More Returns After Xmas- “Invisible Man Returns”- Tonight!

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Yes, there are always a bunch of returns right after Christmas- so, let us commemorate this with Vincent Price in "The Invisible Man Returns" (I know- "how could you tell?")

Before Vincent "appeared" as the Invisible Man at the end of "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"- he had his own run as the unseen one in the 1940 "sequel" to the original "Invisible Man". He portrays a mining operator who is framed for the murder of his brother and set for execution- until he is visited by a friend, one Dr. Griffin (related to a certain late Griffin?) Somehow, he disappears from his cell! Yes, the same drug that made the original invisible man unseen  allows the accused Sir Geoffrey to escape his fate and try to uncover the truth!

Only Dr. Griffin and his beloved (the lovely Nan Grey) know his location- but soon, a wily police detective (Cecil Kellaway) begins to suspect- as Sir Geoffrey begins to uncover who exactly was behind his brother's murder, while trying not to succumb to the madness that the invisibility drug causes!

This is a pretty good entry in the Universal "Invisible" series- boasting some distinguished stars like Price and Sir Cedric Hardwicke- as well as nicely-pulled-off special effects for the era. We'll give you behind the scenes info, and point out an inconsistency or two. This is truly a fun show to wind up our 2014!

"Invisible Man Returns" shows up (oh, lord) tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or, check local listings. Chicago viewers get one more look at the phone fun fright "I Saw What You Did" on our sister station, WCIU, at 11 am.

Speaking of returns- our good friends Steve and Johnnie have returned to WGN radio to do some fill-in during the holiday season- and have kindly invited me to visit with them! So- I'll drop by 720 AM on Monday at a little after 1 pm to spend some times with my good friends- and I hope you'll listen in!  I'm guessing, if you miss it, it'll be available as a podcast as well.

Learn the Price of invisibility tonight- as we wrap up our 2014 series of Sven shows!