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Svengoolie Holiday Shop

We wrap up the season of tricks with a treat to kick off the holidays! Yes, I know many of you wanted to get this year’s release of the holiday sweater, but they sold out in record time. So today we launch the Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe, with two brand new holiday designs available on shirts, long sleeves, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, and even mugs! Oh yeah, that’s plenty of Sventa Claus to make the season jolly.

Wait, I have a shoppe?

Our first design could be called “Wrapped Up” because as you can see Kerwyn went a bit crazy with the lights and yours truly is truly trapped. This Sventa Claus photo design is available on a hoodiesweatshirtlong-sleeve shirtt-shirt, and mug

Our second design is an illustrated version of me as Sventa Claus and Kerwyn. In this design we’re wishing you “Season’s Creepings” with one of our rubber chicken wearing reindeer antlers. Trust me, you don’t want these thrown at you or your red nose won’t be makeup! This illustrated design is also available on a hoodiesweatshirtlong-sleeve shirtt-shirt, and mug.

How about another treat? Due to the popularity of last year’s holiday mug, we are re-releasing it this year for a limited time so you can collect all three holiday mugs and spend less time washing the one over and over. 

For all your little creepers, we’re happy to share that we now have a Svengoolie Kids Collection! Our “SvenDROOLIE” onesie and the infant t-shirt “Chicken Thrower In Training” are already proving to be popular. We have 4 designs, all available for order today.

Lastly, our holiday restocking has arrived! Our very popular Zipper Hoodie is back in stock, and all sizes of our classic glow-in-the-dark shirts are back in stock too.

And our store, I mean shoppe elves tell me orders for the holidays need to be placed by December 1st as we’re hearing that holiday shipping will be quite scary this year! Shoppe now in the Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe! 

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MrsG 9 months ago
Love MR. SVEN Bobblehead !
DOCHAHA 9 months ago
DOCHAHA 9 months ago
MrsG 9 months ago
Oh wouldn’t a groovy Sven scarf 🧣 be nice ? Maybe next season ~ if we keep dreaming up merch we’ll have a Sven Boutique too ~ he has a Boutique ? ! ? !
Viv 9 months ago
Cool stuff! Not sure what to get! They're all nice! Maybe all of them! 😄
MrsG 9 months ago
You ROCK Sventagoolie whether on a shirt or mug or in our hearts !
🖤 ♥️ *_* ♥️ 🖤
Klaatu 9 months ago
I have given my wife the order form to get me a Sven mug for Christmas. I have the older Svengoolie mug, but coffee will taste better in a new mug👍 ☕️
TheKodakKid 9 months ago
I’m tempted to say that I’ve been a good little boy all year long, in hopes that Sventa Claus would bring me something nice from his Holiday Shoppe. However, I know that bad little boys go to the cornfield for lying.
Geo TheKodakKid 9 months ago
Shayla 9 months ago
If I had money, I'd buy this cool and warm things.
Lynn 9 months ago
Hooray for Sventa Calus! Hooray for us! Thank you, Sven!
Jack Lynn 9 months ago
Is he any connection to Charlie Callas?
Lynn Jack 9 months ago
Not to my knowledge, Jack.
Geo 9 months ago
Those are some sweet holiday items. I hope to receive or perhaps purchase a Sventa Clause mug. Not sure what happened now all my settings here went wonky.
NoPersonalChicks 9 months ago
Mikeyyy NoPersonalChicks 9 months ago
Congrats on being first blogger in the THE SVENTA CLAUS HOLIDAY SHOPPE blog!
DrClayton gabste 9 months ago
Why a duck?
NoPersonalChicks Mikeyyy 9 months ago
LOL, you guys. Receiving any credit for being first on a blog Sven posted while the sun was visible is misplaced, since I am always way too tired to stay up late for the real thing. It's like getting first place medal for the 100-yard dash running downhill, downwind and with a jet pack on my back. So kudos to those who participate in the real deal.
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