Karloff in da House-the Classic “House of Frankenstein” Tonight!

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No "FrankenFest"  can ever have too much Boris Karloff- so, we've got the movie that brought Boris back to the Frankenstein legacy in a unique way- as yet another mad scientist who wants to restore the Monster to his most awesome power- and make him "better"- in "House of Frankenstein"!

Boris is  the imprisoned Dr. Neimann, sharing the cell block with the hunchbacked Daniel, and lecturing him on his experiments- like putting a human brain in a dog- when a massive thunderstorm causes the prison to collapse, giving them an escape route that leads to helping  the proprietor of a mobile "house of horrors" display get his wagon unstuck from a muddy road- and giving Neimann the opportunity to steal the man's identity and take over his show- which includes the remains of Count Dracula- a skeleton with a stake through its heart! When local authorities think they might know him, he pulls the stake out in anger- returning the vampire to life- and enlists him in his quest for revenge!

As the vengeance tour continues, they pick up a mistreated gypsy girl from a caravan- and stumble upon the frozen bodies of the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein Monster ( were they were left after the events of "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man")! Soon, they are thawed out- with the Monster barely alive, and the Wolf Man returned to the human form of Larry Talbot. Neimann is encouraged to head back to his old abandoned laboratory, and continue his experimentation, in order to "perfect" the Monster with a new brain- but whose this time?

This 1944 "monster mash-up" with the top Universal horror figures offers us lots of familiar cast members ,  many of whom we'll point out to you, along with some other cool trivia, as well as a heaping helping of Sven fun- and, a mail segment that highlights many of the Sven fans who decided to dress as yours truly this past Halloween season! We couldn't fit everybody in, especially late entries- but- you'll be amazed at how many forms I seem to take!

"House of Frankenstein" throws open its doors on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and please check your local listings in other time zones. Dallas/Ft. Worth viewers- we know you miss us- so,make sure you go to and contact them, so they can alert you when a new station gets set up with the Me-TV network! In Chicago, another look at "Ghost of Frankenstein" with my "brother" Fraido- runs at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

"FrankenFest" continues through November on our show- proving you can't keep a "good" (and that term is relative) monster down! Make sure you follow me on twitter - @svengoolie - and , on Facebook on our fan page- you can tell its the one that we run by the cover picture of me on the "You and Me This Morning" set- and the inset profile picture of the lovely singer and pro wrestler Mickie James showing off her Sven shirt!