Lon Chaney Jr. Must "Let It Go"- "Frozen Ghost" Tonight!

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Oh-laugh if you want- but tonight on MeTV- Lon Chaney Jr. must get a grip on reality or else-a (okay, enough with the "Frozen" gags) and overcome the guilty feeling that his mental powers can cause a murder-as he once again enters the Inner Sanctum -and an eerie wax museum- in the chilling tale of the "Frozen Ghost"!

After the traditional floating head in a glass globe welcomes us to the Inner Sanctum, we become part of the live audience for a radio show featuring "Gregor the Great"- a mentalist with amazing  mind-reading skills. He stuns the audience with his psychic power - except for a drunken heckler that he decides to make an example of- but his anger results in a tragic  event. Alex Gregor feels it is all the fault of his mental power- and decides to cut himself off from the world-giving up his career- and even his engagement to his pretty assistant.

In an attempt to get George back to living his life, his agent finds a new job for him, unrelated to any mental magic- as a researcher and lecturer at an old friend's wax museum Madame Valerie Monet feels Alex will benefit the museum, and make life easier for herself and her young niece Nina-but, the museum's sculptor of its amazing statues, Rudi, is adverse to this new crew member invading his territory- and very possibly becoming his rival for the attentions of Nina. Rudi had a tarnished past-he was an esteemed plastic surgeon who had a horrible mishap, resulting in his banishment from the medical profession- and his entrance to sculpting wax works of art. He has found a safe place in the museum- and feels threatened by the addition of Alex.

Alex , meanwhile, takes to his new job with enthusiasm- but has no romantic interest in Nina -while Madame Monet, who does have interest in Alex, is prodded by the scheming Rudi into a jealous rage, and confronts Alex- having the "Incredible Hulk" effect, and angering him, possibly sparking his mental powers again. He stalks off into the night- returning to the museum the next day to the news that Madame Monet has disappeared!  A police inspector arrives at the museum and questions the staff-leading to him suspecting that Alex is a key to the lady's disappearance-since he would seem to be the last person to see her... and may have caused the missing person's life to disappear as well...

Many schemes seem to be hatching in the creepy wax museum, which holds several clues to what has happened- as  the displays hold sinister secrets- and may be an exhibition for devious acts and death!

This 1945 entry in the “Inner Sanctum” series, just like the others, stars Lon Chaney Jr-this time as Alex “Gregor the Great”- with his fiancee/assistant played by Universal contract player Evelyn Ankers- plus the unctuously threatening Martin Kosleck as the sculptor. Other familiar faces appear and we'll fill you on on them- bring you another edition of the Sven drawing game “Too Drawn Out”; and show you a real-life wax museum that features impressive presentations of several classic movie monsters (run by the great- nephew of a man who portrayed one!); plus a twin spin- two musical numbers- our usual one with Doug, and- we bring back the original premiere version of the song written about yours truly and performed by 1960s rock and roll icon Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon!  We’ll also take a few moments to talk about his great career and timeless hits like “Palisades Park”, “Where the Action Is”, and “Tallahassee Lassie”( which we parodied a few weeks ago, with his approval)!

"Frozen Ghost" haunts the MeTV airwaves tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time, and please check for channel and time in other areas at or in your local TV listings. Our Chicago area viewers get a second look at "The Incredible Shrinking Man" on WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

Many thanks to all the fans who visited with us at the Comic Collector last night in Riverside - we did hear that the shuttle that was supposed to carry folks from the other side of town's shopping area broke down , not allowing people to make it to the store before closing time- we hope you'll visit us at one of our next appearances- maybe next week at Dreamland Comics in the Stratford Square mall, or in two weeks at the famed Fantasy Costumes in Chicago.

No sooner did our December newsletter come out, stating that the "Dana Gould Hour" podcast that I was a part of recording at the Zanies comedy club last month would be coming out soon- than it was posted at ! Give it a listen for some additional fun and Sven insight!

Join us tonight to learn the frightening facts imbedded in wax with the "Frozen Ghost"!