Set Sail from the Sven Cave on the "7th Voyage of Sinbad"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- to celebrate as we approach the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great master of stop-motion filmmaking Ray Harryhausen- we present his very first color movie , and the first of the adventures of a legendary hero that he brought to life- as we encounter magicians and monsters while on the “Seventh Voyage of Sinbad”!

In this 1958 classic, Sinbad and his beautiful fiancée the Princess Parisa, are heading to their wedding, which will help insure peace between the sailor’s home of Baghdad and Chandra, her father’s realm. However, they get sidetracked to a remote island- where they witness one Sokurah fleeing from the attack of a giant Cyclops! They take the man, actually a mysterious magician, aboard their ship- but he insists that they take him back to the island, because he lost a wondrous magic lamp there while escaping! Sinbad refuses, since his marriage is pending, and they continue to Baghdad.

It is there that Sokurah uses his evil magic to cause mayhem-and uses a prediction of war to try to convince the rulers to transport him back to the island. When that fails, he causes a frightening transformation of the young princess to create turmoil between her father the Caliph and Sinbad’s people- revealing the only cure for her condition would use the shell of the legendary bird-like creature the Roc- which just so happens to be found on the Cyclops island. This results in them giving in to his demands, and Sinbad and crew begin the trip back to the dangerous isle- armed with plans that Sokurah has given them for a giant crossbow to fight off the creatures they will meet.

Of course, things are not helped by Sinbad having to recruit additional crewmen from- where else?- the Caliph’s prison! In spite of mutiny, a major storm, and some supernatural evils, they finally reach the island- where Sinbad and Sokura split up and lead their separate groups of men into the valley of the Cyclops. This leads to capture, the recovery of the lamp- complete with the young genie it holds- and encounters with more monsters, as well as a final face-off in Sokurah’s dangerous fortress!

This film includes some of Harryhausen’s amazing stop-motion creatures ( including a battling skeleton that seems to be the ancestor of the whole troop of skeletons seen in a later Harryhausen film, “Jason and the Argonauts”) presented in the process he called “Dynamation”-as well as a score by Bernard Herrmann! We’ll introduce the cast, including Kerwin  ( NOT Kerwyn!) Matthews and Kathryn Grant ( we’ll tell you which big star she later married!)- and you’ll see that this show is a combination of new material from the Sven cave, along with sequences including our old set and coffin. I will even attempt to do a new song without Doug ( we’re still trying to work out getting him to broadcast from home!)

“7th Voyage of Sinbad” sets sail tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Live-Tweet with the Sven fans on Twitter who are posting during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie – that get us among the top-trending national topics most weeks! Chicago area viewers get another look at our first broadcast from the Sven cave and “The Man with Nine Lives” at 11 am on the U.

The new “Svengoolie At Home” box- loaded with fun items to keep you entertained right in your own domicile- is selling briskly- even with added inventory, there is only a limited number available- so check it out and order in the store on our website or at .

We’re sorry to say that one of our favorite yearly events, Flashback Weekend, has understandably been cancelled for this year. Here’s hoping things will get closer to normal soon- and we can visit with all our friends and fans again.

Meanwhile, join us on a cruise that definitely WILL happen- tonight- on MeTV!

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MADave 7 months ago
8 minutes get fingers ready
MADave 7 months ago
47 minutes to go good luck bloggers
MADave 7 months ago
Have a happy fourth of July group take care!
Geo 7 months ago
First year without a barbecue, in an apartment and cannot cookout as I am on the third floor. Wishing all a fabulous fourth. I just have to say this is the weirdest world out there.
PatS Geo 7 months ago
No parades, okay. No fireworks -- better on TV anyway. No barbecue -- ????? Hope you can find friends with a back yard.
abc123 7 months ago
okay. got the beverage half of my snack figured out. whiskey with sarsaparilla chaser.
Geo abc123 7 months ago
That sounds delicious.
1MikeM Jack 7 months ago
He's gonna tell us about "The Dude."
DrClayton 7 months ago
Jack DrClayton 7 months ago
Holliday was a dentist.
DrClayton Jack 7 months ago
He moonlighted....
Tygercat DrClayton 7 months ago
Clip of 1886 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Tombstone, AZ, showing the OK Corral. From the Library of Congress site; if you should visit them in person, they can be easily prompted to pull out the full map. Sanborn Maps were the 19th cent version of Google Maps and wonderful for history research, besides being very cool.
Oscar 7 months ago
Get those grills ready, tomorrow is the big day!
abc123 Oscar 7 months ago
I have my 'burgers, chicken, and salmon ready to go. i am also going to make pepperoni pizza on the grill too.
Oscar abc123 7 months ago
Sounds delicious!
I'm going with good old fashioned burgers and hot dogs.
Catbat 7 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
JournalJeff2 7 months ago
Happy Friday!
Getting ready to head to the old wild west to check in on some friends of mine, Billy & Drac. Yes, there will be fireworks on Saturday.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
PatS JournalJeff2 7 months ago
Yes -- and a full moon!!
Carl_N_Brown JournalJeff2 7 months ago
My home town is having fireworks on the hill overlooking downtown and at the local highschool track field, synchronised to music on the FM station. After Svengoolie I'll be picking up my grandson after work and we'll probably have to endure a traffick jam of fireworks gazers. Social distancing rules, please stay in your cars or on your personal lawns.
Lynn PatS 7 months ago
What could possibly go wrong?😎
1MikeM 7 months ago
and dat was da 7th Voyage of Sinbad and dat's da name of dat tune.
1MikeM 7 months ago
Saturday night's episode of STAR TREK: The Way to Eden…….."Yeah brother."
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1MikeM PatS 7 months ago
PatS, I was unaware of that editing. I missed this episode the last time MeTV had showed it. Good songs there. Real catchy tunes. I don't know why the editing.
daDoctah Lucyc 7 months ago
Side ponytail is a look I associate mainly with Jean Kasem (Casey's widow) when she was on a "Cheers" spinoff called "The Montefuscos". That's not a look you want to cultivate....
daDoctah daDoctah 7 months ago
Sorry, not "The Montefuscos". The show was "The Tortellis". She played the then-current wife of Carla's ex.
Jack 7 months ago
Hey group!

After two Gulf Wars _and_ last Saturday’s movie, Baghdad would seem like the most Arab city in the world behind Mecca. Didja know that the name _Baghdad_ is not Arabic or any other Semitic language, but is instead Persian, or at least Indo-Iranian? In Old Persian it would be a compound, _baga_ and _dāta_, that is, “god” and “given.” The first element is cognate to Proto-Slavic *bȍgъ, like Chernobog in _Night on Bald Mountain_ or the “Bozhe moy!” which the Russians in the Marvel Universe are always exclaiming. The second element is cognate in all sorts of Romance languages like _dar_ in Spanish or _donner_ French, and in English _donate_ and _dowry_.
Catbat 7 months ago
Ok gang! Did you feel the shift? Its on the up swing now. Everyone be Happy
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1MikeM gabste 7 months ago
That's great news gabste. I'm glad to hear that everything went well. I continue to send those good vibes.
Lynn Islander 7 months ago
Yes, it slipped by me, too. Sending good vibes to you and your husband, gabste! Take care.
gabste 1MikeM 7 months ago
Thank you Mike. He just got home a little while ago. He walked right up the stairs ! Woohoo! 🤗
gabste Lynn 7 months ago
Thank you Lynn ! He is resting 🤗
DrClayton 7 months ago
I sure hope BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA is one of those Mexican wrestling flicks...

Also, I was amazed to learn that Billy the Kid and Smokey the Bear share the same middle name!!
Jack DrClayton 7 months ago
Despite the song and the Little Golden Book, the U.S. Forest Service insists his name is Smokey Bear. []
Winnie the Pooh, Mack the Knife, Jabba the Hut, John the Baptist, Jake the Muss, Jake the Peg, Robert the Bruce, Mott the Hoople, Phil the Bucket...OK, I just made that last one up.
daDoctah NoPersonalChicks 7 months ago
Also: Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Vlad the Impaler, Ethelred the Unready, and Thomas the Tank Engine.
Tygercat NoPersonalChicks 7 months ago
Not exactly the same, but Phil D. Basket was an anti-littering mascot for NYC during the mid 60s.
Jack Tygercat 7 months ago
Not to be confused with the 1980s Chicago band, Phil 'n' the Blanks...
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