Pre-Halloween Haunting Begins Tonight with "13 Ghosts"!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s our pre-Halloween treat, made tricky by that gimmicky guru of horror, William Castle- when a family inherits a house inhabited by sinister spirits, with so many secrets-  and a number of nasty  dangers that add up to- “13 Ghosts”!

This 1960 films begins with some sad times-  Cyrus  Zorba is having financial difficulties, his furniture is being repossessed, and his family is feeling low- unfortunately, on the very birthday of son Buck. Buck’s birthday wish seems to set off some strange circumstances- starting with the message arriving that an old uncle who was into the occult has passed away- and left his sprawling old mansion to Cyrus!

Cyrus and wife Hilda meet with lawyer Benjamin Rush, who gives them something else the departed uncle left for them- a strange steampunk-looking pair of viewing glasses. They get to their new home, which is completely furnished- and , as they celebrate their good fortune – other than realizing that Unc’s old housekeeper, a rather creepy woman, comes with the property-  daughter Medea decides to use a Ouija board- which reveals that there are ghosts in the house- ghosts that the uncle supposedly collected from all over the world! Not only that- but these wraiths are supposedly deadly!

It doesn’t take long for the ghosts to start to reveal themselves- thanks to those weird glasses that the family has inherited. Cyrus discovers a hidden room- and some of the frightful spirits- which encourages him to visit with an old friend at the museum he works at, to try to find some answers. The creepy old housekeeper also has some answers- as more dangers manifest, and the secret of a vast fortune hidden somewhere in the house encourages more evil!

This film, which was remade in a pretty decent version in 2001, is a perfect example of Castle’s  use of a gimmick- this one utilizing the process of “Illusion-O” and the famed “ghost viewers” that allowed only the bravest theatre goers to see the ghosts- and prevented the squeamish from viewing them. We’ll explain just how that worked, and introduce you to a cast that includes “Wizard of Oz”s wicked witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton , Martin Milner, Rosemary DeCamp- and , of course, the hammy Castle himself. We’ll give you a rundown of the list of ghosts, and bring you a new song!

"13 Ghosts" will appear tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and, if you're not sure of the channel or time of the broadcast where you are, consult your local listings or .  MeTv invites you to jump on Twitter during the show and  live Tweet with the many fans  who use the hashtag  #svengoolie  - and often get us trending nationally. Our Chicago viewers get an encore of  "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"  at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

This is a busy day on our Halloween appearance tour- we hit one of our favorites, the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL at noon- and then, late night, join in the 21 and over costume fun at Cube nightclub in the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, IL starting at 11 pm, for signing and hosting the costume contest. Please make sure you follow the costume rules if you plan to attend ( no weapons, no masks, or face paint).

We’ll also be “radio-active” next week- Monday night, Sven alter ego Rich Koz and executive producer Jim Roche will be doing an on-air shift on WGN radio (720 AM) from 11 pm to 1 am- with some special guests! Then on Halloween- Sven is back at WGN to visit Bill and Wendy at 11:35 am. Plus- Sven will be appearing all day on MeTV-FM ( 87.7) – and on Sirius XM’s “70s on 7” channel ! Don’t forget that Sven has been asked to help host the Chicago Bulls game at the United Center on Halloween night.

Don’t forget that we’ve now gotten on Instagram-  @ RealSvengoolie  …like I needed more social media to handle! LOL

Start your Halloween early with a visit from”13 Ghosts” tonight!

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CarrieLynnCastro 19 months ago
Hi Catbat🐱🦇
Hope you had a nice
day🕸 Talked to the kids
a few minutes ago👦👧
Marcus has a cold and
Mariah all she says is hi
hi 👩🏻‍⚕️ ha ha!

Good night 🌒
CarrieLynnCastro 19 months ago
Thank you Sven for checking in with us 😊
We do need a reminder
now and then.
Okay got it 👻
Take care 🍃🌺🍃
CarrieLynnCastro 19 months ago
Bill K feel better🍃🌺🍃
See you tomorrow.
Bill_K 19 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

Taking off from posting this week due to lingering Flu Shot Fatigue.

Have a Good One and talk to you all tomorrow!
Catbat Bill_K 19 months ago
Feel better Bill K. That'll teach you to get the flu shot. Haha I will miss your post but I totally understand. Be well
daleuhlmann Bill_K 19 months ago
Get your rest and get better, Bill.
Lynn Bill_K 19 months ago
Take good care of yourself, Bill K.
Matt 19 months ago
HAPPY HAPPY Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!
Catbat Matt 19 months ago
Right back atcha Matt! Are things going better for you? I hope so. And Sven Saturday is almost here! How was your Halloween?
Lynn Matt 19 months ago
Same to you, Matt!
daleuhlmann 19 months ago
Are these gargoyles or garboys? Get it?--gargirls (goyles) and boys? See what I did there?

Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 19 months ago
And here I have tried to be all serious and even restrained myself from posting, like, "Gargoyles, Wintergreen or Spring Mint?"
Matt daleuhlmann 19 months ago
Hilarious !
daleuhlmann Matt 19 months ago
Ha-ha, Matt!
1MikeM 19 months ago
How about "Poor Gargoyle is Dead"?
MADave 1MikeM 19 months ago
You named your gargoyle Brad
Catbat MADave 19 months ago
Where's Scottie O with #Gargoylelivesmatter
daleuhlmann 19 months ago
Hey, Pat, do you take requests? I realize you've probably already composed your song satire for GARGOYLES, but could you do a separate one, using the song "The Farmer and the Cowboy Should be Friends," from OKLAHOMA? It relates so well to a point I'll be bringing up in my own review of the movie this morning, after the blog changes over.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 19 months ago
Sorry, that should have been "The Farmer and the Cowman."
MADave 19 months ago
Hey everyone sorry I wasn’t here for angel duty last night my transportation never came on time so I had to my mom pick me and I missed the whole story I had dinner early as well so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
Catbat MADave 19 months ago
Try looking for your newsletter in your promotions. That is where mine wound up. Don't know why. Never has before.
If anyone needs the newsletter and I have your email I can forward it to you
Svengoolie 19 months ago
Hi everybody! Thanks for making our Halloween season a big success this year! I've been asked to clarify a few things- one is that, even if you may not think kids come on this comment section, we ask that you keep things family-friendly, as if they do. Please don't make sexual references, swear, or post things that others may find objectionable. As much as some of us don't mind Elvira twirling her tassels, there are others who find it offensive. We got enough complaints that we had to take it down. Please do not promote what's on other channels- saying "I'm watching (blank) on an un-named channel right now" isn't acceptable. Nor is saying your watching some sports team. Sorry. Let us also avoid the political comments. Also- do not attack other commenters- if they aim at you first, please flag them and/or let us know what's going on.
We've let everybody go way off topic, and don't want to change that- you've built this into a community. The administrator says we have let some things that go against our rules through in recent weeks, and plans on not letting that happen a lot in the future. I don't want anybody getting banned, so PLEASE! Follow the rules.
I know a couple of our regular posters have possibly bailed out because they felt we were letting some posters get away with too much; and one felt we were infringing on his freedom of speech. That's their option, and we're sad to see them go. However, this is a MeTV board, and we play by MeTV's rules. Thanks for your help, and I hope you like this month's schedule!
MADave Svengoolie 19 months ago
Thanks for the heads up Sven and nice to see you here on the blog btw I haven’t received my schedule for this month and I can’t find it in my spam or trash
Svengoolie MADave 19 months ago
Dave, please go to use their contact e-mail and let them know you haven't received it.
Tygercat Svengoolie 19 months ago
Hello, Sven, very nice to see you here again. Thank you for clarifying the rules, I think we all need a reminder from time to time. This group is rather like a family, or a close group of friends, and like those, folks sometimes get a bit too casual, or even go over the line entirely. Good folks here, though, really.

I DID get my newsletter , and it's a great one, loved seeing the pictures of all your Halloween adventures, and I am looking forward to "The Tingler", haven't seen that one in years!
Carl_N_Brown Svengoolie 19 months ago
For the record, my newsletter arrived in my email as expected. 1 Nov 11:03am Eastern Time.
Catbat 19 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All! Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm just playing catch-up with some things I been meaning to get done. Then off to the gym for a bit. Then I'll be all ready for Svengoolie Saturday 😁
Bill_K Catbat 19 months ago
Catbat: My Birthday Card came today. Thanks for what was easily the highlight of my last couple of days!
Carl_N_Brown 19 months ago
Tomorrow. It's "Gargoyles". Not "Gargles".
PatS Carl_N_Brown 19 months ago
Actually, same root for both words -- French for 'throat.' And I hope to follow the Irish tradition and have some 'gargle' (fermented beverage) handy.
daleuhlmann 19 months ago
Years before HART TO HART, she was THE GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E.
TheKodakKid 19 months ago
A celebrity birthday of note.

Actress Stefanie Powers is 76. We wish her a Happy Birthday from the bottom of our “Hart”.
CarrieLynnCastro 19 months ago
Good morning☕

🍃🦋🍃 Another warm day of 81*maybe cooler
weather next week!

I missed Perry Mason last night but woke up Godzilla was on 🐊
Made me laugh he can be silly. Fighting Rodan
and Mothra, 3 headed monster😄a funny battle.

Some fun things going on In town do not know
If I can go 🤔 Through the weekend we will see!

Did not see my🙄Sven newsletter yet! Hope I
get it 😊

Taking down Halloween
decorations today bye bye until next year 👽

Oh gosh Christmas ads
all ready here we go 😨
not ready for that yet!

Well need to start my day get up up in my old age of 62 "ha ha" Pat S!
I don't mind getting 👵older it's just the aches and pain "ouch"😉

Have a great day everyone 🍃🌺🍃

daleuhlmann 19 months ago
Carl mentioned the M. R. James short story "Casting the Runes," on which NIGHT OF THE DEMON was based. The story's title reminds me of a joke from my favorite Bob Hope movie, 1944's THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE. An aristocrat dining in a tavern called The Bucket of Blood shoots a fellow patron. When Hope asks why, the proprietor explains that "This unfortunate dog has done a very bad thing. He has cast his shadow upon him." Hope replies, "Oh, bad casting!"
PatS daleuhlmann 19 months ago
That's my problem every time I go fishing (not often) -- bad casting!
PatS 19 months ago
Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah... Reading your comments about hair dye, flu shots, Medicare and the like. I'm still older than all of you! The best advice I can give is -- walk at least 20 minutes every day. (If you can... gee, where's Ravenwoman? Miss ya, sissah!)
Lucyc PatS 19 months ago
Hey, there, PatS. You know, I've been wondering the same thing about Ravenwoman. I hope she didn't have any complications with her tooth extractions.

About the new Sven movie lineup, my memory must really be having it's own mashup-and not in a good way. I thought that The Tingler had been shown on Sven over the past year, but I guess I must have seen it somewhere else. So, The Tingler and The Gorgon are both new to the current Svengoolie Metv broadcasts?

The Gorgon is right in there with my current viewing schedule, as I mentioned that I have been watching stuff that featured either Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee, or both-and The Gorgon happens to feature then both, along with Barbara Shelley, who I believe liked them both very much, and vice-versa.
Carl_N_Brown Lucyc 19 months ago
I read Barbara Shelley was quite intimidated by Christopher Lee at first, but grew to see his dry sense of humor as filming progressed.
DrClayton 19 months ago
And Victor Buono as Bongo Bennie!
DrClayton 19 months ago
Boy, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. looks a lot younger and less wrinkly on 77 Sunset Strip, before the bees got to him.
daDoctah 19 months ago
A couple of days ago, Quizzical mentioned here about seeing NIGHT OF THE DEMON, describing it as a classic '50s horror film. I kept think that can't be right, it's much later than that, one of the stars was Cathy Podewell (who played JR Ewing's shotgun child bride in one of the latter seasons of "Dallas") and couldn't have been around in the fifties.

So I finally checked, thinking maybe the one I saw was a remake. But no, Podewell's NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (note plural) was a 1987 original, shot in about a month, and spawned at least two sequels and its own remake. And also starred eighties scream queen Linnea Quigley. And as far as I can tell wasn't run on *any* cable channel this Halloween season.
Carl_N_Brown daDoctah 19 months ago
The confusion in titles is understandable.

"Night of the Demon" (British, 1957, 95 minutes) starred Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins, and Niall MacGinnis as an Aleister Crowley style satanist cult leader.

It was released in the US in 1958 as "Curse of the Demon" with about 12 minutes cut (such as a visit by Andrews' character to the family of a man cursed by the cult).

Some people deliberately draw a distinction between the American edit by referring to the 95 minute version by its British title "Night of the Demon".

There was a UK DVD released Oct 2010 with both the UK (95 minute) and US (83 minute) versions. For 2018 a Blu-ray release promised all four edits of the film known to have been released.
* (The movie was expanded to movie length from the classic 1911 short story "Casting the Runes" by M. R. James. For the movie producer and co-screenwriter Hal E. Chester insisted on showing a literal demon; director Jacques Tourneur, screenwriter Charles Bennett, actor Dana Andrews all objected to no avail. I did my own edit transfering a VHS recording and removed the explicit shots of the demon. The unexplicit cut left the question: were the victims killed by a demon or by their belief in the demon?)
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 19 months ago
... by their belief in the demon, enhanced by magic tricks by the cult leader, who was quite the clown in one scene.
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