Earth
Stood Still" and few more...sorry if the 👽
titles are not correct.

Have a nice Sunday 🐦
everyone 🍃🌺🍃
Hey Catbat we got sun
no fog 🌞 yay!

See you later 😎

Oscar CarrieCastro 1 hour ago
Good morning Carrie, hope you have a wonderful sunday.
Kergooliewyn 3 hours ago
Everyone have a wonder filled day. I'm off to do Sunday things. Until the next time no one notices I'm here....😄👋
MrsG Kergooliewyn 3 hours ago
🎶 We love You Kergooliewyn , oh yes we do ooo 🎶
Thereman Kergooliewyn 3 hours ago
Where’s Kergooliewyn? (LOL) Great times last night, and have a great Svunday!
daleuhlmann 3 hours ago
Gotta run right now, group. We're supposed to get 4-8" of snow overnight, and I've got to get to the grocery store for just a few items. No doubt, because of the news of this upcoming winter storm, practically everybody in town is going to be headed there today, so I'd better get this errand out of the way early!
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Right now, Snowmageddon is hitting my neck of the woods.
1MikeM daleuhlmann 2 hours ago
Save big money at Svenards!
MrsG daleuhlmann 2 hours ago
Ha ha ha ! That’s the truth though , worse than Black Friday ~ the shelves will be bare !
Have you ever noticed, when they’re predicting all this bad weather, the local news, or at least the weather forecast, is sponsored by one of the grocery stores?

Just an observation.
daleuhlmann 3 hours ago
Good Sunday morning, group!

I'd like to start off with a question that I've been just dying to ask Scottie:

If last night's spider was a "Peeping Tomtula" (picture 1), then what would you call this Peeping Tom of a DEADLY MANTIS (picture 2)?
What is up with all these peeping creepers! This is why I always shut my blinds.
NoPersonalChicks 4 hours ago
Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh with their daughters Kelly and newborn Jamie Lee on this date in 1959. At bottom, mom is seen later changing Jamie Lee's diaper when she was teething.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 3 hours ago
Tony and Janet contemplating having a second child...
MrsG Jack 3 hours ago
NPC and Jack ~
Yinz absolutely take the cake with these photos ~ striking !
Lord knows how you find them , but please keep ‘em coming !
Thank Yinz !
Kergooliewyn 4 hours ago
Good morning everyone! Here with my day after movie review.😄 I usually have nothing bad to say about the Sven movies. This is no exception. I enjoyed it. Mara Corday was lovely as Steve. Even though I wasn't all for Dr. Deemer's serum, and its effects, It was still sad seeing his face sitting on his shoulder.
Speaking of faces.... We couldn't see Clint Eastwood's face, but there was no denying that voice.
Then there was "Fluffy", who was only trying to survive as a victim of an experiment gone horribly wrong.
I had a blast blogging. Sven, Kerwyn, Doug, Chicken Throwers, Hecklers, and beloved bloggers, Love you all! Can't wait to see you again.👋
Jack Kergooliewyn 4 hours ago
Didn’t you recognize Clint’s snake-eye concentration?
Kergooliewyn Jack 3 hours ago
Actually, I did.
Kergooliewyn Jack 3 hours ago
I probably dont really need to state this, but when I call you Mr. Know-it-All, it is with true respect and admiration for your knowledge filled brain. That, and... I'm funnin' with ya.🙂
He has noticed that you say it with a completely different tone than the one TexasDeb uses when she calls him that on occasion.
Klaatu 4 hours ago
I couldn’t watch Tarantula last night, but I did come across this that all the Svengoolie cat owners might find amusing. Cats are hilarious 😂
Kergooliewyn Klaatu 4 hours ago
This is hilarious!😻😄👍
Aceman2 Klaatu 3 hours ago
I gotta get me one of those but Merlin at 17 years old definitely does not have those hops.
MADave Klaatu 3 hours ago
My cat would probably run away that was hilarious thanks Klaatu
MrsG Klaatu 3 hours ago
Award-winning Klaatu !
But was that a little tad of kitty poo flying at the end ? ! ? !
DrClayton 6 hours ago
How about an ad for *this* car, Butler?:

Aceman2 7 hours ago
Good morning to all citizens of Svendom. Fun movie. It’s currently 6 degrees and sunny in Bucks County PA. Warming up to 42 at midnight. In between the forecast is for snow and ice.
daDoctah 12 hours ago
Just in, this appropriately-timed news story from our friends in London:
Jack daDoctah 6 hours ago
This sounds like job for Dr. Who!
The1Butler 12 hours ago
Id like to see a commercial about a good deal on a car or something, not dead puppies or sick children!
daDoctah The1Butler 9 hours ago
I miss Bradgirl.
Kergooliewyn The1Butler 4 hours ago
I'm with you on that Butler.
On the other hand, if we didnt have those commercials.......
The1Butler 13 hours ago
Whats up with the red leprechaun?
The1Butler The1Butler 12 hours ago
Red is the outlaw leprechaun.
The1Butler 13 hours ago
Wee ones on vttbots tonight ☘
LeeJones 13 hours ago
The giant carrot man.
I watch this show out of sheer spite now.
CharlesRocks LeeJones 13 hours ago
In two weeks, they are going back to the humble beginnings where Dr. Smith was just evil.
Feel sort of sorry for everyone in the 1960's who thought this show was going to be about a family stranded in outer space, coming into contact with new and often dangerous alien lifeforms, while struggling to survive hostile environments and the many perils of deep space.
daDoctah CharlesRocks 12 hours ago
For pretty much the whole first season it was just that. Then they went to color, Dr Smith became a sissy layabout instead of an actual terrorist, and the whole thing just got goofy.

BTW, MeTV Plus runs the show five episodes a week, and they wrapped around from the last episode to the first about a week ago, so we're getting those decent adventure storylines already.
1MikeM daDoctah 2 hours ago
The first season in black and white was good. The first guest star on Lost in Space was Warren Oates. He played American astronaut Jimmy Hapgood. That was episode 6: "Welcome Stranger"
Catbat 14 hours ago
Ok gang taking a break for a bit. Great show! Back in awhile
The1Butler Catbat 14 hours ago
Ill be back !😎
Lynn Catbat 14 hours ago
Goodnight, Catbat!
CharlesRocks 14 hours ago
Peyronie's disease is no laughing matter!
Catbat CharlesRocks 14 hours ago
The1Butler Catbat 14 hours ago
Retarded commercial
CharlesRocks CharlesRocks 14 hours ago
Consult your doctor (unless your only doctor happens to be Dr. Smith) today, to seek treatment options for this serious medical condition.
scottieO 14 hours ago
If nothing else Tarantula was food for thought.
Don't forget to eat your vegetarians!
Goodnight everyone, and have a pleasant tomorrow!
Lynn scottieO 14 hours ago
Oh, my!
The1Butler scottieO 14 hours ago
Goodnight beam me up 👽
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