My Trip to the DC Universe

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I’m going on a trip to visit some of my favorite people, and you can follow along on my adventure. It’s not a comic convention, but you can hear all about it at one!

My trip to the DC Universe starts on October 16th. You can get a preview by reading this interview with me and DC Comics co-publisher and Svengoolie superfan Dan DiDio.

Find out more and read the full interview here.


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Trout 7 months ago
Hey, where's Aquaman? Dang it, da fish still don't get no respect! 😄 Congrats Sven/Rich!! 👍👍
Tygercat 8 months ago
Absolutely wonderful! (marking calendar for Oct 16...)

And on the subject of Sven in print...check out the current issue of "Scary Monsters Magazine", which has a fine article about Sven and his 40th anniversary, as well as putting him on the wrap around cover. Very nice! The rest of the magazine is also of interest to classic horror fans, of course. Got mine at Barnes & Noble.
MADave 8 months ago
Sven is ALWAYS a superhero to me and he doesn’t need super powers!
StephanieStepStone 8 months ago
Congratulations Sven!
(And Rich!!)
Now I know what my Christmas list consists of!
- Steph
Lucyc 8 months ago
So our Sven is now an inter-dimensional traveler. Cool!
daDoctah 8 months ago
People (other than Sven) on that cover in decreasing order of fun-to-hang-out-with-ness:

Plastic Man
The Flash
Black Canary
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Green Arrow

Those last two are pretty much neck and neck.
Kingfisher daDoctah 8 months ago
1. Wonder Woman. Because hubba hubba.
2. Batman. Because he was my coolest best friend when I saw him on TV when I was 5.
3. Supes. Because he's freaking Superman. Plus x-ray vision for #1. 😛
Tygercat daDoctah 8 months ago
Thank you, I couldn't figure out who those two guys in the back were.
daDoctah Tygercat 8 months ago
I'm old enough to remember when Hawkman and Hawkgirl, The Atom, and (so help me) Snapper Carr were JLA members. And Elongated Man, before they decided it was okay to let in a former crook like Plastic Man.
Tygercat daDoctah 8 months ago
Actually, I'm probably "old enough" to know about those guys, except we didn't have many of these types of comics around the house. I know about Archie and company, and the Harvey books, but we weren't allowed many DC or Marvel books. A few snuck in, so I know about Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who I always liked- hey, they were a married couple who worked in a museum and fought crime together, what's not to like? Parents didn't loosen up until the Batman TV show came out, and by then of course I was "too old" for such things. Ha.
Klaatu 8 months ago
Anyone who has his own TV show that bucks the system of boring follow-the-leader formats, and gets me to watch and laugh at his show every Saturday, is a Super Hero in my book!
Geo Klaatu 8 months ago
Well said.
Geo 8 months ago
My girl showed me some pages posted to Facebook. I was miffed, but I noted the cover said promotional only. Will we be able to purchase this? One hint, I noted giant chickens. Anyhow it's great to see Sven in the DCU.
Lucyc Geo 8 months ago
If I understood it correctly, you have to buy a regular comic and it comes along with the regular book.
Jack Geo 8 months ago
Like Lucy said, the Sven content will be part of the regularly scheduled comic book, sort of like "Fat Freddy's Cat” in _the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers_, but instead of a topper strip at the bottom of a page, the Sven content will get two full pages, prob'ly at the back of the book.

My guess the “Not for Sale•For Promotional Use Only” tag refers to the mock-up cover, which will be used to promote the crossover event and not actually appear on a comic in the sales rack. It may appear as a promotional poster at your local brick-and-mortar comics store, but it’s not intended for resale.

TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Also note that Black Canary is in the group, so we get to see someone in fishnets. Sven, don’t feel insulted, but I’d rather see B.C. in fishnets instead of you.
Jack TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Altho’ not pictured in the mock-up cover, Justice League member, Zatanna, regularly dons fishnets (and a top hat).
LarryTheTrainGuy 8 months ago
congrats Sven all hail the great Svengoolie
JournalJeff2 8 months ago
Will follow Svengoolie on a magical mystery trip!
Jack 8 months ago
Plastic Man and a rubber chicken on the same cover—this must be a first!
TheKodakKid Jack 8 months ago
So, are they related? I mean the rubber chicken and Plastic Man, not Sven and, er, either of the other two.
abc123 8 months ago
looks like a reason to get back into collectin comics!
Catbat 8 months ago
Congratulations Sven! Do give my beloved Batman a hug for me.
Lynn 8 months ago
Fabulous news, Sven! Congratulations - I can hardly wait!
PatS 8 months ago
Great cover art!! (But hard to read the graphic artist's name for proper credit.)
PatS PatS 8 months ago
Ummmm... still hard to read here. But in the interview it's stated that's he's Christopher Jones. Check it out.
Jack PatS 8 months ago
I think we’ve already met Christopher Jones on the Big Broadcast.

daleuhlmann 8 months ago
What a cool interview, as well as honor, Rich! Looking forward to October 16!
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