Look! Up in the Sky! It's the "Giant Claw"- Tonight!

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It’s the so-called official end of the summer, as some call this Labor Day weekend-  and, since it is a big travel weekend, let us once again head up towards the North Pole-where a huge menace is about to be freed and begin an unstoppable assault on mankind,caught in the grip of -“The Giant Claw”!

Up in the frozen North, Mitch MacAfee, an aeronautical engineer, is carrying out a test flight- when he spots a strange shadow- possibly a UFO? - passing him in the sky. He reports it to the authorities, who are confused, since nothing is showing up on their radar, but nonetheless they send out planes to locate the object. They find nothing- and yet- one of the planes is never heard from again- and never returns! The big brass accuse Mitch of staging a hoax, resulting in a tragic loss. Naturally, Mitch is outraged by this accusation.

Mitch and Sally, a female mathematician who had been assisting in his test flight, return to New York on a small plane – only to have their pilot spot the same UFO- whose interference causes the plane to crash on a farm in the Adirondacks, owned by a French-Canadian farmer. The still-skeptical authorities are soon forced to believe in the reality of this UFO when it is repeatedly spotted and brings about the loss of more planes. Solid evidence reveals that unidentified flying object is a huge bird- being described over and over again “as big as a battleship”!

The unfathomable mystery of why the big bird doesn’t show up on radar, and why no weapon seems to hurt it plagues Mitch, the military, and scientists- but, once the fantastic reason is discovered- it’s a race against time to find a way to stop what appears to be a completely invincible winged enemy!

Premiering in 1957, “The Giant Claw” is a truly entertaining movie that we first ran earlier this year, and have had many requests to give an encore. The way the monster looks is one of the reasons why this movie is often the target of, shall we say, derisive comments.( We once again ask our blog commenters to hold off on any pictures of it, until after the show runs in all time zones.) Of course, we’ll explain WHY the filmmakers depicted the big bird in the way they did, as well as filling you in on the cast, featuring familiar faces, like Jeff Morrow, Mara Corday, Morris Ankrum, and Robert Shayne. You get your full helping of Sven shtick-and, with me soon being involved with superheroes, we’ll appropriately return to the amazing “Hall of Heroes” museum in Elkhart, Indiana ( which is moving to a new super location!)

“The Giant Claw” grips you tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, for info where you live, you can check your local listings, or at . We know that, even on this holiday weekend, Sven fans will be on Twitter during the show, and live- tweeting using the hashtag #svengoolie  ! For our local Chicago area viewers, you’ll get one final look at our show- featuring “Strait Jacket”- on the U’s current location- with the change of 26.1 to CW26- featuring the CW ‘s slate of shows- be aware that the U is moving , so starting next Saturday morning,  it shifts to its new home- the channel that has been known as the UToo. We’ll be on that channel at the usual 11 am time next weekend. You can find it over the air ( with an antenna) on 48.1 and 26.2  . If you watch on cable, Comcast will have the U on 230 ( some suburban areas may have a different channel allocation)- RCN will have it at 610- and WOW will have the U at 170. You’ll find us on Dish on channel 48, as well as on other providers.

Join us tonight on MeTV when the feathers fly- and victims gasp in the grasp of the  “Giant Claw”!


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PatS 12 months ago
We've got some Indiana moonshine (small company in the town of Lebanon) -- does that count as "Hair of the Wolf"?
abc123 PatS 12 months ago
only if you have it after over doing it the day before...
Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Saturday movie snack choice. I know not what choice others may make; but as for me, give me Wolf Brand Chili, no beans, plus shredded sharp cheddar cheese, with Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips ....
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Sounds scrumptious! Like a wolf, I'm already licking my chops.
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Yum. My choice is as always Blue Moon.
abc123 Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
i am going with the obvious choice. moon pies.
MADave 12 months ago
Not sure what to have for movie snack tomorrow night any ideas? Also what should we Klink to?
MadameYes MADave 12 months ago
My snack choice will be (full) Moon Pies.
Catbat MADave 12 months ago
We should use any word related to hair, fur etc.
PatS Catbat 12 months ago
How about a klink every time we see someone wearing plaid?
daleuhlmann PatS 12 months ago
I was thinking of that, too.
NeganRules 12 months ago
We got a hairy situation goin on here.
The Lakers looking for a good point guard.
Ravenwoman NeganRules 12 months ago
Good to see you, Mr. NeganRules. I hope your week went well. Hairy situation? We'll need some Nair!
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Islander mentioned Big Blogcast 4. I was reading some DARK SHADOWS matetrial this evening on the Internet and found out that Knoxville, Tennessee is the birthplace of Lara Parker. She played Angelique, the beautiful but evil witch who turned Jonathan Frid's Barnabas Collins into a vampire.

Ravenwoman 12 months ago
G'nite and sweet Werewolf dreams! 😘

Geo Ravenwoman 12 months ago
It looks like fizzgig from the dark crystal.
Ravenwoman DorisKarloff 12 months ago
No, Werewolf. Not Beavers, Doris. 🤣😂🤣
DorisKarloff 12 months ago
Short Synopsis of This weeks feature.
2 ** according to critic
Steven H. Scheuer
NeganRules DorisKarloff 12 months ago
Sounds like one helluva film Doris
( Dripping 💧 💧 💧 with sarcasm here )
PatS DorisKarloff 12 months ago
Agreed, the science babble is unusually dopey here. No messy supernatural mythology to explain.
Ravenwoman 12 months ago
Ravenwoman DorisKarloff 12 months ago
LOL! Forevermore! 😁
Geo DorisKarloff 12 months ago
That's going to be my new tattoo, either a crow or a raven
MADave 12 months ago
We are expecting heavy rain tomorrow from Dorian and wind in the morning hours then sunny in the afternoon here in New England cape and islands are getting the worst hopefully the weather will not leaving me without metv
The1Butler MADave 12 months ago
Fingers crossed
msfroggrl73 12 months ago
Hi all! I'm new to Svengoolie and loving the show! I can't wait until tomorrow night for the Werewolf....
Lynn msfroggrl73 12 months ago
MADave msfroggrl73 12 months ago
Welcome to the funny farm haha!
MadameYes msfroggrl73 12 months ago
Welcome aboard! I joined the blog fairly recently and it's a lot of fun...enjoy!
The1Butler msfroggrl73 12 months ago
Welcome! Stay tuned ..
TheKodakKid msfroggrl73 12 months ago
Welcome! Glad to have you aboard.
Islander 12 months ago
I'm heading back to Kodak country next week for bike excursion. I'm calling it my Mini Blogcast 4.5. I'll try to stop in and visit the Kodak Kid for lunch one day. Or maybe I'll just go into his CVS store and mess up his Xmas Set he just did
TheKodakKid Islander 12 months ago
I’ll alert the Pigeon Forge P. D. that I’ve been warned an armed and dangerous Hell's Angel reject maybe coming to our area, and he likes to mess up X-mas merchandise before he attempts to steal drugs from the pharmacy.
Jack 12 months ago
I saw a werewolf drinking a cocktail at Chad’s Place
And his hair was a little messed up
Werewolves of Mountaincrest

[Alleged early draft by Warren Zevon]
Catbat Jack 12 months ago
Priceless 😂
Islander 12 months ago
So storm has gone. Its a bright sunny day at the beach. You hardly would know there was foul weather 24 hours ago.
Has anyone heard from gabste ? She's about an hour south of me. T I think they just finished work on their beach house last year so I hope they came thru with no damage.
Catbat Islander 12 months ago
Nothing from gabste yet. You home now? How'd you guys make out?
Lynn Islander 12 months ago
Good news! Good vibes to all.
daleuhlmann Islander 12 months ago
Great news, Islander. Hope everything's good with Gabste.
Islander Catbat 12 months ago
No problems, no damage. A couple houses in the neighborhood got some damage and a hotel down the street.
WILLOUGHBY Islander 12 months ago
I hope Happy Hippies Java Hut survived the blow.
Islander WILLOUGHBY 12 months ago
Yep..not a scratch that I could tell. Jack Mackerels ok also.
CarrieLynnCastro 12 months ago
Happy Friday 😱
Yay we made it through
the week 🤖

Okay I'm ready for the movie 🎩📺🍿and the show Oooo Werewolf!

I heard from our 😊
extended family in North Carolina they are doing
fine and safe 🌧👍🌪
this morning.

Had a fun day yesterday
just Jess and I 😉 it's fun to do something
unexpected or not planned!
It was a nice drive through the country up to the hills 🐮 I saw cows 🐏 sheep ha!
We went to the Casino
for a nice lunch and
$25 a loss will I ever learn ha ha😄 I never win...then I hear over the loud speaker about someone hitting the jackpot 🎉💰🎉 I told my husband oh darn I wish that was me 😉

Today 98* 🌞 not too
bad's cooling down
come on Fall you can do it 🍁 Wow will be 86* on Sunday yahoo🍂

Have a great day 🎏

Sven is almost here
aren't we lucky in
fun and friends🎩

Ravenwoman 12 months ago
MrGotham - Beware of flying manhole covers this morning in NYC! 🤪🗽

Catbat 12 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All! Well I'm off to do errands so I don't have to do anything tomorrow. Svengoolie Saturdays are the best day of the week.
Ravenwoman 12 months ago
Werewolf is coming soon! 🐺 I'm so excited! This one looks like my CPA. 🤣

Ravenwoman 12 months ago
Good morning. I woke up with a balmy 65 degrees this mornin'. 🌬💨🌧⛈ I love this weather. 😁 Still praying for everyone in the path of Dorian! 🙏📿 Please be safe. 🌊🌊🌊🛳🚢😘
PatS 12 months ago
All right, Keith, this is driving me batty. LOTTO SCREW'D MA? WORST MODEL CAT? MORT D'ASCOT (LEW)? LE TOMCAT SWORD? MORTAL COD STEW (hope they don't serve that at LJS) ? When do you reveal the secret meaning? START DOOM CLEW? CAREW TOLD MOST?. . .
PatS PatS 12 months ago
The pain of hypothermia -- COLD MATTERS! OW!
daleuhlmann PatS 12 months ago
Pat: I think you might get be on the wrong track. Keith's earlier post reminded us that the message may not necessarily be in English. That tells me that it is probably an expression in a dialect that he evidently feels only the trolls on this blog would recognize.
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