Lon Chaney Jr Leads the Electrical Charge When He Becomes the "Indestructible Man"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s high-voltage horror, featuring Lon Chaney Jr. in a role with some similarities to one of his early fright films- as the power of electricity accidentally revives a dead criminal, giving him both new life and incredible strength, and sets him on a path of vengeance when he becomes “The Indestructible Man”!

Lon Jr. stars as Butcher Benton, headed to the gas chamber for his crimes of robbery and murder- actually railroaded to take the full blame by his sleazy attorney Paul Lowe, who plans to split the hidden stolen loot with Butcher’s two cronies, Squeamy and Joe, who are more than happy to let him take the wrap ( while they help take the cash)! Butcher knows he’s been double-crossed- and swears he will kill the three- which may be difficult, seeing as how he’s being executed.

But- will it be that difficult? Fate steps in, when, after the execution, Butcher’s dead body is obtained by a less-than-ethical scientist, to be used in experimentation concerning, of all things, a cancer cure. The experiment involves chemical injections and zapping the corpse with huge doses of electricity, to see how human tissue responds to that kind of treatment. (Does it matter that Butcher most likely did not have cancer? But I digress…)

Amazingly- the experiment actually revives the brutish Butcher- having rendered his vocal cords mute by the high voltage- but gifting him with astounding strength and making him impervious to harm from anything – from an injection needle to bullets! The indestructible murderer is soon on his way to find his former associates and carry out his threat to end their lives and grab the stolen cash for himself.

However, he isn’t the only one looking for the loot- police detective Lt. Dick Chasen , in spite of the case being declared closed upon Butcher’s execution, is working on his own time to try to find where the money might be. His search brings him to the theater where Eva, a burlesque dancer friend of the “late” criminal, works in hopes of getting some clues- and perhaps a few dinner dates with the attractive Eva! Neither suspects that Butcher had left a note with the location of the ill-gotten cash in Eva’s dressing room in an envelope. When crooked lawyer Lowe visits Eva there, and gets to the envelope before she opens it, he thinks he’s on his way to wealth- not suspecting that Butcher is back from the dead, and will soon realize what Lowe has done- and lets no obstacle -even human life- get in the way of his revenge!

This 1956 film, as I mentioned, has some similarities to Lon’s 1941 feature “Man-Made Monster”- one of his early horror roles, as opposed to this film, made as his career was waning. You’ll see a few familiar faces in this movie, as well as a unique Los Angeles landmark- and you might catch the influence of the popularity of Jack Webb’s “Dragnet” at that time, with the lead police officer in this film doing the same type of narration of the action as Sgt. Friday did on the TV show. We’ll introduce you to cast members, present an unusual version of our drawing game ( unusual due to who tries to solve it),bring you a song, and show you part of a panel from last summer’s “Flashback Weekend” horror convention about a new movie combining pro wrestling with zombies-with a couple name guest stars- and-converse with two beloved stars of one of our “Super Sci Fi Saturday Night” shows- “Lost in Space”- Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy- to get the low-down on their new expanded memoir about the show.

“Indestructible Man” will give you a jolt tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Twitter will be alive with viewers live-Tweeting during the show- feel free to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie in your Tweets. Our local home area viewers get one more chance to cry “Munster Go Home” at 11 am on our main Chicago station, CW26.

The new Svengoolie bobble head sold faster than any previous Sven merchandise item in its launch weekend last week! The supply is limited, so- you know what to do- and don’t forget the Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe – the place to order your gifts NOW to avoid disappointment.

Join us tonight on MeTV- when those who double-cross an executed criminal will regret saying “CHARGE it”!

Svengoolie Holiday Shop

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1MikeM 12 days ago
...and dat was Da Indestructible Man...and dat's da name a dat tune!
CarrieCastro 12 days ago
Hi DrClayton
How are you doing
🤠 Good too see you on the blog 👻 Sorry I have
not sent you a text not
much time 🤦‍♀️ We are
all doing well.
Tiny says hi and is sending love 🎀🐩🎀
Take care 💝
Shayla 12 days ago
Goodnight. See you tomorrow.
MADave Shayla 12 days ago
Goodnight Shayla enjoy the movie tomorrow?
Katink Shayla 12 days ago
See you tomorrow, Shayla!
Shayla 12 days ago




1MikeM Shayla 12 days ago
Shayla 12 days ago
Here is the Godzilla drink:
1MikeM Shayla 12 days ago
1MikeM Shayla 12 days ago
I'll drink to dat!
DrClayton 12 days ago
Alas, have concerts to play tomorrow afternoon & eve.! so will miss the fun. But leave us not forget the other Kong!:

Shayla DrClayton 12 days ago
Of course!🙄 How could we forget!😅
Shayla DrClayton 12 days ago
Dr. Clayton.... I don't think we've met. I joined 5 weeks ago I wanta say. Nice to meet you!👋
Shayla FKrueger 12 days ago
"I haven't the faintest idea?"
DrClayton Shayla 11 days ago
Hi, Shayla - I usu. show up with the Easties on Sat. night, once in awhile during the week. Nice to meet you - I've seen your posts. While we joke about adult beverages here and make lots of Klink! jokes, a life w/o alcohol is much safer, less troublesome, prob. saner, too. And cheaper. Congratulations on your forthcoming graduation!
CarrieCastro 12 days ago
Ah Godzilla burgers
😋🍔 does it come with fries 😉🍟
Shayla CarrieCastro 12 days ago
Yep. Crinkle fries cause Godzilla's back is jagged. Unless someone has a better idea.
CarrieCastro 12 days ago
Hi are we there yet
🐊 🤓!!!
Shayla CarrieCastro 12 days ago
56 minutes away!! "Hello, Hellooo, Helloooo. Hello!"
Aceman2 12 days ago
According to a popular fast food joint :

The Godzilla Burger includes three one-third pound Angus beef patties, four strips of bacon, three slices of American cheese and mayonnaise on a premium bun.

The Kong Burger includes three 3.5 oz beef patties, Santa Fe sauce, three slices of cheese, lettuce and tomato on a seeded bun.

The King Kong Chicken Sandwich features two crispy chicken patties, Santa Fe sauce, two slices of cheese, lettuce and tomato on a seeded bun.

I’m going out for dinner and will be having a small bowl of chili and a brew or 2
Shayla Aceman2 12 days ago
I'd go for the Godzilla burger! Chili!!! That's like taking a test and coming upon a true or false question; and you pick maybe!!
Drang Aceman2 12 days ago
Local chain Katsu Burger has a Godzilla Attack Burger:
"Local-natural beef katsu, pepper jack cheese, 12 spices blend, jalapenos, spicy mayo, tonkatsu sauce, complete with cabbage, tomatoes, red onions and pickles. Spicy."
(They only seem to be on facespace:
Breaded, deep-fried hamburgers. Yum...
Shayla Drang 12 days ago
Has all the stuff on it that I wouldn't eat! I like Aceman's burger better!!
KeithJ Aceman2 12 days ago
Does it come with an angioplasty afterwards?
Aceman2 12 days ago
Shayla Aceman2 12 days ago
Now there's a proper KKVSG drink!!
Shayla Aceman2 12 days ago
Will it roll over for me at the same time for you? Even if I'm on the other side?
Shayla Shayla 12 days ago
other side of the country. my bad.
Drang Shayla 12 days ago
Yes, the blog rolls over" at Midnight Least Coast Time, 11 PM Central, 10 PM Mountain, and 9 PM Left Coast time. 😈
Shayla Drang 12 days ago
Thank you! I won't be on at that time.
MrsG 12 days ago
Will be watching for results of the fastest race since Secretariat 1973 ~ good luck ALL my Svenathoners !
( just can’t take no moe ! )
Shayla MrsG 12 days ago
Race for what?
Aceman2 Shayla 12 days ago
The blog turns over every Friday at midnight. Sven posts about the movie that will be shown that night. Many bloggers race to be the first blogger after the blog rolls over. The winner gets praise and a trophy. Go back to the beginning of this blog to see who won last Saturday. Easiest way is to sort blog comments by “oldest”
Shayla Aceman2 12 days ago
I'm in AZ. When would it roll over for me? It's 8:47 right now.
MrsG 12 days ago
Islander ~
Hahaha , made me look and found this guy ~

Coconut cream
Pineapple juice
? Sounds good ?
Shayla MrsG 12 days ago
Your good to go!!!!🤣🤣👍👌
Shayla 12 days ago
For anyone who is on:
I have 2 weeks left here on the blog.😥 Once I'm done with high school~ December 3~ I won't need to get onto the computer; which means no blogging. I also have VERY LIMITED reigns on my phone. Parents say I can't pay my own phone bill till I have a regular income. I'm getting a part-time job here soon so..... However, it probably won't be till January or early February when my parents will allow me to pay my own phone bill. Trust me when I say this, I'm so getting unlimited data. I have got to have this blog! Just wanted to give ya a heads up. I've got 2 weeks left. I'll let ya know when my last day actually is. Hope I can talk to as many as you guys as I can. Y'all are a whole nother family! Thank you all!!
Islander 12 days ago
Drinks for the big battle tomorrow night ?
Maybe a spiked "PUNCH" or possibly a Banana Daiquiri.
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DrClayton Islander 12 days ago
How about a flaming rum punch?
Katink Drang 12 days ago
Good advice, Drang! Shayla, media wants you to think that "everyone is doing it," and that's just not true, whether "it" is drinking, driving a new car, or having a certain phone. The purpose of advertising is to play on our feelings of inadequacy and profit from them.
Islander DrClayton 12 days ago
How about a nice Hawaiian Punch ? 👊 smack
PatS Islander 12 days ago
Isn't it obvious? Red Berry juice!
Mikeyyy 12 days ago
Sitting in the dark cause of a couple of teens tried to jump the train tracks and knocked down a power pole and lines. Big fricking mess!!
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Mikeyyy MADave 12 days ago
They tried to do a dukes of hazard jump but was more like roscoe.
Shayla Mikeyyy 12 days ago
Shayla Mikeyyy 12 days ago
What!!!!!!!! I take risks!!!! I at least wouldn't have done it at night. Geesh!!!! What lunkheads!!!!
Shayla 12 days ago
Is everybody in bed?🤔
Mikeyyy Shayla 12 days ago
Not tonight!
MADave Shayla 12 days ago
I'm still here just finished the movie a bit ago
Shayla MADave 12 days ago
Was it good?
MADave Shayla 12 days ago
Good or bad it's Godzilla
Shayla 12 days ago
Look who's getting into the spirit of Christmas!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jack Shayla 12 days ago
The Brothers Horwitz?!
Shayla Jack 12 days ago
That is Moe Howard. Howard is short for Horwitz~ yes. Ask me anything about them 3 Stooges and I'll tell ya!!
Jack Shayla 11 days ago
Why would they be getting into the spirit of Christmas?
Shayla 12 days ago
Ya think this is how Shemp and Moe fought as kids? I think so.... sometimes!!🤣😏
Geo 12 days ago
I may be wrong or maybe not. I heard that on Monday December 6, from 8-10PM Svengoolie will host two hours of holiday cartoons. Svenmininstrator let me know if its legitimate. If not, my apologies.
Shayla Geo 12 days ago
I looked on the MeTV website:
Don't miss our first holiday special, MeTV's Super Colossal Cartoon Christmas! Ring in the season with the cast and characters of Toon In With Me and Svengoolie as they watch two hours of memorable, merry cartoons from their vault! You can see this primetime special on Monday, December 13 at 8P | 7C!
It's on the 13th, not the 6th.
Klaatu Shayla 12 days ago
I may have to record it since I work.
Shayla Klaatu 12 days ago
Record in the morning one. But not the night one. Or will you have to record both?
Geo Shayla 12 days ago
Thanks for the clarification.
Bugs_Bunny4_Life 12 days ago
Dear Svengoolie family, I will be travelling to Oklahoma and New York over the next week, so unfortunately, I will not be here for the morning cartoons. However, i might be able to make it for the film.
Shayla Bugs_Bunny4_Life 12 days ago
"Welcome to New York. It's been waiting for you. Welcome to New York, welcome to New York." Have an amazing time!!
MrsG Bugs_Bunny4_Life 12 days ago
Happy and safe travels Mr. Bugs !
Geo Bugs_Bunny4_Life 12 days ago
Welcome to the East Coast, hope you enjoy your stay.
Shayla Geo 12 days ago
East Coast! Bugs, I thought you lived on the East side! Where do you live?
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