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I just wanted to thank our loyal Sven fans for helping to make 2019 one of the most memorable years of my career- and to wish you all a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2020.Let’s hope for a year of peace and tolerance.

Here’s hoping that you’ll be joining us for some great times in the Sven universe!

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Geo 14 months ago
I posted earlier and meant last year was a doozies. Thanks to Svengoolie and MEtv for another year of programs to look forward to.
Klaatu 14 months ago
It Came From Outer Space. Was there a sequel called It Came From Berwyn?
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 14 months ago
Ray Bradbury's sci-fi convention buddy Ray Harryhausen did IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA.
DrClayton 14 months ago
As for New Year's (Eve) flicks, I can recommend The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Sauna! (Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром!)
Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
Hmm. All four movies I missed on original release.

I don't think I have seen the Hammer/Wm Castle/Tom Poston take on DARK OLD HOUSE or Joan Crawford BERSERK! (I have seen her in a strait-jacket on Svengoolie).
Yvette 14 months ago
Forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 🎆🎈🎊 🎉
TheKodakKid Yvette 14 months ago
Thanks for taking time out from your New Year’s Eve Party to message us. Will it be over in time for you to watch Svengoolie on Saturday night?
MachineryPete10 14 months ago
Possibly the greatest New Years Eve film ever made ;
But the question still Looms ; Is “Diehard” a Christmas movie ?
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There is no truth to the rumor that the band played "The World Turned Upside Down".
1MikeM MadameYes 14 months ago
"Come on out to the coast. We'll get together. Have a few laughs."
1MikeM MadameYes 14 months ago
"Now I know what a tv dinner feels like."
Jack 14 months ago
Inquiring minds want to know:

We wonder if the locals pronounce the village’s name as “Ber-WYN” or our traditional “BER-wyn”?!

Berwyn in Denbighshire, Wales, is a settlement named for its location on Cadair Berwyn, a mountain (832 m or 2,730 ft for Carl). According to Wiktionary, _Berwyn_ is pronounced /ˈbɛrwɨ̞n/ in North Wales—where Berwyn is—and comes out something like “BEAR-win” with a trill on the “r.” The name prob’ly derives from Welsh "bar" (summit, crest) + "gwyn" (white), with appropriate mutations.

Fun fact: On 23 January 1974, the Berwyn Mountains were the site of an alleged UFO crash. Most likely it was an earthquake and/or meteor. Some newspapers referred to it as the “Roswelsh Incident."
Klaatu Jack 14 months ago
Ah ha! A UFO in Berwyn? That might explain the mysterious and hard to explain Creature we call Svengoolie.😆
Jack Klaatu 14 months ago
Nah, the alleged UFO crashed near the other Berwyn…but mebbe the aliens have tunnels under the Earth connected by a network of Berwyns?
Carl_N_Brown Jack 14 months ago
Aliens in tunnels ... that would be the Deros of Lost Lemuria (the Shaver Mystery).
Tygercat 14 months ago
Happy New Year, everyone! And with a new newsletter, too, great way to start the year off! Looks like a fine schedule for this month, we have never seen 2 of the movies before. Great story about Sven's "last" day at that other station, proving that you can't keep a good goolie down. And loved the "picture of the month", that one makes my inner hobbit go "oooo". None of the train stations I am familiar with are that pretty, they are functional at best, and sometimes not that. Great job!
TheKodakKid 14 months ago

Happy New Year! I raise a cup of cheer to Rich, all the folks that make “Svengoolie” possible, and my fellow (and gal) bloggers.

The new year has started off well. I woke up to find the Sven Newsletter waiting in my email. We’re being treated to a bunch of “new” movies this year, so we’re starting out with good news as well.

I’m looking forward to “Seeing Sven (and some of our bloggers too) in 2020” in Chicago at Flashback Weekend, July 31-Aug 2.
Geo 14 months ago
It looks as if the schedules are identical just in different order. Anyhow Happy New year to all and especially the staff at MEtv and Svengoolie. I find it odd both Svengoolie starts a new decade in addition to the New Year. I think that's right? Last year was a dozy, looking forward to 2020 being better.
Klaatu 14 months ago
I just read the Svengoolie MeTV email and we’ve got some fun movies in store for this first month of 2020, my favorite being Revenge of the Creature.
Jack 14 months ago
(TexasDeb here) Happy New Year from the Salt Mines! I hope everyone has monstrously (see what I did there) great year!
MachineryPete10 14 months ago
Smashing set of Movies......
Looks like a couple of new ones ?
If I understand this correctly, Chicago area viewers with access to both MeTV and WCIU get two Svengoolies?
Bill_K MachineryPete10 14 months ago
It would be nice if Sven could get the original "Old Dark House". Among other points of interest, Melvyn Douglas has one of the greatest (romantic) lines in film history.......
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