Science- Not Superstition- Brings Back "The Werewolf "- Tonight!

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Since we are still about a week away from the next full moon, it’s a good thing that title creature of tonight’s film has no ties to the usual werewolf lore and rules we normally find in a Sven movie-  whose transitions from man to beast won’t rely on moon phases- but still unleash a frightening furry fury ( say that five times fast) known as “The Werewolf”!

The first thing we see in the dark of night is a man stumbling through the streets of a small rural town known as Mountaincrest. He wanders into the local tavern, in a state of confusion, and, besides requesting a drink, asks for some information – i.e., does Hoxie the bartender recognize him? Hoxie does not know him- and the disoriented stranger heads back out into the street, after flashing a fair amount of cash while paying for his drink. One barfly, having noticed the state the stranger is in, but more importantly, his money, follows him out into the almost deserted street, intent on robbing what would appear to be an easy mark. He discovers that the stranger is even stranger than he thought- and soon, after a dimly-lit donnybrook ,only one of them emerges from the alley- observed by an old lady who can’t believe her eyes, and screams in fright as whoever- or whatever- she is seeing runs for the outskirts of town!

The screams bring the sheriff and some of the bar patrons to the alley- where they find the would-be robber’s body in horrid shape, as if he was attacked by a wild animal! Sheriff Jack Haines brings the body to the office/home of local physician Dr. Gilchrist before setting out with a deputy and posse of locals to look for the deadly prey that left the scene of the crime.

After being left on sentry duty in the woods, the deputy himself is attacked! He’s brought back to that same doctor’s office, where the doc and his nurse tend to his wounds. It appears that he was also attacked by some animal, but when the deputy describes his attacker, the sheriff begins to think that it’s not simply an animal- but a wolf man! Old Doc Gilchrist scoffs at the notion- but the evidence provides to hold too much logic to ignore.

The next day, the doctor’s office gets yet another visitor- unbeknownst to them, the very fellow who fled town that last night! He reveals to the doctor and nurse Amy that he has no recollection of who he is- or even how he got to the town. He has vague memories of having an auto accident- being treated by two doctors- and that he killed a man! The doc has Amy prepare a sedative to calm him down, but he reacts violently to that- not trusting them because he thinks those other two doctors did something terrible to him! Once again, he runs away and heads into the woods. Amy calls the sheriff to fill him in on this latest development, and this time, Sheriff Jack establishes a full-fledged posse to hunt for this agitated suspect.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, we see the very two doctors the man remembered-who are indeed responsible for his condition. Catching newspaper reports of the strange “animal” attacks- they conclude that the responsible party is a man who had an auto accident- whose confused state they took advantage of, and injected with an experimental serum they are trying to perfect- “for the good of mankind”. Their flawed vision notwithstanding, they set out to find the man before the authorities do,intending to keep their secret safe -by killing him!

As they prepare to leave- they get a visit from their quarry’s wife- who found out her hubby- one Duncan Marsh- had come to their place. The doctors act like they have no idea where he went after he left-and she and her son depart. The two doctors then head to Mountaincrest, intent on protecting their secret and eliminating Marsh!

Out in the woods, Marsh keeps transforming back and forth from human to werewolf- while the double threat of the Sheriff and his friends- and the shady doctors- are on the hunt for him. Things get even more complicated when his wife and son end up in town- and the fate of the werewolf teeters between compassion and destruction!

As I mentioned, this 1956 movie is a departure from the usual werewolf fare we provide, since it’s a wolf man created by science, thus eliminating the old “full moon” / silver bullet type rules. The werewolf make-up may look familiar to our viewers - and we’ll tell explain why. We’ll go over the cast, which includes one actor you might recall as the complaining airplane passenger in “The Giant Claw” as well as one actor you’ve seen before in the Gill Man series- but would never recognize from that! There’s also the usual tune- and a commercial for a beverage that could have you howling at the moon!

“The Werewolf” runs wild tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, for time and channel where you are, check your local listings or at MeTV invites you to join the other fans live-Tweeting on Twitter during the show- using the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago area viewers will be gripped once again by “The Giant Claw” at 11 am on the NEW location for the U-  the channel that has formerly been known as the UToo. You can find it over the air ( with an antenna) on 48.1 and 26.2  . If you watch on cable, Comcast will have the U on 230 ( some suburban areas may have a different channel allocation)- RCN will have it at 610- and WOW will have the U at 170. You’ll find us on Dish on channel 48, as well as on other providers.

The latest Sven 40th anniversary shirt featuring our beloved Kerwyn is rapidly becoming an endangered species! If you hope to snag one before they sell out, order NOW! And, remember- more Sven anniversary merchandise is still forthcoming!

Our Halloween season public appearance tour begins in just a couple weeks! Make sure you check back at the “appearance” tab on our site for all the details and last minute additions.

Be with us tonight- for the tragic man-beast that even Maria Ouspenskaya could not help!

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MADave 10 months ago
I guess the new blog is delayed
MADave 10 months ago
If I shave my beard I could be Columbo for Halloween but I already have a costume planned for this year!
daleuhlmann MADave 10 months ago
Well, it won't be until Midnight, Dave, about fifteen minutes from now.
PatS 10 months ago
Geo -- this is how I access Willoughby --

If you search "Blogcast bay" you're likely to find my Blogcast remarks (four years ago) with mail link.
PatS PatS 10 months ago
Oh... I just checked and looks like the Wolf Blog is closed for housekeeping. It gets "wiped" periodically and no way (that I know) to find past comments. Unlike here. Keep checking, it could return.
Geo PatS 10 months ago
Rats, oh well.
PatS Geo 10 months ago
Rats redux. I tried to find "Blogcast Bay", once part of Keika's "Tuna Bay" blog, and it looks like it's all taken down as well. Durn. And you're right, we're not supposed to post e-mails here. Catbat has a lot of archives, though.
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
It may be Willoughby Wolf. .com or Facebook.
I'm exhausted and have never been on fb in my life.
I'll look or ask Sat.
I want to know too.
Good luck on planning trip.
- Steph
Geo StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Thanks for the info and about my trip.
abc123 10 months ago
Guess what i got in the mail today, part 2. Hint: it is the mustard to part 1s ketchup!
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
I started a post about my brother Mike Binet who played, toured and recorded with Zachary Richard, then Sonny Landreth- Bayou Rhythm, in 1970s-80s.
Won Grannies for ethnic / folk music, Canadian Junos, Belgian awards on Belgian national TV. Jammed and toured with loads of people in LA, esp Nola, and all over both continents.
Had a quite long post which got lost.
Too long would probably have made it off topic tho.
I'm exhausted. You gave me a superb challenge today.
- Steph
SOBX StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Justin Wilson.
GRAMMIES not Grannies. Pray Gd an Edit Button falls from the sky.
- Steph
PatS StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
I dunno -- I wouldn't mind winning a couple of Grannies. Mine were certainly night and day! One played piano and baked bread, one wrote essays. Leave it at that.
Jack StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
I thought _Grannies_ sounded like a good name for ethnic/folk music awards.
CarrieLynnCastro 10 months ago
Are you going to check out the full moon tonight 🌕I'am!
Not turning into a she wolf ha ha 🎀🐺🎀 I promise!
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Well, Jack,
You can have ancestry from Ireland, Spain, Germany, Africa, Italy, England, Wales, and native Louisiana tribes such as Houma or Chitimacha- no Acadian, no "French" French- and still be called Cajun or Creole.
(To open a whole 'nother can of racial worms.)
My Nanny Mrs. Richard (Ree-shard) was pure Canadian Cajun, so are some of my friends & in-laws.
But so much racial variety does exist.
(Extremely tolerant ancestors, with certainly some unfortunate coersion also.)
Some languages disappeared in 1930s-40s, when children were whipped for not speaking English in school.
That generation was always eerily silent.
1970 or so, a movement started to return the French language, with "CODOFIL" COuncil for the Development Of French in Louisiana.
Much controversy when French teachers were brought in from Paris, with no knowledge of Cajun history or dialect.
I JUST REALIZED, I WAS PRONOUNCING "ACHILLES" IN BLACK CREOLE. OR maybe "Franc-bonics" mixture of French, Cajun, or Creole plus Ebonics. Some Creole accents even have s Germanic base. Lol.
Thanks for the instruction.
- Steph
Thanks for sharing
very interesting 🤓
My mom could be Spanish and French
👵not sure I wish she would check it out.
About 10 years ago, French Canada produced a movie, set in a radio station, in which people who spoke anything but French would sicken and die.
In French with English subtitles.
On a double bill for Hallowe'en with the Scandinavian film featuring Zombie Nazis in the Snow.
Louisiana's had a whole lot of movies set and/ or filmed here, including true horror. New Orleans and the Swamps hung over with Spanish moss.
Vampire movies,
"Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte." ie.
- Steph
Hope she does. Looking forward 😊to movie tomm. (Saturday)
- Steph
Jack StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
The Norwegian movie you mentioned is _Død Snø_ (_Dead Snow_).
Jack StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Crud! I was finishing a nice, long comment on Cajun identity/ethnicity and I bumped the mouse and *poof*!
Geo 10 months ago
I am going to Chicago, I am so excited. I hope to attend the mushroom festival in Berwyn. PatS, I am sure I cannot post my email here. I would be staying near the museum of television history. Not sure if that's near Berwyn.
StephanieStepStone Geo 10 months ago
Try Willoughby Blog. Think it's
CarrieLynnCastro Geo 10 months ago
Have a great time🍄
Geo StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Thanks, will do.
Geo StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
That blog you suggested did not work.
StephanieStepStone Geo 10 months ago
We will find out Saturday or Sunday, the exact address.
- Steph
DrClayton 10 months ago
I can't decide whether I've got paraskevidekatriaphobia, or just plain ol' triskaidekaphobia today... Maybe the latest Rawhide cure - also a gateway drug, namely werewolf drool - will treat it.
1MikeM DrClayton 10 months ago
"You mean werewolf drool? Lord have mercy! Is that what that is?"
Geo 10 months ago
Woo hoo, I received my Svengoolie autographed chicken today. Also thinking of visiting Chicago for the annual mushroom festival. I was told some bloggers here might show me around. Well, here it is. See you tomorrow evening, I am ecstatic.
DrClayton Geo 10 months ago
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
Place chicken in a roasting pan, and season generously inside and out with salt and pepper.
Bake uncovered 1 hour and 15 minutes in the preheated oven, to a minimum internal temperature of 180 degrees F (82 degrees C).
Geo DrClayton 10 months ago
You got me with that one, wicked funny.
DrClayton 10 months ago
Looking forward to getting my 4D Acres and a Mule... or a Moscow Mule.
"40" not the original from my 1985 U-2 live cassette, but a more modern graceful version.
Jack DrClayton 10 months ago
Clink beverage? The Moscow Mule, that is?
DrClayton Jack 10 months ago
I'm thinking 4D% (80 proof).
MADave 10 months ago
Hi all what a night last night ring in a dark house until 11:25pm and sure was nice to wake up to power this morning I’m so lucky I’m not missing Sven this weekend phew!
MADave MADave 10 months ago
Should say being
CarrieLynnCastro MADave 10 months ago
💡Just in time
daDoctah 10 months ago
Well, now will you just look at what one of my favorite YouTubers has posted today? Sure to trigger a lot of conversation about omissions and changes to the rankings:

No Dr Terwilliker, I notice....
Was that meant to be Soviet military music?
- Steph
Islander daDoctah 10 months ago
To keep things in perspective, we are ranking just the monster and not the overall movie, correct ?
Because as movies go, Them would be way up the list. How the bird from The Giant Claw is not #27 on this top 25 list baffles me.
PatS daDoctah 10 months ago
No King Kong? And The Claw is only #14? Not sure if these are ranked as "best" or "scariest" or "most powerful" or perhaps body count? Harryhausen can be blamed/credited for quite a number, I notice. The music is quite effective -- perhaps from one or more of these movies -- really should have had a screen credit!
daDoctah PatS 10 months ago
King Kong is absent because the list is for '50s movie monsters only. And the rankings may be affected by FredFlix's personal history; long-time fans of his channel know that his father lost an eye when Fred was young, so he has a special affinity for Cyclops-type creatures.
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Of course, a "purr-fect" movie to watch today would be BLACK FRIDAY, with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 10 months ago
As the authors of UNIVERSAL HORRORS and Gilbert Gottfried have pointed out, the trailer's much ballyhooed hypnotism was a publicity stunt, and Lugosi did NOT react in the movie to any post-hypnotic suggestion. In other words, it was all "FAKE NEWS!"
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
To The Wolf Chili Boys (Great name for a Western Cowboy band)-
Ate non-Kosher Pork'N'Beans- maybe it was Wolf brand- night before college American History final.
Had a terrible nightmare about the Green Swamp Monster from Scooby Doo chasing me through swamp and deep, dark woods. With the face of my professor.
Flunked the final.
That prof was a registered, proselytizing Communist. Last time I saw him, he was reading his published book on C-Span Book TV.
"Warning! Warning!
Danger! Danger!"
You have just read a possibly off-topic post.
Would love me some Scooby Doo on MeTv.
- Steph
Jack StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
There’s kosher pork’n’beans?!

Wolf Brand makes chili with and without bean, turkey chili (it’s red) and Angus beef chili. No piggies here.
StephanieStepStone Jack 10 months ago
A relative ate vegetarian canned baked beans. Someone literally called it "Kosher Pork and Beans."
Brand names and common descriptions stick in our mind, and crowd out the real name. Partly a result of sneaky advertising.
Jack StephanieStepStone 10 months ago


Wolf Brand Chili once made a vegetarian chili. It was a great enchilada filling for vegetarians present potlucks.
abc123 10 months ago
Sisters visit is extra short. She will be leaving before showtime tomorrow.
TheKodakKid abc123 10 months ago
Was that her reaction when you asked her to watch Svengoolie with you?
DrClayton abc123 10 months ago
Did you, by any chance, start singing:

"C-C-Carcagne, beautiful 'Cagne,
You're the only C-C-C-Claw that I adore;
When the m-m-m-moon shines,
Over the cowshed,
I'll be waiting at the k-k-k-kitchen door."
daDoctah DrClayton 10 months ago
Don't think we missed your blatant "moon shine" reference.
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Catbat or someone was discussing the curing of Rawhide
(Didn't even know he was sick.)
Anyway, Jean Auel's exquisitely researched
"Clan of the Cave Bear" series thoroughly describes curing leather... using animal brains.
The movie made from the book isn't horror or true sci fi. But it could use the Sven treatment.
I loved Darryl Hannah in it (Attack of the 50-Foot Woman.) Movie would still have been better animated imo.
- Steph
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
Been inside this blog a few hours.
I have been seen to grin, smile, laugh, chuckle, guffaw, Rofl, turn upside down howling gleefully.
And shed a tiny tear or two.
I feel so much better!
Now must go find my Thesaurus :-)
- Steph
Snicker, titter, giggle. :-)))
StephanieStepStone 10 months ago
LOVED the Autumn Pirate Poem. Thanks
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