Peter Cushing Recharges the “Evil of Frankenstein”- Tonight!

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The distinguished Peter Cushing is back as  Dr. Frankenstein- out for revenge and reanimation in "Evil of Frankenstein" tonight on MeTV!

In this Hammer horror, the good (bad?) doctor is experimenting again, with the help of  a young assistant, Hans- but his way of getting "spare parts" catches up with him once again, and he and Hans are soon fleeing for their lives. With no money and no place to continue the experimentation, they head back to the doctor's estate in Karlstaad- with the intention of selling off the doctor's valuables to raise more money for research- but they find that his mansion has been looted and trashed! A dejected Frankenstein tells Hans the full story of what went on in his home town, and how he created a living being, only to have it cause mayhem  and his exile!

Things take a turn for the worst when , in town, he sees his old enemy the burgomeister wearing a ring that was his! He starts to raise a ruckus, but is once again forced to flee- making an unscheduled detour through the tent of a hypnotist, who will prove to be a help and a hindrance later on. Regardless, Frankenstein just can't keep out of trouble-and must head to the mountains to escape- where he and Hans discover something incredible- his original creation! The doctor vows to totally restore his creation- and must enlist the aforementioned hypnotist to do so- with even more evil getting into the mix!

This 1964 color feature is a great example of Hammer horror, and it's always a treat to watch Cushing in action. We'll have movie information, plus an often-requested Sven bit based on this film, along with the rest of the Sven fun.

"Evil of Frankenstein" runs tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or at whatever time you find it listed in your local schedule. Chicago gets  a rematch of "King Kong VS Godzilla" (which, by the way, was a HUGE ratings-grabber for us on MeTV last weekend- thank you!) at 11 am this morning on WCIU, the U!

Thanks to the Sven fans who made the trip to Brookfield Zoo to join me in supporting the AAZK and the "Vital Ground" foundation this past Thursday night- it's always  nice to have so many of you help us raise funds to secure and protect the land for grizzly bears in the wild. This event is always a favorite of mine- and I enjoy the zoo tremendously- hope to go again soon!

Regarding Reddit: for those who didn't just Google it to see what it is- it's an interactive website for news, entertainment, and social media.  I'll be answering questions on April 1st for  maybe ninety minutes or so. Exact time and other information will be given the day of the event-we'll  be hoping to post it here, as ell as in the April newsletter and on Facebook.

Meanwhile, please join us on MeTV tonight for a spot of British horror!