March Badness’ Final Bracket : the Must-see / Can’t-see “Invisible Man” Tonight!

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We wind up the month of "March Badness" with a man driven bad and mad by the formula which has given him an amazing power- it's the incomparable Claude Rains in one of the most-requested classics from the 1930s  Universal horror library: "The Invisible Man"!

Based on the H.G. Wells tale, on a snowy winter night,at a quaint English inn-we witness the arrival of a stranger wrapped in bandages. He demands a room, even though the lodgings are usually closed during the winter months- and wants to be left alone. The management and patrons are curious about this mysterious figure, and things get tense when, after some run-ins, the decision is made by the innkeeper and his wife that he should leave. He attacks them, and, when the local constable shows up to help evict him from the premises- he removes his bandages and clothing, revealing that he is invisible!

Meanwhile, the fiancee and friends of a scientist named Griffin are searching for clues after he is nowhere to be found- and discover notes of his experiments with a dangerous chemical. Later, one of the friends, Dr. Kemp, is visited by the now-invisible Griffin, who has been trying to find an antidote for the invisibility caused by the drug- which has also started to affect his mind! He forces Kemp to help him return to the inn to retrieve his notebooks- which leads to panic and murder in the small village- and begins the deadly rampage of the Invisible Man! Can the woman who loves him help to head off  his reign of terror before the madness totally consumes him?

This 1933 classic has long been a favorite of mine, and the effects are pretty amazing for the time in which this movie was produced. The acting of the mostly unseen Rains is likewise impressive- and we'll tell you about him and his cast mates, along with other movie info. Plus, the Sven shtick you'd expect...

" The Invisible Man" (sigh- I have to say it) will appear tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and please check your local listings if you're unsure when we run where you are. In Chicago, you can get another look at the very visible "Murders in the Rue Morgue" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

A quick thank you to the many fans who came to the big AAZK spaghetti dinner event at Brookfield Zoo last Thursday night! Not only did our fans and old friends keep us busy, but you also helped raise a lot of money for the Vital Ground organization. Thanks again!

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If the weather in many of our viewing areas remains somewhat chilly and damp- it's the perfect atmosphere to match "Invisible Man" tonight! See you (and not him...okay, enough of those jokes) tonight!