Our 3rd National Anniversary Gift- “Bride of Frankenstein”-Tonight!

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Tonight marks the 3rd anniversary of the Svengoolie show being beamed to a national audience via the Me-TV network- but we're giving YOU the gift! After a long absence on our program, we are so happy to be able to present, once again, another landmark Universal horror film- one in which the title "creature" appears only briefly, but is still one of the most memorable characters in the studio's horror gallery- it's the 1935 sequel to the original "Frankenstein"- "Bride of Frankenstein"- as the first entry in this month's theme- "Rotten Relatives Reunion"!

After a stormy night set-up by famous literary figures (take a good look at Mary Shelley-Elsa Lancester- you'll-ahem- see her again later!)-this chapter opens where the original ends- the windmill is in charred ruins, Henry,near death, is brought home to his love, Elizabeth- but, just when the locals feel the nightmare of the Monster is over- he rises from the ruins!

As Henry recovers, he visited by his strange old mentor, Dr. Pretorius, who knows about Frankenstein's creation- and wants him to work with him on creating new life! Henry reluctantly contemplates cooperation. Meanwhile, the Monster roams the countryside- pursued, captured, and again escaping to freedom. He stumbles upon the hut of a blind hermit, who, unable to see that his visitor is not  just a man, treats him with kindness, and elicits the first actual words from the Monster! Unfortunate circumstances drive the Monster away from this momentary peace- and, amazingly, into the presence of- Dr. Pretorius!

Soon, the sinister Pretorius, having convinced the Monster that he can provide him with a mate, sets out on a hideous project that involves Henry and Elizabeth, a return to Henry's laboratory, and the creation of - a woman!

This movie has always been one of my favorites,with so many memorable scenes- from the hysterical Una O'Connor (you saw her yowling in "Invisible Man" last week!) to the strange "little" experiments provided by Pretorius, to the set pieces so wonderfully parodied by Mel Brooks in "Young Frankenstein"- I could go on and on. Just the poignant performance of Boris Karloff appearing again as the Monster is a major asset! Of course, we'll have movie and cast lore during the show, and additional Sven fun.

Please join us tonight on Me-TV- 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or check the time in your area. Chicago gets one more "look" (or not) at "Invisible Man" at 11 am on the U, WCIU!

We'd like to thank you all for your support in making our show a national success over these three years- and we hope to continue on until I take a note from Dave Letterman!

Don't forget the event next Sunday with wrestling legend manager Jim Cornette at the Squared Circle in Lincoln Park- you'll find details about that, and our visit to the C2E2 convention, here on our site.

Now- do we serve anniversary cake or wedding cake tonight?