...No, Not the Candy Company- "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" Tonight!

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With the return of “Star Trek” to our Super Sci Fi Saturday Night line-up- we thought spotlighting another mission to seek out new life and boldly go where  no man has gone before- mainly, a planet of fabulous babes who have banned men- would be appropriate,  as the final frontier gets a boot in the rear when “Abbott and Costello Go to Mars”!

With this 1953 A & C adventure tying in with that era’s building interest in space exploration – we find Lou demonstrating to some kids how to fly a model airplane- with the usual type of disastrous results that has him looking for a place to hide- which ends up being a truck bound for a secret government base where –what a coincidence- Bud is working, unloading shipments. Due to some extremely lax security, Lou ends up on the inside of the compound, where they are expecting an important rocket scientist- and Lou is –what a coincidence- mistaken for him. When the real scientist arrives, there’s a confusing confrontation between himself and Costello that gets everyone confused – but, eventually, the real scientist meets with a committee deciding the destination for the next rocket set to be launched. Their decision ends up meaning nothing- because, as Bus and Lou are loading the ship with supplies, they accidentally end up launching the rocket – and becoming reluctant astronauts!

The spaceship makes several random passes at New York City before it finally heads out into the stratosphere. Bud and Lou, incompetent as they are, still somehow get the rocket to land on what they think is Mars ( assuming that Mars looks a great deal like a Louisiana bayou). Clad in bulky 1950s spacesuits, they stumble into an area where a well-known ( except to them) traditional springtime celebration is in full swing. They encounter revelers in various bizarre costumes, and think they are meeting alien life forms unknown to man! ( Note: there are some politically incorrect costumes in the mix). While our half-wit heroes are continuing their exploration, a couple of prison escapees fleeing through the bayou happen upon their space ship- and the two  criminals help themselves to space suits and weaponry- and use them to pull a high-tech bank robbery!

Authorities spread the word to be on the lookout for a duo of robbers dressed in space suits- so, of course, Bud and Lou are mistaken for the crooks and must escape the police dragnet! But- when they return to their ship- the real robbers are there to greet them! Captured by the bad men, more ineptitude results in the rocket being launched one more time - more successfully, since it breaks free from earth’s gravity and really does head out into outer space! Bud and Lou endure more run-ins with the robbers  as well as dangerous conditions in space, until they finally land on a distant planet...but-wrong again- it isn’t Mars ( …yes- the title lied to us…)!

This is Venus, populated by a race of beautiful women ( in actuality, played by various Miss Universe contestants) to whom men are their mortal enemy. Their lovely queen , for reasons she will reveal, has banned males for many years, but, somehow, Bud and Lou- (especially Lou)- find a way into the female race’s good graces -while the criminals scheme to take control- and anything else of value that isn’t nailed down. Can Lou win over the spacey sirens- or will he and the other men just underline the reasons why the Venus women despise guys?  And, if not- will they even be able to find their way to home sweet Earth?

Since movie audiences tastes were changing, and encounters with  Universal monsters  having run its course, Abbott and Costello made this attempt to get with the times and  attempt to garner some laughs from science fiction, in their own misguided way! We'll introduced you to the stars – see what I did there?-in our cast, including a specific female warrior guard, who appears only briefly, but went on to become much more visible in movies! Be prepared for some meteoric mirth of the Sven kind as well, as we present various space shtick we’ve done.

“Abbott and Costello Go to Mars” tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for local time and channel in your local listings or at  Again, people who live-Tweet on Twitter during the show- using the hashtag #svengoolie- have been keeping us trending high nationally, so feel free to join them! In Chicago, local viewers can get grabbed by the infamous "Giant Claw" at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

Many thanks go out to the huge crowd that came to see me at the Reel Arts collectible store in Berwyn last Saturday. Arriving to see the line outside the store going around the block was pretty overwhelming! More appearances will be coming next month!

Be orbiting your TV set tonight for interstellar beauty and the boneheads ( not YOU, Tombstone)!

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Catbat 3 minutes ago
And the Angela save the day 👍
daleuhlmann 11 minutes ago
The cover of a later comic book version of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.
Catbat daleuhlmann 4 minutes ago
Hairy chest thing gross
daleuhlmann Catbat 2 minutes ago
Big hairy deal, huh?
Catbat daleuhlmann 1 minute ago
There are ways to fix that you know
Jack 1 hour ago
Hi All,

TexasDeb here. Sorry I have been off the blog for a little while. Life has gotten in the way.

I know we are suppose to keep this to Sven topics, so I hope this is OK. My dear friend Robin Griffiths passed away unexpectedly Wednesday morning. For those of you at BBCIII, she was the Sven fan in the wheelchair at the viewing party. Even though she did not write on the blog, she read it every week. Robin and Katy watched Sven every Saturday. When Robin was in the hospital, Katy would tape it, so they could watch together. Robin was a dear friend, and i miss her.
daleuhlmann Jack 1 hour ago
Sorry to hear about her passing, Texas Deb.
scottieO Jack 1 hour ago
Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. My thoughts and prayers to you and Katy at this difficult time.
Catbat Jack 1 hour ago
I'm so sorry. I met and talked with her. She was so sweet.
Hope she is in a better place. ❤️
Trout Jack 1 hour ago
So very sorry about your loss, TexasDeb. Any loss in the Sven Family is a loss to us all. 😞
dh Jack 1 hour ago
Sorry & condolences.
Stenzhorn Jack 1 hour ago
Very sorry for the loss of your friend, but hope that each week the movies brings back a good memory of her.
abc123 Jack 22 minutes ago
remember the good time. remember the bad. all times spent with friends are found in the good.
Ravenwoman 1 hour ago
Good night and sweet dreams! Did I miss something? Is it wrong to give someone well wishes when they're sick? Did I do something wrong again?

Trout 1 hour ago
Saw SvenAdministrator's notice, and will BOLO. Don't know what's up, I just know...
CarrieLynnCastro 2 hours ago
Hope your all having a
nice Friday 😊

Crazy weather sun🌞 then rain🌧🌫🌧 then dark clouds then sun again and more rain😨

No hail here Cabat well
not yet 🤖stay safe!

No way I'm going out!
I think I'm to short to get hit by Lighting ⛈ ha!
Staying indoors safe and sound 🌧☔😉☔🌧

Scottie hope your not out in this weather be safe 🌫🌧🚣‍♂️🌧🌫 if you are out!
More rain and more rain
for next week and the next 🌊🚣‍♀️🌊 oh gosh!
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 2 hours ago
My MeTV is having a fit
dh CarrieLynnCastro 2 hours ago
Never mind. You can stay inside and make a pile of treats to chow on for tomorrow night. Yum yum yum!
I'm going to San Jose Sunday morning to see the boys. Might swing by on our way back. Remy is going with. If it's ok
Oh no ⛈📺⛈ do still have your antenna
darn crazy weather😉
CarrieLynnCastro dh 1 hour ago
Thanks dh will do
Sure Catbat that will be nice 😍
CarrieLynnCastro 2 hours ago
Catbat I love the picture of the Ducks walking in the puddle so cute
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 2 hours ago
Hon what's up with your Avitar? You're half way there
Oh wow I have disappeared 😨
Now what!
CarrieLynnCastro 2 hours ago
Thanks Sven 👍
Something was up😨
SvenAdministrator 3 hours ago
Beware of former blog posters hiding behind new identities.
On it Sven Administrator 😊
Thank you, Sven Administrator. That NEEDED to be said!
As Barney Fife would say "Nip it in the bud "
Sven will you be removing them 😱
It's like villain Alistair Ransom (Gerald Hammer) in the Sherlock Holmes mystery THE SCARLET CLAW, a murderer and former actor who takes any number of identities of people who have lived in the Canadian village he's been hiding out in: gardner, postman, etc. As Holmes tells the local bigwig, Lord Penrose, "He might even have been your butler, Drake."
Catbat 4 hours ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All! Well The Creature could survive nicely around here. Downpours today even got some hail. Pulled up at the gym and there was a pair of Mallard ducks walking around in the parking lot.
daleuhlmann Catbat 3 hours ago
Aren't they cute?
Oscar Catbat 2 hours ago
They must feel right at home with all that water....stay dry and safe Catbat
Catbat Oscar 2 hours ago
Thanks Oscar. Believe it or not Catbats can swim. Haha
Oscar Catbat 2 hours ago
You learn something new everyday!
dh Catbat 2 hours ago
You sure are getting enough water out there!
BTW, you are a good photographer. Thanks for sharing!
Trout Catbat 1 hour ago
1st time I've seen ducks walking up a wall. Glad you got a pic, 🐱‍👤🦇😄
Lynn Catbat 1 hour ago
It really is "fine weather for ducks", and you took a photo that proves it!
Matt 4 hours ago
Ahhhhhh Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!

Can't wait for "Creature from the Black lagoon" CUE THE HEART ATTACK MUSIC !!!!!
dh Matt 4 hours ago
Hi Matt
I am sooo ready for this movie! One of the best.
JournalJeff2 5 hours ago
Breaking News: Here we go again. An active shooter has been apprehended in Aurora, Il. This shooting just happened at 3:00 PM local time. 2 people have been taken to the hospital. That is all the info. that I have. I would guess that our Chicago area bloggers will be getting more info from the local news.
dh JournalJeff2 4 hours ago
Bad news, but can only hope for no fatalities.
I know we have bloggers in the Chicago area, any in Aurora?
Ravenwoman 6 hours ago
Thank you all so much! Oh, how I love💓🗽 all of you. I am okay, just woke up. I have been in bed with what appears to be the flu. Please don't worry about me, I'll bounce back!

I'm hoping to join you all tomorrow night for the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Now, I'm looking and feeling like him! 😆💓🗽🤧

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Lynn Ravenwoman 4 hours ago
Sending good vibes, Ravenwoman! Get well soonest!
Ravenwoman dh 4 hours ago
Thanks, sweetie! I'm okay, need some time and rest! I dig the song, nice! 😁👍🗽💓💋
dh Ravenwoman 4 hours ago
Okay- be sure you have a lot of tissues because it sounds like you are going to have a "boogie" night (you see what I did there?)
scottieO Ravenwoman 3 hours ago

Hope you feel better real soon!
CarrieLynnCastro 6 hours ago
Hi Lynn🐙 glad your in a safe place and not getting pounded where you live as far as flooding 🌧⛈🌬
But I'm sure your 😨
getting lots of this
scary weather too!

They say there might be snow mixed in with the rain Sunday morning here in the Valley🌨🌧
I will watch for that one could be interesting!

It seems like the rain
☔will continue for a while more with a few days that will be dryer day's🌞 but not much.

Hopefully we get too spring soon with less and less rain🍃🦋🍃

Have a nice day 🤓

Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 4 hours ago
Thank you Carrie! Everything is okay here. Please be good to yourself!
CarrieLynnCastro 7 hours ago
Our movie for 📺
tomorrow is perfect
because of Valentine's
Day 🐸 the Creature was in love 🏊‍♀️ had to have her oh well at least he tried 💔🤢💔
That's love for you 😉

Have a great day out there 👻❣👻
dh CarrieLynnCastro 6 hours ago
Poor Uncle Gilbert
At least he got to practice carrying her over the threshold!
Hi, Carrie! How are you doing?
Hi Dale doing well been a little busy getting things in order still working on it 🙄 that needed attention!
Hope your doing well
Dale 🐝
Hope spring will get here soon🌷
Take care 💝
CarrieLynnCastro dh 2 hours ago
dh well that's better
then nothing at all💔
CarrieLynnCastro 7 hours ago
Happy Friday🌞
No sun out here but
maybe 🌧⛅🌧 soon!

Yesterday the weather maker blew its top very
windy conditions 🌬
not much rain.
So windy it snapped some branches on my favorite huge plant all
in bloomed in blue...oh well!
I need to trim it back and it will grow back 🐝
very strong winds were knocking down tree's
everywhere and lights out in some places in Fresno and Clovis.
Flooding in some places too 🌳🌧🌳
Rain still on it's way😨
hope it ends soon to dryer days 🌞

I just might be floating
down your way soon😉

Catbat hope your 😁 antenna stayed put🌬

Keep dry everyone 🤖
and safe 💙
MADave 7 hours ago
Good afternoon goolies and gooliettes I’m listening to the newest Elvis cd that was released today entitled THE BEST OF THE ‘68 SPECIAL the first 15 tracks are from the 1968 tv special with four more
bonus tracks, the last one is IF I CAN DREAM by Elvis Presley featuring Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood. I’ll be watching the tv specialthis Sunday night
MADave MADave 7 hours ago
Forgot to mention that it also comes with a dvd of the original 1968 tv special.
Raycav00 7 hours ago
To all on the Blog I kindly ask that you keep Ravenwoman ( Michele) in your Thoughts and Prayers, she is presently bedridden battling Pneumonia and is extremely ill.
With some luck its hopeful she can avoid the Hospital.
Thank you for some good vibes.
Its much appreciated !
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Carl_N_Brown Raycav00 6 hours ago
I'll add my wish ravenwoman turns for the better soon.
But don't be stubborn like me and avoid being in hospital if it is necessary.
Ravenwoman MrGotham 6 hours ago
Oh! I am so happy you are back with us! 💓🗽😁🤧 It makes me feel so much better to know my New Yorker's are by my side.
Ravenwoman Raycav00 5 hours ago
Grrrrrrrrrrr! LOL! You'll get yours! 🤧💓🗽💕
1MikeM Raycav00 4 hours ago
Michele, get better soon. Take care.
WILLOUGHBY 9 hours ago
Aloha Friday guys. Very busy with Hollywood A-listers spending VD here in droves. No Dale, I didn’t say ‘spreading’ VD here. Saturday night, Keika sinks the Rita, her crew and drains the swamp; killing off the tourist industry in the Black Lagoon. Hope to see you there. Wear your 3D glasses to the dock.
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 7 hours ago
Glad you checked your wording, Willoughby. I'm sure wolves don't like corn fields.
dh WILLOUGHBY 7 hours ago
I guess I will rent the sub. Is there a waiting list?
WILLOUGHBY dh 4 hours ago
No waiting list but a screaming, crying, begging, hollering, pleading and panicking list to get off the sub once she's launched! The Creature will be waiting for you. (See lower right of movie.)
scottieO WILLOUGHBY 3 hours ago
Very Stealthy! (LOL)
dh WILLOUGHBY 2 hours ago
I did see him there! Ahoy!
TheKodakKid 9 hours ago
Some celebrity birthdays of note.

Actress Claire Bloom is 88. Her international film debut came in “Limelight”. The then 21 year old was handpicked by Charlie Chaplin for the role.

Songwriter Brian Holland is 78. He wrote some of Motown’s biggest hits.

Musician Mick Avory of The Kinks is 75. His birthday wish was to be “A Well Respected Man”.

Actress Jane Seymour is 68. She was Serina, Boxey’s mother and Apollo’s love interest, in the first three episodes of “Battlestar Galactica”. I think she may have had a few other minor TV and film roles as well.

Singer Melissa Manchester is also 68. When she saw her cake today, she broke out in her song “Fire in the Morning”.
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 3 hours ago
Claire Bloom was once married to Rod Steiger. In fact, they appeared together in 1969's THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, based on Ray Bradbury's work. She was also in one of the scariest ghost movies ever made, director Robert Wise's 1963 spooky THE HAUNTING, based on novelist Shirley Jackson's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE.
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