One More Time- "Svengoolie Stomping" Into the Inner Sanctum with the "Frozen Ghost"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we bring you another vintage Sven show that features the original premiere of  the fun song created for us by ‘60s rock and roll icon, Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon-and another trip onto the “Inner Sanctum” with Lon Chaney Jr. as a radio psychic who feels guilty that his mental powers can cause murder-and leads to him trying to find solace in  an eerie wax museum- in the chilling tale of the "Frozen Ghost"!

After the traditional floating head in a glass globe welcomes us to the Inner Sanctum, we become part of the live audience for a radio show featuring "Gregor the Great"- a mentalist with amazing mind-reading skills. He stuns the audience with his psychic power – that is, all except  a drunken heckler that he decides to make an example of- but his anger results in a tragic event. Alex Gregor, feeling it is all the fault of his mental power, decides to cut himself off from the world-give up his career- and even his engagement to his pretty assistant!

In an attempt to get George back to living his life, his agent finds a new job for him, unrelated to any mental magic- as a researcher and lecturer at an old friend's wax museum. Madame Valerie Monet, in charge of the establishment, feels Alex will benefit the museum, and make life easier for herself and her young niece Nina-but, the museum's talent sculptor of its statues, Rudi, is adverse to this new crew member invading his territory- and very possibly becoming his rival for the attentions of Nina. Rudi had a tarnished past-he was an esteemed plastic surgeon who had a horrible mishap, resulting in his banishment from the medical profession- leading to his entrance to sculpting wax works of art. He has found a safe place in the museum- but now feels threatened by the addition of Alex.

Alex, meanwhile, takes to his new job with enthusiasm- and, honestly, has no romantic interest in Nina -while Madame Monet, who DOES have interest in Alex, is prodded by the scheming Rudi into a jealous rage, and confronts Alex- having a sort of  "Incredible Hulk" effect, angering him to the point of possibly sparking his mental powers again. He stalks off into the night- returning to the museum the next day to the news that Madame Monet has disappeared! A police inspector arrives at the museum and questions the staff- leading to him suspecting that Alex is a key to the lady's disappearance-since he would seem to be the last person to see her alive. Could he have caused the missing person's life to disappear as well?

Many schemes seem to be hatching in the creepy wax museum, which includes several clues to what has happened- as the displays hold sinister secrets- and may be an exhibition for devious acts!

This 1945 entry in the “Inner Sanctum” series (based on a popular radio show of the golden age of radio) like the others in the series, stars Lon Chaney Jr-this time as Alex “Gregor the Great”- with his fiancee/assistant played by Universal contract player Evelyn Ankers- plus the unctuously threatening Martin Kosleck as the sculptor. Other familiar faces appear and we'll fill you in on them- bring you another edition of the Sven drawing game “Too Drawn Out”; and show you a real-life wax museum that features impressive presentations of several classic movie monsters (run by the great-nephew of a man who portrayed one!); plus a twin spin- two musical numbers- our usual one with Doug, and- we bring back the original premiere version of the “Svengoolie Stomp”-the song written about yours truly and performed by 1960s rock and roll icon Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, complete with its array of celebrity cameos ( except for one- which we’ll explain and show in the mail segment)! We’ll also take a few moments to talk about his great career and timeless hits like “Palisades Park”, “Where the Action Is” and “Tallahassee Lassie”!

"Frozen Ghost" haunts the MeTV airwaves tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time, and please check for channel and time in other areas at or in your local TV listings.  Viewers will be live-Tweeting on Twitter during the show, as usual- and most likely have us trending high among the most-Tweeted about topics- so, feel free to join in, and make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie .Our Chicago area viewers will get another look at “King Kong Escapes” on CW26, our main local station, at 11 am.

Have you seen the Sven baseball cap now in our store? It has become one of our top sellers in just a little over a week! Please check it out- as we’ve said, it makes a great Father’s Day gift!

We hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend, and will join us tonight for “Inner Sanctum” mystery, the “Svengoolie Stomp” and much more!

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1MikeM 1 month ago
Well the frozen ghost must be thawed out by now and dat's da name a dat tune.
CrazyK 1 month ago
See ya Casper the Friendly
“Frozen” Ghost 😂
Jack CrazyK 1 month ago
You were saving that, weren’t you!
CrazyK Jack 1 month ago
Haha! Yep! Ya got me!
Smart with the Force are you. 🙂
gabste 1 month ago
You King of Isles... you getting Svengoolie rain and thunderstorms like us the last 24 hours ! We needed rain but Gods ! 🤣🤣boom boom 230 am Bam booom ! On de ocean 🤣🤣🤣🌩⚡🤣🤣
KeithJ gabste 1 month ago
Big bada boom!
gabste KeithJ 1 month ago
Drang 1 month ago
Second attempt:
Last week I was talking about multi-tasking, watching Saturday 'toons while participating in a Washington State emergency communications drill for amateur radio, and that prompted a discussion of Mt. Saint Helens.
This week I discovered that the Loowit Brewing Company of Vancouver WA USA has a commemorative beer for one of the characters associated locally with Mt. Saint Helens.

This is not Missouri's President Harry "Buck Stops Here" Truman. This Harry Truman was a cantankerous old coot that wasn't going to leave his cabin just because the mountain it was on was blowing up.
He is a folk hero to many in Washington.
Mrs. Drang, who was born and raised here, has little nice to say about someone so attached to a cabin that he would dare a mountain to come kill him.
Drang Drang 1 month ago
Apparently an "American Stock Ale" is a lot like a Barleywine.

And for the record, I agree with Mrs. Drang, daring a mountain to blow you up is stupid.
Kyle Drang 1 month ago
There are worse ways to go out.
Drang Kyle 1 month ago
Very true.
Drang Drang 1 month ago
And now I need to go grab a hard seltzer to clear the residual barleywine from my mouth That stuff is too syrupy for my taste.(YYMV.)
Jack Kyle 1 month ago
Only slower ways.
1MikeM 1 month ago
Oh yes it's time for the big Charleston contest! (kidding! ) One hour until the new blog.
gabste 1MikeM 1 month ago
I won't make it MikeM. I going to sleep 😴
1MikeM gabste 1 month ago
Good night gabste
gabste 1MikeM 1 month ago
my friend
Katink gabste 1 month ago
Sleep well, gabste!
gabste Katink 1 month ago
Thank you Katink ! 😎
Kyle 1MikeM 1 month ago
I'll be here.
It is like cheating.
Blog goes live at 10pm here.
Can still get to bed on time.
MADave 1 month ago
Great news my mom is leaving the hospital tomorrow and going into rehab so she can learn to walk again. What a great way to start the weekend.
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gabste KeithJ 1 month ago
Hello Keith !!!!
KeithJ gabste 1 month ago
Hi there! The prodigal blogger returns!
CarrieCastro MADave 1 month ago
It is great news
MADave good vibes
for your mom⚘
gabste KeithJ 1 month ago
Ha 😃
Kyle 1 month ago
Just 24 hours to game time, people!
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Kyle gabste 1 month ago
Hello back, tropical bird!
gabste gabste 1 month ago
*Not well.. I meant
Kyle Katink 1 month ago
Anyone knows that one horse can run faster than another. But which one?
Differences are crucial.
gabste Kyle 1 month ago
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
An ideal movie to watch on National Donut Day would be the 1995 comedy-horror film BLOOD AND DONUTS, which is about a vampire who hangs out an all night donut diner.
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FKrueger daleuhlmann 1 month ago
What about Attack of the Killer Donuts?
Islander DrClayton 1 month ago
Just finished it. I'm a little speechless and I crave Krispy creme now.
1MikeM Jack 1 month ago
.....yeah like Rosemont where they have the Flashback Weekend
daDoctah daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Are you familiar with this Mexican brand of baked goods?

daleuhlmann 1 month ago
I'm still not sure if Sven is finally going to show us an untampered print of CULT OF THE COBRA tomorrow night or that '90s show with one whole segment in Svensurround (ugh!). I guess he''ll tell us tonight when the new blog comes on.
CrazyK daleuhlmann 1 month ago
I hope it’s the untampered version for my first time seeing it.
Islander CrazyK 1 month ago
Dang.... Crazy. How old are you, 18 ? Seems like you have not seen many of Svens movies. I envy you getting to watch many of these for the first time. That definitely makes for a more entertaining show.
CrazyK Islander 1 month ago
HAHAHA!!! I never watched TV or went to the movies once I hit about 10 or 11, I was always outside or gone somewhere which is so cool now, lots of this horror/sci-fi stuff is new to me which is really cool because I really like it 👍
Islander CrazyK 1 month ago
That's cool. You are lucky to get to watch them for the first time.
MADave Islander 1 month ago
I've never seen this before either until I bought on Blu-Ray with other films that include BLACK CASTLE THE THING THAT COULDN''T DIE and SHADOW OF THE CAT
Drang 1 month ago
So what's everyone planning for meals, snacks, and/or klinkage for tomorrow night's showing of Jarrod Barkley and The Temple of Doom?
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FKrueger Kyle 1 month ago
Me too if my blackouts are accurate
Kyle FKrueger 1 month ago
Had a job interview the next morning.
Got the job.
They must have been desperate.
Kyle Kyle 1 month ago
Now I have to go to the liquor store tomorrow...
Kyle Drang 1 month ago
I probably saw that at some time. Will have to watch it again now with some context.

I'm getting to the point that I will not watch any movie unless I have seen it before.

80% of the few newer movies that I have even tried to watch have been pointless garbage to me.

Guess I'm getting old.
abc123 1 month ago
got a new fan this week, but it did not photograph well the first test. I hope i can make to look good, because this one I can program colors super easy....
Drang abc123 1 month ago
Tell it you'l lend it to the Kraken for practice if it doesn't cooperate!🐙🏒🥅
MADave 1 month ago
Ok since nobody got Dale's question right here's a quiz regarding a Batman episode with Lesley Gore as one of her kitties can anybody name the song she sang? The first person to do so will also win a wet teddy bear courtesy of Liberty Mutual good luck!
Jack MADave 1 month ago
“You Don’t Own Me”?
daleuhlmann MADave 1 month ago
The song is "California Nights."
MADave daleuhlmann 1 month ago
You are correct sir! You win a wet teddy bear courtesy of Liberty Mutual congratulations dale
CharlesRocks 1 month ago
Anyone get a free donut today?
MADave CharlesRocks 1 month ago
No I totally forgot
CharlesRocks MADave 1 month ago
Still time. If you are near a Krispy Kreme, show them your vax card and get two free donuts. Nothing like a free donut and sugar free ice coffee to celebrate the weekend.
CharlesRocks gabste 1 month ago
Settle for a virtual donut (or two)? 🍩 🍩
MADave 1 month ago
So I hear nobody won the wet teddy bear, is there a consolation prize just for trying dale?

daleuhlmann MADave 1 month ago
Well, I'll consider it, Dave.🙂
TofuAlien 1 month ago
I put Svengoolie (with me in the green) in my video game.
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TofuAlien CrazyK 1 month ago
That's Adam West to the right in the image BTW.
CrazyK TofuAlien 1 month ago
That’s cool, thanks for the info. I just got a Switch about 3 weeks ago and so far only been playing Luigi’s Mansion 3. It’s fun!
Still trying to get a PS5 but they are still sold out in our area but I got lucky to get the Switch!
MADave TofuAlien 1 month ago
Did you make the three stooges? More Larry and Curly or even Shemp?
TofuAlien MADave 1 month ago
Yes. Yes I did. With Shemp too.
CrazyK 1 month ago
I liked Dale’s ghost stories. I have a few but they would be too long for here but I think I can condense one of them enough and not ruin it. We were riding through Utah and stayed at a tiny little border town and asked the locals if there was any good fishing around. An old timer drew us a map to a lake on the back of a cocktail napkin so later that night we looked on our maps and phones and couldn’t find the roads he drew (that shoulda been a tip-off but we were adventurous). We headed out in the morning and found the little road that t’d off the main highway (no signs, you wouldn’t have found it if you weren’t looking for it, it looked like a deserted road) the asphalt ended in about 25 yards and turned into a rough dirt/natural terrain road. We rode on and found the lake and had the best fishing day of our whole lives ever! Golden and Rainbow trout. We stayed til it got dark, catching and releasing all but three of the fish, we went back to where we were staying and the little bar/grill there refused to cook the fish for us so we packed them in ice and put them in the sink of our tiny motel room and would check in the a.m. to see if anyone had a small bbq we could use to cook them for breakfast. Well, that night all kinds of strange ghostly things happened in and around that motel room one of which I still have a picture of and guess what? We were finally able to fall asleep for a bit close to dawn and in the morning when we woke, the fish were GONE!!! True story! So that day we did some investigating and it turns out that lake was a man made lake and was built right on top of an old Indian Burial Ground! We considered ourselves lucky to get out of there as good as we did!
And no ScottieO there was absolutely no peyote involved with this story! 😂
I apologize if this was too long but I shortened it as much as I could by leaving out the details of the nights events......
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CrazyK Jack 1 month ago
Whoa! Yeah I think you nailed it there Jack! 👍
daleuhlmann CrazyK 1 month ago
All of these incidents are very strange, to say the least.
FKrueger CrazyK 1 month ago
Usually this story ends up with someone telling you the guy who drew the map had been dead for 20 years
CrazyK FKrueger 1 month ago
Oh man, that really would have been crazy! You always coming up with some good ones FKrueger!
I’m pretty sure I still have that map in a box in the garage.
Drang 1 month ago
Thank you, Sven!
(For pre-empting the First Feel-good Movie of the Summer on a certain channel named for a greeting card company! 🙄)
daleuhlmann Drang 1 month ago
? Not sure what you're referring to.
The channel-that-shall-not-be-named-here-but-is-named-for-a-greeting-card-company has the temerity to schedule its first summer night new movie at 8pm 5 Jun 2021 in direct competition with Svengoolie CULT OF THE COBRA!
We know what we will be watching 8pm Saturday night.
PatS 1 month ago
So-o-o-o... if the report is correct, we can get Toons on MeTV at 6 a.m. (Chicago time) or 11 pm on METV Prime? Who done thunk o' that? What we really need is cartoons around 4 pm, when kids and adults can watch together. My view.
CrazyK PatS 1 month ago
According to the article I read, Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting “is the creative force behind the networks” so I ‘m guessing that includes the new MeTV Plus.
Drang PatS 1 month ago
Any indication when MeTV+ will expand beyond Chicagoland?
MADave Drang 1 month ago
I was wondering that too Drang maybe later this year just like when Metv first premiered I think almost 10 yrs ago in the Boston area?
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
As I had promised, here a couple of ghost stories of my own while we are still on THE FROZEN GHOST blog.

The first concerns my dad's brother. Shortly after he had passed away, my sister claims she was awakened every night, around the same time, by the sound of a vehicle pulling into our driveway, opening the garage entrance to our house, and walking up the steps. She said the sound of the footsteps stopped just as they reached the door. This happened several nights in a row; when she told our dad about it, he said that she just must have been imagining things. Then, one night, HE heard it. Putting two and two together, he remembered that his brother would, when visiting, always use that garage door entrance to the house. As soon as my dad closed off that particular entrance, retaining only the one near our front porch, these strange nightly sounds/visitations suddenly ceased.

The other story concerns my aunt, who lived in Pennsylvania. The house she, her husband, and children lived in was a pre-Civil War house. She claimed to have seen, regularly, two apparition, an elderly char woman dressed in soot-colored clothes and a little boy dressed in Victorian-style frock coat and knickers. According to her, sometimes they would dematerialize by walking right into and through the basement's washing. The old woman, she claimed, seemed to be nosy about everything that was taking place in the basement. She also said they were most frequently seen when changes or renovations were being done to the house. Sometimes they would make their presence known by lightly pushing my aunt into the doorway when we should return home from some errand. Who they were, and whatever connection, if any they had to the house, no one in the family could every find out.
Jack daleuhlmann 1 month ago
That’s weird about (presumably) your uncle’s ghost—I thought ghosts could move through solid objects, like your aunt’s basement ghosts. I hope your dad didn’t offend his brother when he closed off that entrance. That’s the sort of thing my family would do while alive… “I wondered why you stopped visiting….”
CrazyK Jack 1 month ago
That’s funny that you just asked that Jack. I was just getting ready to ask just about the same questions. But I also wanted to know roughly how old Dale’s sis was at the time and if his Dad closed it up because it was kinda scary for her.
JohnBlair daleuhlmann 1 month ago
hAINTS ... useta chase em DON"T nO MO!!!! BEWARE!!!
daleuhlmann CrazyK 1 month ago
Well, my sister was probably about 10 or 12 at the time. I think my dad closed that other entrance because he didn't want her to be scared anymore, not because he was scared of his brother, because they were very close.
CrazyK daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Yeah, I figured your Dad probably closed the entrance for your sister’s benefit otherwise he probably would left it as it was. 🙂
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