Peter Cushing is a BAAAAD Man- "Evil of Frankenstein" Tonight!

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Since so many requests come in for more Hammer horror, we’ve brought back another classic Peter Cushing vehicle- as he again portrays Dr. Frankenstein- returning to his original laboratory, and  out for revenge and reanimation in "Evil of Frankenstein"!

In this continuation of the brilliant but obsessed doctor’s saga, he has employed a ne’er-do-well body snatcher to get him- uh- “raw materials” for his experiments. With the help of his young assistant, Hans, he attempts to bring life back to a human heart, but a local priest has gotten wise to his experimentation, forcing the doctor and Hans to abandon everything and flee. With no money and no place to continue their dark work, they head back to the doctor's estate in Karlstaad- with the intention of selling off the doctor's valuables to raise more money for more equipment and research. Along the way, they see a young mute woman being attacked by some low-lifes, but when Hans tries to help her, she runs away into the hillside. Entering Karlstaad is easy, since the villagers are in the midst of a festival, and no one detects just who has arrived in town. Arriving at Frankenstein’s mansion, they are enraged to see that it has been looted and trashed! Dejected, Frankenstein tells Hans the full story of  how he created a living being, only to have it cause mayhem and his exile from his home town, being sent to prison, and having the being he created last seen trying to escape into the mountains- and being shot by the authorities before disappearing!

Wearing masks like the other festival funsters , the doctor and Hans head into town for a meal- where he sees his old enemy the burgomaster wearing a ring -that belonged to Frankenstein himself! He creates a scene , and is again forced to flee- making an unscheduled detour through the tent of a hypnotist, who will prove to be a help -and even more of a hindrance later on. Hans accompanies him up into the mountains to escape- where they again encounter the mute woman, and , even more incredible- Frankenstein’s original creation, frozen in some glacial ice! The doctor helps thaw him out, finding the being he created alive but unresponsive. In hopes of totally restoring his creation, the doctor enlists the aforementioned hypnotist to help restore the monster’s brain function- which leads to the mesmerist providing more menacing evil!

This 1964 color feature is a typical of Hammer horror, with brilliant color, gore, and –ahem-some cleavage- and it's always a treat to watch the great Peter Cushing in action. We'll fill you in on the cast, plus bring back an often-requested Sven bit based on this film, along with other Sven fun.

"Evil of Frankenstein" runs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or at the time and channel you find it in your local listings or at .  Remember that you can join the many Sven fans live-Tweeting during the show tonight on Twitter- using the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago viewers get a return trip to the “Forbidden Planet” at 11 am this morning on WCIU, the U!

The next commemorative Sven anniversary t-shirt is out- and selling fast! Check it out in our store! Also, if you’re in the area, we return to the Flashback Weekend convention in Rosemont, IL- where last night, we had a great time on stage with WGN’s Nick Digilio for a special 40th anniversary celebration. ( If you didn’t hear us talking about it on air earlier this week, you can hear all about it here- ) Today, I do a professional photo op, a signing, and then host the costume contest- come by for the fun!

My big announcement? Well, you’d have to be BATS to still WONDER if some JOKER could have a SUPER time in comic books – it could happen in a FLASH, but will actually be coming this fall! Full information to come…

Meanwhile, you have an appointment with the doctor tonight on MeTV- hope you have insurance for losing a body part…or two…or more…

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MADave 22 months ago
Just like TexasDeb I wish I could join you all at TBBCIV oh well maybe someday it will be out here in Massachusetts or New Hampshire that way bostonmark can join in as well have fun and to Catbat and Dale no hanky panky haha!
JournalJeff2 22 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Eve!
Starting now to get that waxy build-up out of my ears.
MADave JournalJeff2 22 months ago
Hi Jeff it's almost here can't wait for all the Sven goodness!
JournalJeff2 MADave 22 months ago
me too! (for the Sven goodness)
Hopefully one of these years I will get to the BBC
PatS 22 months ago
The actual weekend hasn't even started and we're doin' swell. Went out Thursday night to Pigeon Forge The Island, and Friday morning to Oak Ridge. Dr. Clayton says his foil hat protected him from Thought Control. Just about to go out for evening with a whole bunch of Gee-now-I-know-what-you-look-like bloggers. Twelve people from nine states -- a new record, not so shabby.
JournalJeff2 PatS 22 months ago
Hi Pat! Glad things are going great!
Jack PatS 22 months ago
JournalJeff2 Jack 22 months ago
My Klingon is a little rusty
Jack JournalJeff2 22 months ago
Literally, it means "success," but it's used as a universal salutation like _shalom_ or _aloha_. Sometimes it just means "success."
Jack 22 months ago
(TexasDeb here) OMG, today is the day!!!!! I sure I could be with you. It is a balmy 101 in Bryan Texas. I saw Betty, from Martin’s BarBQue yesterday. She sends the BBCIV a Texas hello. She cannot wait until you some back here. Wayne, the curator at the Brazos Valley African American Museum also send a big hello.

I really wish I could be with you guys. It sounds like you are going to have a great weekend!
daleuhlmann Jack 22 months ago
We wish you and Deb were here, too, Jack!
Lynn 22 months ago
Yes! We made it to Friday - have a great day, everyone!
Oscar Lynn 22 months ago
Have a wonderful day Lynn.
Lynn Oscar 22 months ago
Thank you so much, Oscar! The very same to you as well.
CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Happy Friday 🤓
Wishing everyone on there way too TBBC4
a great time be safe🎉

For us staying at home
It's okay we will see you on the blog tomorrow
📺🍿👻 a great movie to watch ahh Vincent Price
my favorite guy😱❤😱

Have a great day yay
it's Friday 🤠

JournalJeff2 22 months ago
Happy Friday!
Glad to see some of our TBBC IV attendees have checked in here.
I am ready for The House Of Wax.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
abc123 JournalJeff2 22 months ago
I just landed in Denver on my way to Knoxville. So far, so good.
JournalJeff2 abc123 22 months ago
Glad to hear that!
Have fun
Lynn abc123 22 months ago
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Big Blogcast 4: Where all bloggers will run amuck in Tennessee!
daleuhlmann Jack 22 months ago
Great companion piece, Jack! Hey, we're driving through Kentucky right now. Can we give you a lift to Knoxville?
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Carl_N_Brown 22 months ago
If the HOUSE OF WAX had displays based on literary horrors, would the tableau for Poe's METZENGERSTEIN be called the "Horse of Wax"?

And if a wax museum had a tableau based on a TV doctor show ... OK, I'll stop already.
TheKodakKid Carl_N_Brown 22 months ago
Hey Carl, are you going to come down and join us for any of The Big Blogcast fun? We’re basically just right down the road from you?
Jack Carl_N_Brown 22 months ago
So you don't want me to set up this wax tableau of Ben Cartwright's lovably large middle son?
Carl_N_Brown TheKodakKid 22 months ago
I'm tied up with fixing up after storm damage and family problems. I will follow all reports with interest.
PatS Jack 22 months ago
Dean Martin -- Souse of Wax?
The Black Plague --Louse of Wax
Tidal Wave -- Douse of Wax
Philadelphia Scrapple -- Scouse of Wax
Mickey or Minnie --Mouse of Wax
roypwebber PatS 22 months ago
Prairie game bird -- Grouse of wax?
Women's garment -- Blouse of wax?
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Hey, all of you headed for Oak Ridge, get up! Get that coffee brewing, or you're going to be late! Up and at 'em, because Kodak will be there in an hour!
CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Hi Lynn 😩
Late night now 🕤
hope to stay up for
Perry Mason 📺 💼

Hope all is better and not so busy for you☺
I'm busy and doing but had a few days of a nothing days 😉

We have a great movie for the show on 🎩Saturday night I just
love this move 🏰🕯 House Of Wax 😱 we
all be melting but looking good 😨 haha!
See you on the Lynn
blog 👀
Take care❣

Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Yes, absolutely looking forward to seeing Sven's show, and House of Wax.

Be good to yourself!
CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Happy travels for
some of you going to TBBC4 😱 Exciting have
a great time everyone going 🤖

Catbat thanks for the chat this evening 👻
Get some rest you got some driving to do🚗..
and Dale too 😉
Have a safe trip🎉

Good night 🌒
Thanks, Carrie. It's now 4:10 am (yawn!), and we're on the road now!
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