Last Class at the Current Time : “Monster on the Campus”-Tonight!

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As we bid farewell to our current time slot (if you've been living under a slab, next Saturday night we shift to an earlier time- 8 eastern/pacific, 7 central), we appropriately head back to school- and backwards in evolution- as a college professor accidentally makes a frightening discovery that has him reverting to an earlier, more savage version of man- who gets victims expelled from living- as he becomes the "Monster on the Campus"!

The campus science department buzzes with excitement- when a rare specimen of a fish- a coelacanth- dubbed as a "living fossil", since it has resisted any sort of evolutionary change in millions of years- is delivered to Dr. Donald Blake's lab. The specimen has been packed in ice, which has started to melt- and, when a student’s dog laps up some of the water leaking from the  specimen box- the usually friendly canine suddenly turns feral! It's owner, a student named Jimmy, hasn't a clue why his disposition has suddenly changed- or why the dog now has huge fang-like teeth!

The professor, Dr. Blake, must put the thawing fish specimen into his freezer to protect it- but, while moving it, he injures his hand on its sharp teeth- and , unfortunately, also has to dip the same wounded hand into the watery residue in the specimen box ! As things progress, he starts to feel ill, gets a ride home from his doctor's assistant, -and passes out upon arrival at his home. When Madeline, Blake's fiancee arrives to see what's going on-  she finds the place ransacked- and discovers  the body of a victim of ...who or what?! The only clues- Blake's tie clasp in the victim's hand- and a HUGE handprint!

Authorities guess that someone is trying to implicate Blake, and that he is innocent of any wrong-doing- but then more bodies are turning up- along with more bizarre cases of living things devolving into their more primitive forms- with one of those living things appearing to be man! The police begin their search for a madman who seems less than human- and Blake begins to realize what has happened to him- and why. A remote cabin in the hills becomes the scene of the return of the primitive humanoid- and possibly the end of Madeline's life!

This 1958 flick is perfect for the viewers who have been asking for some sci-fi mixed with their horror. We'll run down the cast,featuring some 50s and 60s favorites- the most prominent being Troy Donahue, as well as veteran of several horror movies,Whit Bissell, and more. Expect some back-to-ghoul Sven stick-with Sven hitting the classroom, having some frat house fun, and, being taught a lesson- but not the kind he was hoping for- by famed former WWE Diva Victoria/TNA Wrestling star Tara - Lisa Marie Varon!

"Monster on the Campus" starts its course tonight on MeTV - for the final time at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check time and channel in your local listings - or at . Chicago area viewers  can relax- the WCIU Saturday morning run of last week's show will be staying at 11 am-this week and all the weeks that follow- with this morning's feature being a second run of "Murders in the Rue Morgue"!

Again- starting next Saturday night, September 9th- the Sven show shifts to our new earlier time- 8 eastern/pacific, 7 central. Spread the word to all your fellow Sven fans!

Check our appearances tab on this site in a day or two- there will be a couple WGN radio appearances- with Nick Digilio and Patti Vasquez- coming up! And - our Halloween season appearance tour may just be starting a little earlier than October- be watching for details!

Be here tonight before the bell rings- ready for "Monster on the Campus"! ( No fair using "Jump-Off-a-Cliff's Notes"!)