Oliver Reed Makes “Hammer Time” Hairy in “Curse of the Werewolf” Tonight!

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"Hammer Time" brings a full moon to the first day (or night) of summer- as we present Hammer's only werewolf tale- "Curse of the Werewolf"!

This story takes place in Spain a couple centuries or so ago- with a strange beggar confused about conditions in a small town he's wandered into- and learning it's all due to the marriage of a nasty local nobleman. The beggar unwisely heads to the nobleman's estate, where the marquis  cruelly makes sport of the poor fellow as entertainment for himself and his guests.When the marquis tires of the derision,he has the stranger tossed into a dungeon- where he stays, forgotten, for years- being treated kindly only by the mute daughter of the jailer.

Years pass, the now- deranged beggar remains locked in the dungeon, and the girl has grown into a ravishing beauty- whom the decrepit old marquis has designs on, but, when rejected by  the frightened mute girl, has HER tossed into the beggar's cell- with dire consequences.

When she finally escapes ,she barely survives, rescued by a kind and learned gentleman, Don Alfredo, who learns from his housekeeper that the young girl is -with child! As time passes, and the housekeeper relates her fears that "such a child" being born on Christmas could have dire supernatural circumstances- that is exactly what comes to pass. Don Alfredo raises the child, a boy, as his own- but the boy, Leon,soon becomes troubled- and the bodies of livestock start showing up  torn apart.

Eventually Leon grows to young manhood, and sets out to seek his fortune- hopefully with his "problems" behind- and gains employment in the wine cellar of a vintner who happens to have a lovely young daughter. Unfortunately, she is spoken for- which sends Leon out with his happy-go-lucky co-worker to a local tavern- where, with a full moon rising, his problems bring about some horrid, hairy happenings- and soon Leon is torn between his terrible curse and his love for the young girl!

This 1961 film is another classic example of the Hammer style- with the violence , color, and cleavage the studio is known for- along with another incredible monster design! We'll talk about that make-up, and fill you in on the cast, including Oliver Reed and the gorgeous Yvonne Romain; and, watch for a special  video clip chronicling the very moment when your truly learned, at a live event at Chicago's Squared Circle restaurant, of the plan for a Svengoolie Day in Illinois!

"Hammer Time" for "Curse of the Werewolf" on Me-TV is tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and please check your local listings for the start time in your area.Chicago fans get a second look at "Evil of Frankenstein" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

A quick update- for those who tried to order Sven t-shirts, or have them back-ordered-but were told they were sold out- a new inventory of shirts has finally arrived! You may order once again! We appreciate your patience, as demand exceeded our supply for a brief time.

Two Sven public appearances this weekend- today, we hit the big hearse car show at the BrauerHouse in Lombard, IL-  and tomorrow, it's the "Little Boots Rodeo" in Elk Grove Village (word has come that the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile will also be there!)! You'll find the full info under the "appearances" tab on this site.

And- in case you haven't heard- I am very honored to have been asked to host a live on-stage talk show on the Friday night of this year's "Flashback Weekend" horror convention in Rosemont this August- with my special guest-the great Robert Englund, in full make-up, as Freddy Krueger! Not only will this be the only convention appearance featuring the "man of your dreams(nightmares)" in his character make-up- but this is being touted as the last time Robert will portray Freddy! I'm very excited about this- please note this will NOT be televised, it will be a live stage presentation. We'll post more information about it as it becomes available!

Don't worry- we'll be able to provide you with some nightmares tonight, thanks to "Curse of the Werewolf"- so, make sure you tune in!