Saturday! Saturday! At Satan 666 Dragstrip- Burn Rubber- and Brimstone- with "The Car"!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s demonic road rage... as we bring back four wheeled fear driven by evil! Take the highway to horror when anyone on the roadways – or even nearby them- become targets for- "The Car"

On a highway through the Utah desert, a couple cyclists seem to be stalked by a mysterious black car-then a young musician thumbing a ride on a rural road makes the mistake of flipping off the sinister sedan after a too-close encounter- only to be its next victim ! A local abusive husband saw it all- and, when questioned by the police, can only say that the vehicle has customized styling and no visible identification- no definite make, model, or license plate. That evening, he and the sheriff get into a heated argument  regarding his continued spousal abuse, and , as the sheriff leaves headquarters, the car reappears, barreling down the main street, and taking out a member of the police force- leaving shaken deputy Wade (James Brolin) in charge. He swears to avenge his fellow officer’s death and track down this car and its murderous driver. Some confusing testimony adds to the confusion and unease- a local who witnessed  the latest hit-and-run swears that the mystery car HAD no driver!

Wade is a single parent with two daughters and a wise-cracking school teacher girlfriend whose staff is about to hold an outdoor marching band practice , which Wade feels is not a good idea. Regardless,  the sweetheart of one of his associates talks her bade-wearing boyfriend into letting them go through with it with some extra security measures put in place. Wade gets to work setting up roadblocks and police cordons in various areas in the town and around its outskirts-but the vehicle eludes them all. Despite all the precautions, the school marching band practice ends up invaded by the mystery car- and yet- it halts its attack for reasons no one can explain. As if in a fit of  rage, the rolling death machine storms off into a confrontation with the police, taking out more of the force, and raising more suspicion of the supernatural ,when it appears bullets have had no effect on the car- no damage to the body, tires, or windshield! Its targets also become more personal, and Wade has no choice but to enlist some unexpected help if he’s going to stop the demonic car- before it stops him!

This 1977 film, which many viewers compare with Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” TV movie, got deadly notices from the critics for its plot, acting, and dialogue- yet remains on many people’s lists of favorite modern horrors! We'll talk about the cast, including  James Brolin as Wade; his daughters played by Kim and Kyle Richards, who've gone on to notoriety on the TV reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, plus, a young Ronnie Cox, and the likes of John Marley and R.G. Armstrong. We'll compare the car to another road-running desert denizen- and have adapted a parody of an often-run insurance commercial from the past couple years to suit this film ( “you named it Brad…”).  And, yes, there may be a little Svensurround here and there.

“The Car” starts its engines on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- and you can check the time and channel in your area in your local listings or at .  Feel free to accept MeTV’s invitation to live- Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie – the many posts there have been keeping us in the top trending topics every Saturday night! Chicago area viewers can head to the last round-up of  “Billy the Kid VS Dracula” today at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

Today, I’ll be at The Franklin Park Fest, in Franklin Park, IL from 11 am to 1 pm, signing autographs, and taking photos- and offering some Sven merchandise for sale- please get in line early so you won’t be left out if they cut off the line to help us end on time! Check out the “appearances” tab on this website for more information.

I keep some big news- and it WILL be big- most likely, the first place you’ll hear it is right here on our blog page. Hopefully, we will be allowed to reveal it very soon!

Tonight- hang the rubber chicken air freshener from your mirror, fasten your seatbelt, and step on the gas for a demonic drive onMeTV!

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danwat1234 4 months ago
Does anybody know the frequencies of the horn The Car has? Would be awesome if someone reproduces it for sale! I think the Hornblaster Shockers train horns are close, made by Buell Air Horns.
Matt 5 months ago
Happy sci-fi Saturday everyone !!!!
daleuhlmann Matt 5 months ago
Same to you, Matt!
1MikeM 5 months ago
Ah just one more ting about The was entertaining.
NeganRules 5 months ago
greeting from The Green Goblin
MADave 5 months ago
Good evening all hope everyone’s doing well can’t wait until tomorrow night it’s gonna be fun, I am now officially on vacation from work. Catbat I was thinking about you today an$ wondered if you were planning getting more tattoos maybe a one of Kerwyn to go with your Sven tat? If the weather is good I’m going to the beach and go to a family friend’s henna tatto parlor maybe I’ll get a Bat tat or maybe Scooby doo or Sven?
Catbat MADave 5 months ago
Oooo! Svengoolie, Scooby? Well I see your dilemma. I peraonally went Svengoolie first and Catbat second. Lucky me I got both. Svengoolie was first.
Catbat 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
TheKodakKid Catbat 5 months ago
So any idea when you’re going to be heading out on the highway to Ohio?
daleuhlmann Catbat 5 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Saturday Eve, dear!🙂
Catbat TheKodakKid 5 months ago
Well if everything goes right I should be hittin the road sometime Thursday. My car goes in Monday and I pick up the trailer Wednesday.
TheKodakKid 5 months ago
Congratulations going out to Carl N. Brown. His town of Kingsport has been declared the winner of “The Best Long Island Iced Tea”. They bested New York City, which was represented by Hudson’s on the Mile. The winner was declared after a blind taste test conducted at Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar at Natural Harbor in Maryland. The Kingsport version won 3-2.

The contest came about after Visit Kingsport made the claim last year that the drink had actually originated there in the Long Island community in the 1920s. That claim was challenged by Hudson’s, which led to the mostly good natured contest. Each won a preliminary round in their area, which set up the tiebreaker at a neutral location. The ingredients for each contestant’s Long Island Iced Tea were different.

So let’s all raise a glass of Kingsport’s finest Long Island Iced Tea to Carl in honor of this victory. Carl, if you come down for The Big Blogcast 4, we’ll toast you in person.
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Jack Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Where I’m from, that concoction was known as Purple Jesus Punch or Xemo.
Catbat DrClayton 5 months ago
What mistake?
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Congrats Carl! Claim the Fame 😂
Catbat Jack 5 months ago
Don't Drink the Kool-Aid
The1Butler 5 months ago
Were getting close now folks ! Boom chaka Boom !
Jack 5 months ago
Hey, Keif! Since we’re technically still blogging under the rubric of _The Car_ mebbe now would be the time to suggest that Schloss Willoughby should be called “Wolfsburg”?
daleuhlmann Jack 5 months ago
That's better than our mascot's full real name, Willoughby Canis Lupus. That's one long, lupine, Latin name!
Jack daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Did somebody say “lupins”?
Lynn daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Fur real?
daleuhlmann Lynn 5 months ago
Yep, "fur real."😆
Catbat Lynn 5 months ago
CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Happy Friday 🎉
A cool day of 96* today
Ha ha😎

I was looking forward
to the movie tomorrow
and Sven 🎩

But I will be off too the LA area for the weekend
🌴🌞🌴 until Monday!

I just don't if they show
Sven on there cable 😱
we will see 📺👀 at our hotel.

Fathers Day weekend visit with our Son💙
Staying at March AFB
a nice place to stay...
They know Tiny very
well 🐩

Visiting a very special
friend while we are down there 🍃💝🍃

A few things to do today
leaving early tomorrow

Have a great Friday 🐳 enjoy your day!

1MikeM CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Hi Carrie, Happy Friday to you too. I hope they have Sven on cable at the hotel there. Have a nice weekend.
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Safe travels dear. Tell Chris Happy Father's Day
WILLOUGHBY 5 months ago
On National Flag Day I salute old glory and Svenglory. Long may they wave, except it looks like a Kona Wind is about to tear Sven apart. Happy Friday, earthlings!
JournalJeff2 5 months ago
Good Morning & Happy Friday!
1 crazy thought. If the 50-foot woman sat on the Car, would she crush it?
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
MuhAR15grabber 5 months ago
"COBRA COMMANDER, Zartan's drag racing Destro's new tank again!"
Catbat 5 months ago
I think there is a very young Anthony Perkins on Perry Mason tonight.
Catbat Catbat 5 months ago
I'm wrong. But he's a dead ringer 🔔
Jack Catbat 5 months ago
_Dead Ringers_… THAT was a creepy movie!
Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
The Cornometer shown in the opening sequence of Svengoolie never fails to amuse me.

I have always presumed it is pronunciated cor-NOM-eter.

Anyone know for sure?
1MikeM Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
That sounds right.
PatS Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
No one's said it out loud. But that would correspond with speedometer, tachometer, thermometer -- so I agree with you.
The1Butler PatS 5 months ago
Corn - o - meter , measures the corny level of the specific vibrations among the laughs and sighs of longing participants who have received a full dose , but have not .... o give up already!
DrClayton Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Well, we say Bass-o-MA-tic and not Bass-OMa-tic...
DrClayton The1Butler 5 months ago
Or the # of bloggers in The Cornfield at that moment?
Jack DrClayton 5 months ago
It is marketed as Bass-OM-atic in Canada.
roypwebber Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Its like "potable" water isn't "pot-able" water but pronounced "po-table". Remember potato isn't pronounced "pot-ato" if that helps to remember this. English is a hard language to learn with respect to pronunciation.
roypwebber 5 months ago
Well it's time to shed the ceratosaurus mask and don the rhedosaurus mask...
abc123 5 months ago
just found out, no 50ft woman for me this week. even though i am not a fan of the idea, going to a gender reveal party saturday at 7:30. nephews second. fingers crossed for a girl to go with their 5 year old son.
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Jack Catbat 5 months ago
50 foot realtor...
Jack PatS 5 months ago
That’s hitting the proverbial nail on the head, Pat. Allometric scaling—it’s the reason why Clydesdales aren’t built like thoroughbreds, and rhinoceroses are built like… well, rhinoceroses. Would a 50 foot woman’s ankles be able to support her proportionate weight? According to one set of calculation (in “On the Other Hand…” below), such a woman would weigh "approximately 50 tons, or 100,000 lbs. That's equivalent to 40 mid-sized cars or 100 grand pianos.” It depends whether standard-sized people are built at the limits of the materials from which we are made. Within limits, there’s a bit of slop built into the system: For example, professional basketball players over 7 feet regularly put their bodies through rigorous exertion without shattering their limbs. On the other hand, André the Giant (Roussimoff) spent the last decade of his life with severe knee and back pain. Other “World’s Tallest” giants have been victim to crippling instability or pain in weight-bearing joints, e.g., the Alton Giant, Robert Wadlow (8ʹ11ʺ) required braces to walk in his later years.

It also depends how the gigantic person attains their gigantic stature. Biology has its limits, altho’ giving appropriate selection, it’s possible that a population of humans could reach dinosaurian heights, e.g., Sauroposeidon was about 18 m (59 ft) tall. But at that point, a 50 foot woman would no longer be proportioned like Allison Hayes and more like Sauroposeidon. If physics is involved, e.g., cosmic rays, Pym particles, or unobtainium, it’s possible the increased stature could be accompanied by increased density of structure, permitting a 50 foot woman to support herself on her 24 foot legs. Of course, the energy demands of a 50 foot human would be tremendous and most of their day would be spent eating and sleeping.

The final possibility for gigantic stature is magic. But again, once that stature is attained, what biological and physical laws apply?

For recreational reading, I’ve found three articles on the topic, with links:

McGraw, T., Kawai, T., and Richards, J. 1981 Allometric Scaling for Character Design. _Computer Graphics Forum_ Volume 0 pp. 1–15.

LaBarbera, Michael C. 2003 The Biology of B-Movie Monsters. Fathom Archive, The University of Chicago.

"Logan" 2016 On the Other Hand #8 … Giganta. The Outhousers blog, retrieved 14 June 2019.
Carl_N_Brown Jack 5 months ago
That explains why Gojira (Godzilla) was built like a pyramid.
MADave Jack 5 months ago
We’re going to need a bigger boat!
MADave 5 months ago
Greetings from a rainy and damp New England only in the 50's today tomorrow back in the 70's and 80's the rest of the week
daleuhlmann MADave 5 months ago
Same weather as in Ohio today, Dave, and chilly tonight as well.
Catbat MADave 5 months ago
Way too hot 🔥here. Wanna trade?
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