On a Wing and a Scare- Beware of the "Gargoyles"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a favorite "made for TV" movie of the early 70s that was such a big hit last year- fans demanded an encore!  We head out into the desert with  an  anthropologist author and his daughter, whose skeptical research takes a sudden turn  when they learn that legendary demons do exist- and are ready to infiltrate man’s world again, hoping to tip the scales of power in favor of- "Gargoyles"!

This 1972 feature begins with Dr. Mercer Boley, writer and investigator of demons (with a bent towards debunking it all as pure mythology) and his daughter Diana, who serves as his photographer, meeting up in the American southwest to research his latest book. After some confusion about their route, they stop at a local “tourist trap”- a curio shop where they check out the inventory for any real artifacts. Uncle Willie, the grizzled old proprietor, takes note that the pair are showing little regard for his wares and definitely not taking them seriously- so he tries to impress them with the “real” artifacts he keeps in the back of the shop. He shows them a display of a skeleton of –well, some sort of creature- but the doctor thinks it's just a combination of various animal bones. Daughter Diana, noting Willie’s serious state, tends to think there's some reality to it, not just something to fool the suckers. Willie tells his tales as day becomes night, and as he describes some ancient Indian beliefs, a strong windstorm unexplainably rises- at least, they HOPE it’s a windstorm! The mayhem causes a huge fire, along with some building collapse- meaning dire circumstances for Willie-as dad and daughter barely escape, dragging with them with the skull of the odd creature’s skeleton. But they are not safe yet- as they drive away, their car is attacked by shadowy figures!

They finally escape, and limp their car to a gas station. The attendant is shocked by the damage their vehicle has sustained- and since it’ll take a while to fix it up, they head to the adjoining motel, run by a woman with an obvious preference for distilled liquids! When day breaks, Dad and Diana want to report the previous night’s mishaps to the police- who are busy apprehending a pack of local young men on motorbikes. The officers think these no-good punks are responsible for the tragic conflagration at the old museum, but Doctor Boley and his daughter know better. Yet, they just don't think the cops will buy their story- at least not yet.

Back at the motel that night- Diana and Dad get some unexpected visitors- actual gargoyles! They break into their motel room, seemingly in search of the skull taken from the museum. After some confrontation, the gargoyles make their escape, but  one is killed- and Doc takes it back to their room, suspecting that the gargoyles were behind the museum incident- and that the skull may have belonged to one of their ancestors! The next day, Diana goes to the police department- hoping to convince the cops that the boys they've locked up are not to blame-but that proves useless, as the police and , yes, the guys she's trying to help laugh off her story of the odd creatures.

Returning to the motel after dark- the gargoyles also return, intent on reclaiming their dead comrade’s body. Doc Boley and his daughter try to escape- but Diana ends up captured by the gargoyles!  They reveal to her what their true plans are- and it’s up the doctor- and anyone he can convince that the gargoyles are real- to save his daughter- and stop the weird creatures before they begin their full onslaught of the human race!

This movie’s cast, includes big screen star Cornell Wilde, the lovely Jennifer Salt,  "Dark Shadows" TV show's Grayson Hall, and a very young Scott Glenn- plus the late Bernie Casey as the head of the gargoyles. Along with information about the movie, we'll repeat the visit from a Chicago lady whose made Svengoolie an answer –though a wrong one-to a "Jeopardy" question; bring you  a song based on a tune by a friend  and  talented musician whose group got its start in- BERWYN!- and more!

"Gargoyles" fly onto your screen tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific,7 central, or check time and channel in your area in local listings or at . You can help us trend nationally on Twitter, like we did last week, by live-Tweeting during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers will get one last order of that baker’s dozen of vengeful spirits- "13 Ghosts"- at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Thanks to everyone whom made our 2018 Halloween tour a huge success- looking forward to a short break form our public appearances. Please remember that we’re now on Instagram- look for @real svengoolie -  and get set for a great November movie schedule!

Are some people’s memories of seeing “Gargoyles” on TV when it first aired as a made-for-TV movie able to compete with the movie, seen present day on our show tonight?  Join us and find out!

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CarrieLynnCastro 7 months ago
Glad to be moving on too something more fun
The Tingler aw Vincent Price he is so terrific!
The Gargoyles were to scary for me very 👹 strange!

Hope you all had a good day mine was very quite and got chores done 😉

I did finish making my mom's earrings 🎁 she will love them!

Take care and good night

The1Butler 7 months ago
Catbat The1Butler 7 months ago
Thanks for that. Used to watch Gargoyles with my boys when it first came out. Still have a few of the toys. Goliath and Bronx at least. Fun stuff
The1Butler 7 months ago
45 more minutes,
Catbat The1Butler 7 months ago
Tick tock
The1Butler Catbat 7 months ago
I was primed for midnite ,now eyes are heavy. More Coffee.
Catbat 7 months ago
My last thoughts on Gargoyles for now.
Why does the lead gargoyle more closely resemble a human/devil mix and the sub gargoyles resemble flying monkey chickens? And why does nobody ever believe somebody when they try to tell them something?
The1Butler Catbat 7 months ago
The lead gargoyle was to be the smart one it seems.
The1Butler Catbat 7 months ago
Fly ! Fly my pretties !
daleuhlmann Catbat 7 months ago
Yes, dear, there did seem to be some inconsistencies in the depiction of the gargoyle species. It reminds me of the chupacabra, with its reptilian-mammalian mix. As for the "Why won't they believe me?" dilemma you mentioned, that's the stuff of great drama!

Catbat The1Butler 7 months ago
And the more attractive one IMO
WILLOUGHBY 7 months ago
Who wants to play tonight?
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Catbat WILLOUGHBY 7 months ago
Ahh so that's where it came from 😊
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 7 months ago
Dislocated your tail? Sven sound byte: "Oh, that's gotta hurt!"
PatS daleuhlmann 7 months ago
The Pain! The Pain! (Dr. Smith or Herve Villechaise, your choice.)
daleuhlmann PatS 7 months ago
hHa-ha, Ha-ha!
abc123 7 months ago
tomorrow, during your travels, if you see any US Marines, wish 'em a Happy Birthday. give any other veterans a thanks too, so they don't feel left out. even the sailors.
Yvette 7 months ago
Anybody else had trouble signing on? I've had to do it twice today
Carl_N_Brown Yvette 7 months ago
I had to sign on today, first time in several days, reason unknown to me.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 7 months ago
Aha! I had a power outage this morning and when the modem rebooted I received a new IP number. That may explain my problem.
daleuhlmann Yvette 7 months ago
Yvette, your Zita Johann avatar looks a little different (she's usually smiling)--or is it just my imagination?
DrClayton 7 months ago
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...
JournalJeff2 DrClayton 7 months ago
Super Tingler
Yvette JournalJeff2 7 months ago
It's Monty Python's flying Circus!
1MikeM Yvette 7 months ago
Ha-ha! And now for something completely different.
The1Butler 7 months ago
Angel Duty!
The1Butler The1Butler 7 months ago
Back to the big 3 Angel's
The1Butler The1Butler 7 months ago
Top secret, a slide projector
The1Butler The1Butler 7 months ago
Farrah nips , yeah baby
The1Butler The1Butler 7 months ago
The killer is harmless, couldn't hit Kelly 20ft away with a machine gun.
DrClayton The1Butler 7 months ago
The poodle nips, the poodle chews it...
PatS DrClayton 7 months ago
Is that the first line of a poem or something? What might rhyme?

"When he's done, you can't guess who's it"...
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Oh, and what if Abbott and Costello's THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES were, in honor of Horatio's (Lou Costello's) profession, been titled THE TINKER?
1MikeM 7 months ago
A very Happy Birthday to Carrie's Mom!!!
Yvette 7 months ago
JournalJeff - Heard u guys got that word I can't mention because it's a 4-letter word beginning with S. Keep that stuff over there ha ha ha. Not ready for it yet, just a little too early for my taste.
JournalJeff2 Yvette 7 months ago
Yvette, winter is here! Only November 9th and we have had that naughty S word twice already & it is in the forecast for Sunday. I was so hoping that with all the rain we got this Summer that we would have a dry Winter! Looks like that will not happen.

Speaking of dry, Prayers & Best Wishes to all of you in danger from them wild fires in California!
Yvette 7 months ago
Happy Birthday to Carrie's Mom. My mom will be 81 at the end of this month. Don't worry I'll be sure to remind you LOL 😆
Yvette 7 months ago
Afternoon my Sven Family - I certainly hope all of our West Coast families are safe because of the fires. Fingers crossed no crosswinds.
WILLOUGHBY 7 months ago
There is a "Tingler" model and it's not listed in my Castle Von Willoughby store. I have a store?! Willy - Willy, Happy Friday!
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 7 months ago
Do you have any French tinglers in stock?
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 7 months ago
"The Tingler" was released in France as "Le désosseur de cadavres" (The carcass deboner).
WILLOUGHBY daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Read the box, professor. It's 20-inches long. I get a tickler out of that.
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 7 months ago
Oh, you mean on your belly, of course!--uness that tickler reaches some other areas! 😁
daDoctah Carl_N_Brown 7 months ago
Fun SciFi fact: The hero of Jules Verne's "Off On a Comet", in which a big chunk of the earth is carried off into space with an assortment of characters of various nationalities still living on it, is Captain Servadac.

"Servadac" is "cadavres" (French for "corpses") spelled backwards, probably meant to suggest (Verne originally wrote the story in French, after all) that the survivors were already doomed to die upon their return to earth.
DrClayton Carl_N_Brown 7 months ago
How debonair!
MADave 7 months ago
Happy Birthday to Carrie’s mum
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Carrie: A very happy birthday to your mom today!
Catbat 7 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Carrie tell your Mom Happy 🎂 Birthday for me.
I'm at pt right now riding my bike. Haha
Back later. Time to work
daleuhlmann Catbat 7 months ago
A catbat on a bicycle? I think I have a shirt idea in mind!
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 7 months ago
I think you're right, Carl!
1MikeM daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Dale, great idea!
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 7 months ago
Thanks, Mike M!
Catbat daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Yes Dear where's my wings?
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