May He Take Her Hand ( No Matter Whose It Used to Be) in Monstrous Matrimony in the Classic Sequel- "Bride of Frankenstein" Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we kick off our June schedule with a movie very appropriate for the month that has traditionally been associated with brides-featuring the most honored bride in monster matrimony- with the great Boris Karloff making his second appearance in his best-known role, picking up the story where the original "Frankenstein" film had left off! Stand by for the ONLY appearance of the one Universal monster who didn't kill anybody- and, in spite of her limited screen time, became a true icon of Universal horror- the “Bride of Frankenstein”!

This favorite 1935 film- based on the story the authoress claimed came to her in a dream ( the anniversary of which comes up  just a little later this month!)-starts off on a dismal, stormy night- with that authoress- Mary Shelley-revealing that the Frankenstein tale did NOT end at the story's conclusion! She relates what happened next-  starting at the point where the original “Frankenstein” film ended. We see the burning remains of the windmill, the scene of the final battle between monster and maker took place. Poor Henry,thrown from its heights by the Monster, is now being carried home by the crowd that witnessed it all, as they mourn his “demise” but, in the same breath, celebrate the "end" of the Monster. The father of little Maria (the unfortunate child from the original story that the Monster threw into the lake, unaware that she would drown) remains at the smoking ruins, longing to make certain the Monster is no more- but his luck- and his life- run out- because the Monster still lives!

Meanwhile, Henry is carried back to his young fiancee Elizabeth,and, though he was at first thought dead, he -just like the Monster he created- has survived! Henry is on the slow road to recovery when he gets a late night visit from the creepy Dr. Pretorius- a mentor of Henry’s, who somehow is well aware of what his recovering student has achieved, and now seeks his help with his own experiments in creating life. Bringing Henry to his laboratory, he displays some of the bizarre results of his work to Henry- in an effort convince him to partner with him, share his knowledge and expertise- and finally jointly create a true perfect living being! With everything he has endured, Henry wants no part of such an undertaking- he has realized through the awful results of his own experiment that playing God is a mistake.

His Monster, meanwhile, burned and hurting, has fled from the windmill, followed by pursuers like a wild animal. He seeks solace in the forest, eventually stumbling upon the hut of a blind hermit (the basis for the famous- and hilarious- scene in “Young Frankenstein”). The hermit is grateful to have this new "friend"- as is the Monster, who is taught some basics by the kindly blind man. This tranquil alliance is disrupted when two hunters (one of whom is John Carradine), having lost their way, come to the cabin for help with directions-and, in shock, recognize the Monster! The misunderstood creature escapes and, trying to hide from his pursuers, enters a crypt in a graveyard- where, coincidentally, the devious Pretorius just happens to be, enjoying a snack while in search of "parts” for his latest project! Completely unfazed by the appearance of the Monster, Pretorius realizes that he can use the lonely creature as leverage to get Henry to cooperate with him- by threatening his young bride's safety! Unwilling to let anything happen to Elizabeth, Frankenstein submits to his demands, and heads uneasily back to work with Pretorius- as they endeavor to create the Monster's fondest desire- a bride! But- will this fiancee of fright for the Monster be a match made in...well...a laboratory, but- perhaps not exactly provide the happy union some might wish for?

This classic film is not just one of the best horror films, but also included in lists of all-time great  motion pictures- period. Karloff continues to add new facets to his portrayal of the Monster- including the addition of speech- and Dr. Pretorius, portrayed by the "flamboyant" Ernest Thesiger, is, without a doubt, a truly memorable addition to the Frankenstein film legend, as is the Bride, portrayed ever so briefly, but effectively, by Elsa Lanchester. You'll note that I may not be pronouncing her name correctly in one segment- we had various opinions on how it should be pronounced, and I may have chosen wrong in that case, and there was no time for a reshoot!. We’ll tell you all about the entire cast, certain deletions from the production, and more- as well as providing our usual contributions. Plus- watch for a quick cameo from one of our favorite MeTV actors!

The “Bride of Frankenstein" reception begins on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your area in your local listings or at . You can once again Tweet along with the scores of fans who live-Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie – which continues to land us among the top trending topics in the entire country! Our Chicago area viewers get a second look at the prehistoric pandemonium of “Dinosaurus!”-at 11 am on the U.

Join us tonight for rice and old shoes- as well as old body parts-recycled!

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wtruhel70 13 months ago
I've watched Svengoolie for years. I raised both of my sons on the great black and white monsters of Saturday nights. How this day, I still watch the Saturday night horror flicks of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. If I'm lucky, I'll someday get to raise my grandkids on the favorite Saturday night scream fest. With lots of screams and terrifying laughter, your fan, Wendy.
1MikeM 13 months ago
….and dat was da Bride of Frankenstein and hey, look out! The leevah!.....dat's da name of dat tune.
1MikeM 13 months ago
A good cast is worth repeating:

? as Hootsie Owl
deadringer42 13 months ago
Satellite radio just played Warren
Zevin werewolf in London. Song referenced lon Chaney Jr. Love it.
MADave deadringer42 13 months ago
Great song
MADave 13 months ago

MADave 13 months ago
StephanieStepStone I hope you are ok? We miss you!
MADave 13 months ago
Is there any other MeTV show that had a boxing match besides Hogan's Heroes M A S H or Happy Days?
1MikeM MADave 13 months ago
Dave, there was two episodes of Mission Impossible that a boxing match. Episodes "The Contender" Part 1 and Part 2 with guest star Sugar Ray Robinson.
MADave 1MikeM 13 months ago
Thanks Mike I think I missed another MeTv show from the past Hawaii five-0 had an episode with a boxing match but. Don’t remember the name of it.
MADave 13 months ago
Goodbye Bride of Frankenstein hello curse of the werewolf!
DorisKarloff 13 months ago
MADave DorisKarloff 13 months ago
Doris sorry I thought you were Dale haha!
Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Rewatching BRIDE ...
the set architecture deserves a character credit.
MADave Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Yes it's a shame they never got credit
Oscar 13 months ago
Oscar Oscar 13 months ago
One last funny one before we change movie.
MADave Oscar 13 months ago
That's a riot!
JournalJeff2 Oscar 13 months ago
Too funny!
Catbat Oscar 13 months ago
Haha 😂
Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
A perfect Kerwyn in the Basement sketch would be CURSE OF THE KERWYN (as long as he doesn't get too foul mouthed).
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Come to think of it, since none of us know Lycanthropese, when the werewolf curses in the movie, how will we know it's not just screenplay gibberish, all made-up?
PatS Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
I like that -- "Lycanthropese"! Not hard to find plenty of salty Spanish curses on line. But would it be more like "Ya gotta help me..."? Or something Japanese from Yogami -- or Rom from Bela or Celeste?
gabste Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
I like it ! 😂
TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Hey, everyone, I scored big for you. I found a sketch from the storyboard of the never filmed sequel to “The Bride of Frankenstein.”

daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Ripping! Ripping!😆
1MikeM 13 months ago
gabste, hellooooooo!
gabste 1MikeM 13 months ago
Hellllloooooooo 1MikeM !
MADave 13 months ago
Too quiet here I'll check back later!
gabste MADave 13 months ago
You do that !
MADave gabste 13 months ago
I see some of us are still here so it looks like me Mike Kodak Carl and you are going for the #1 spot when the blog changes
MADave MADave 13 months ago
Oh yeah and possibly Oscar
gabste MADave 13 months ago
If I'm still awake ! 😅
Oscar 13 months ago
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1MikeM Oscar 13 months ago
Oscar Oscar 13 months ago
Glad all you guys find it as funny as I did
PatS Oscar 13 months ago
Werewolf of Seville?
JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Happy Friday!
I can here Warren Zevon singing Werewolves of London. Sadly the blog remains quiet.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
MADave JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Hi Jeff I'm still here
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 13 months ago
You mean you can't hear the "children of the night" right now?
MADave daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Heh heh good one! 👍
1MikeM JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Thanks Jeff, Happy Friday to you too! I can hear Waddy Wachtel's awesome guitar solo on Werewolves of London.
gabste JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Hello JJ !
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